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About Me

Hi Friends! I'm feeling like what I appreciate most of all these days is a personal note. We are all just people who have hopes and dreams and hard times, sometimes. I want to remember that, I want to spread that feeling of connection around. At the end of the day, we all have so much more in common than we realize.

Tell me something about yourself, your day, pets, kids, a joke you heard, your favorite internet rabbit hole, habits you are trying to make or break, anything you want to say.

Wanna play a game? I'm going to put up a couple of questions to answer if you are writing to me in a swap. Or not, your choice :-)

(How is it) Summer (already?) - 2024 questions

1 Do you garden? What's making you happy (or disappointed) about your garden/yard/patio these days?

2 What's the last great book you read? What made it great for you?

3 Tell me about things you have in your closet that you never wear/use? Why are you keeping them?

We recently relocated to ABQ area after 25 years in the Pacific Northwest. Woo-wee, it's so different here and I am LOVING it :-)

Our mail comes to a mailbox grouping at the end of our street, about a half mile away from our house. I don't pick up the mail everyday. When I mark something sent, I've dropped it in the outgoing box but it might not be picked up until the next day.

Favorite Television

We don't have broadcast or cable TV, but we've been streaming service sampling lately.

We have enjoyed:

The Bear (Hulu)

Ted Lasso (Apple TV) I had heard the last season was not the best, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. I understand why others did not, though.

The Morning Show (Apple TV)

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

Bonus Family (Netflix, in Swedish, but don't let that stop you. It's a hoot!)

Succession (HBO Max) - and now it's done. That last season was a rollercoaster, eh?

Seinfeld - because we watched it in prime-time in the 90s, lol. It's so funny to see it again now, see what is still funny and what is not. (Netflix)

In the 80s I used to love a show called The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (starring Blaire Brown) - anyone remember that show? It was never released on VHS/DVD as far as I know - something about the music rights. I'd be so curious to see it again, see if it holds up for me.

Favorite Movies

Our latest big screen movie was The Fall Guy, because it was recommended by a friend. We thoroughly enjoyed it, but we are the target demographic, I think. So, if you like Ryan Gosling, remember movies and tv shows from the last century (lol) and don't mind lots of action and some sappy romance, give it a try. It was a rollicking, tongue-in-cheek good time.

We watch a wide variety of movies. It's hard to call favorites. Anything from the subscription service Film Movement is usually always good. They are foreign films - we get them at the library. I really enjoy foreign films, because I never know what to expect. It's fun to see different cultures, and wonder at the cultural references that we are missing in the subtitles.

Favorite Crafts

Daily Pages - see the Awesome Ladies Project for more info. It's free form scrapbook/collage/stamping/whatever makes you happy. A truly welcoming space, I encourage you to check it out. I'm branching out to include actual photographs on my pages, that's radical for me.

I also knit and cross-stitch, and have been doing a black work SAL with Peppermint Purple (group on Facebook) Since starting on Swap-bot, I've rekindled my love of Zentangle :-) I've enjoyed Soul Collage in the past, and have done mini Soul Collage cards.

I'm considering taking up scrappy quilting, though it's been a long time since I did machine sewing.

I'm just having so much fun being artsy again and trying new things and old things in new ways.

About Me

My favorite colors are yellows and purples. But really, I just enjoy color. The bigger and bolder the better, though I can also appreciate pastels and even black and white. The older I get, the more I appreciate all of the colors. Even browns and greys, which were never my favorite. If you had told me even 5 years ago that I would be considering brown shades for my living room, I would have scoffed at you. Moving to the desert southwest has given me a new appreciation for warmer colors.

I'm learning Tarot - how fun! Also been attending workshops with the Oregon Friends of Jung and finding it fascinating. Analyzing my dreams has been an adventure and never boring.

In general I am open to most things, I like the surprise element of swapping. There are a few things I do not prefer:

Things that smell like smoke or are musty/dirty

Kiddie stickers (I have no use for these)

Planner stickers (I already have more than I need - and if you know a fun way to decorate happy mail with them, by all means show me, lol)

Manga or Kawaii (I'll pass it along to others who like it)

Dimensional ephemera (I don't have much use for it, and it's hard to pass along because I mostly do flat swaps)

I am not religious, so if you are sending holiday cards and have a non-religious option, I would appreciate that. However, I do appreciate the spirit of all things sent :-)

Random Goodies

You don't need to send me anything just to include something. I have enough stuff, and really just want to get to know people. If you want to be extra special, use your stuff to decorate what you are sending me, or grab a sticky note or journaling card and answer one of my seasonal questions :-)

If this happens to be a swap where you are required to include something (or just can't help yourself, lol), I especially appreciate:

things that are decorated with colored pens, washi, stickers, you name it.

Washi samples

fabric scraps


notepad sheets to write notes to others in swaps

blank postcards

unused postage stamps

tea bags - I like everything except plain black and chamomile

any fun coffee thing

ATCs - I'm starting to make these, so I like to see what other people do.


Mail Tags (ask me a question and I will reply, or vice versa)

And what I appreciate most of all is a handwritten note. You can sub in a written note for a trade item anytime for me, I won't rate you down for it. Tell me something about yourself, your day, pets, kids, a joke you heard, your favorite internet rabbit hole, habits you are trying to make or break, anything you want to say.

Happy Mail, yay!


I've been doing postcard swaps lately. I like things that are colorful, or beautiful nature scenes. I also have a fondness for box set postcards, if you have those to send, bring them on :-) I'm thinking about starting a group to swap box and book set cards. If you are interested, let me know.

I like US State cards (see next section), and National/State Park cards, any manufacturer.

I do also collect Lantern Press, especially: the rainbow states * National parks * Mosaic

However, all cards are appreciated, and I so enjoy seeing the variety of cards that exist.


I've decided to start collecting state postcards, map cards and/or anything with the name of the state on the front. Especially just the state, but city and state also works. Don't worry about repeating states, it's not likely you will send the exact same one that I already have. They do not need to be mailed from the named state. They can even be blank. I welcome all the states, and all sorts of map cards.

I am especially looking for:

Alaska * Arkansas * Colorado * Connecticut * Delaware * Georgia *Idaho * Illinois * Indiana * Iowa * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Maine * Maryland * Massachusetts * Minnesota * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Hampshire * New Jersey * New Mexico (this is my current home state, but would love to have any written cards from here) * North Carolina * North Dakota * Oklahoma * Ohio * Oregon (this was my former home state, but would love written cards from here) * Pennsylvania * Puerto Rico * Rhode Island * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Vermont * Washington * West Virginia * Wisconsin * Wyoming


Early May 2024

YAY! I'm home again and my pile of mail is 3-4 inches high, how fun. I'm going to start working my way through ratings. I want to admire and appreciate everything, so it might take me a day or two.

Late April 2024

I am in Florida for 10 days, to help my mother with a small surgery recovery. I'm sure my mail is piling up at home, and I will rate everyone when I return in early May. Thanks for your patience. I am still sending out swaps, so you should be getting what you might be expecting from me.

March 2024

Spring is springing here in Central NM and I'm so excited to see the buds on trees and hear the birdsongs. Some birds have been around all winter, but the level of singing has increased exponentially in the last few weeks. The other day I saw a male house finch feeding the female on our courtyard wall, and a curve-billed thrasher has claimed the cholla out front and is vociferously defending it.

Jan 2024

I'm just getting over having been pretty sick with a respiratory virus (yeah, that one). I've been coughing so much, it's exhausting and I have not been doing much other than resting and basic life. I'm going to start catching up on rating, etc this week. May everyone be well, this has been a virus-y winter for most people I know. Even dh got sick, and he never gets sick. He's still coughing too, so I don't feel so bad, lol.

Nov/Dec 2023

I'm back from my extended trip helping my mother move 1500 miles, lol. It was really a great trip. And a trippy trip, if you know what I mean. I get why people move to Florida, it sure was beautiful in November. So many birds!! But so much humidity, blech. I am glad to be back in the high desert, even if it is cold (and a bit snowy). It's a dry cold, hahaha.

June 2023

NOTICE: my new local post office keeps deciding that my outgoing mail is non-machinable, and sending it back for more postage. I am frustrated, I am packing envelopes like I always have without trouble, weighing and adding the extra ounce as needed. But now I've just had my third envelope returned. If something you are expecting from me is late, I apologize. It may have been waylaid by the PO. I feel sad that I will not be able to include as many goodies as I would like. I will try the post office in the next town, but I don't get out there all the time.


Comment: You keep busy, thank you for the card. Your friend Joy
Comment: Thank you for the cool Mountain Gorilla postcard. I love the little stickers you added. Have a happy summer :)
kiyasu rated for Email Accountability Swap 2024 #13 on Jul 22, 2024
Comment: Hi Sherri, thanks for sharing your progress. :) And of course I also responded to you via e-mail when you sent me the update. ~Kiyasu
crimsonrivulet rated for Private junk journal swap on Jul 20, 2024
Comment: I received your very pretty & perfect journal today! Thank you for the extra goodies! Very sweet of you! ❤ I'm looking forward to creating & passing it along!
Comment: Thanks for sending these two postcards my way. I'll be sending one home! And thanks for the stickers.
Comment: Thanks for sending these two postcards my way. Great use of washi on the envelope.
midwestkiwi rated for BAW: Week of June 9 on Jul 13, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the chatty letter! I appreciate the movie review. AND you helped me with prompt! The lavender peaked while I was away, but there's another flush coming. I have several large bunches of lemon balm drying as I write.
Comment: Thanks for the PCs to pass along!!
DrearyDreamer rated for E-Mail: Reverse Question Swap on Jul 9, 2024
Comment: Great questions!
Comment: thank you!!
Comment: Hi Sherri and thanks so much for the 4 LP's for the swap and for the extra/ I love them and I don't have any of them. Yay! Thanks so much to for your condolences on my sweet doggy Isis. She will be so sorely missed!
Jocecrafts rated for BAW: Week of June 2 on Jul 8, 2024
Comment: I can’t believe that you’d found floppy disks at an estate sale. Estate sales are definitely treasure hunts! One never knows what they’ll find, haha. You’ve got the heat there and we’ve got all the rain - it has been one very, very wet summer here. Hopefully your Tx sage is blooming well! Sending you all the motivation vibes for cleaning and organizing your craft space- I definitely need to do mine soon!
Angdev rated for E-Mail: Reverse Question Swap on Jul 8, 2024
Comment: I'm happy for you that you got your studio organised and then were able to use some of the things you organised. What a fantastic feeling that will have been.
Comment: Thank you. Sending one home today and another on its way in a future swap.
ccap rated for E-Mail: Reverse Question Swap on Jul 2, 2024
Comment: Thanks! That was fun.
suepier rated for Any PC Hello #12 USA on Jul 1, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard from Portland.
DaisyNY rated for ZEN USA ~ Zine String Thing on Jul 1, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the 2 for 1 and for the poly bags which I use a lot of because, for some reason, my mail sometimes comes soaked. I do like tangling - it's good eye-hand exercise. My hands are a bit wobbly, but it's my eyes that are the real problem even after I got special drawing glasses. I think the work you did on each of the zines are lovely and well-executed. I would love to swap with you more.
Comment: These cards are awesome! Thanks Sherri, and I hope you're still safe from the storms.
argentbat13 rated for National Park PC Swap #2 on Jun 29, 2024
Comment: Hello! I bet it was super busy in the caves. I want to eventually visit. Thank you for the postcard! -Kimi

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midwestkiwi on May 20, 2024:

SQUEEE! I just [finally] noticed the flightless bird sticker you included on a swap to me. The envelope got separated from the swap contents, but oh, I do so appreciate a flightless bird!!!!!

HappyMom on Mar 29, 2024:

Hi Sherri! I received a well-traveled round robin post card that you started for me, and it really touched my heart. That was such a nice surprise and so very much appreciated! THANK YOU!


jamicam on Dec 31, 2023:


Wishing you all the very best for 2024!

HappyMom on Oct 27, 2023:

Thanks for sending home my full RRTPC that I started with round 87. It took a whole year to make it back :)

Fabriqueen on Oct 6, 2023:

Thank you so much for sending my traveling kitty home! She visited Ohio, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, and New Mexico. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane

pernie123 on Sep 7, 2023:

Sad to see summer fading away since it just arrived after a rainy couple of months. I do not look forward to winter. Fall in VT should be beautiful. In a few weeks, the tourists will come.

BlueberryLady on Aug 31, 2023:

Welcome to our Beginners Crafting Group ! Hope you will sign up for a Swap or even Host one.. Have a Great Week !

Rainydancer on Jul 29, 2023:

Welcome to Sunshine Swaps!

CardCatalogue on Apr 19, 2022:

Re: my rating. “Eating your letter”! Always check autocorrect!! RATING 😆

Tiff121 on Feb 14, 2022:

Hello. Thank you for the nice letter and goodies. I have a letter going out to you today.

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