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Date Joined: January 12, 2022
Last Online: June 25, 2022
Birthday: April 14
Country: United States

About Me


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I've been creating art since I can remember and actually had a painting of mine hang in the deYoung Museum in San Francisco for 3 years when I was 5 years old, thanks to my kindergarten teacher!



  • abstracts
  • art deco
  • collage
  • colorful
  • colors: purple, turquoise, red, chartreuse
  • dogs
  • double-sided cardstock (ATC sized minimum)
  • foreign language book pages
  • geometrics
  • hand drawn / hand painted
  • interactive ATCs
  • map papers
  • mid-century modern
  • mixed-media
  • mystical
  • pagan
  • rain
  • sci-fi
  • sequin waste
  • tastefully bizarre
  • watercolor
  • weird
  • UFOs



  • meat, fish (I'm vegetarian)
  • sentiments on ATCs i.e. "Love is good", "Follow your dream", etc.
  • religious content
  • anything related to children
  • brown is my least favorite color
  • dolls
  • sticker slapping
  • Disney (I like many movies, but don't collect)
  • patriotic themes
  • superheroes
  • cutesy things i.e. teddy bears, dolls, gnomes, etc.
  • horror
  • adult coloring book images as art
  • animie, PokΓ©mon, Hello Kitty, etc.
  • too much fu-fu (overly fancy)
  • small bits of paper "extras" - No! No!! No!!!
  • fabric "extras" (I have way too much)
  • no food/drink items, please


Favorite Crafts

I've been painting abstracts and geometric art for many years with acrylics on canvas or wood. I recently started painting with watercolors and absolutely adore it! I am very fond of using metallic paints in either acrylic or watercolor.

Creating ATCs is a favorite of mine and I'm more inclined toward abstract and mixed media art and not cute characters, sentiments, or hearts & love. I create HD/HP, 3D mixed media, collage, embossed, or interactive ATCs mostly and spend a lot of time and energy on my creations and appreciate the same in return.

Paper-crafting is another favorite. I prefer modern & colorful to vintage. Each year I create my own holiday cards and send a homemade ornament or painting with each of the ~35 cards I send out.

Mosaics are another avenue of creative energy. I mosaic using tiles, beads, stained glass on all kinds of substrates such as glass, wood, Styrofoam, or anything else that would make a strong base.

I've quilted too. I made about 25 quilts and gave most of them away to family members and friends. I think I have 3 that I kept.

I've worked with clay and prefer polymer clay to pottery clay.

Art was always my favorite subject in school.

Just one more thing...

I will NEVER flake on a swap. Please message me or send an email if you haven't received something from me in a timely manner.

Thanks for swapping with me!

I Pledge to Rate


9O96O rated for CPG: One-sheet CMAJ booklet #332820 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Great vintage-style arts supplies cover on your deco Sonya. I also love your note card and the pocket inside for the deco. Well put together.Your comatose comment made me laugh. πŸ˜„ Thank you Sonya.
Response: Thanks, Rome! I'm so happy you liked everything. Happy summer to you!
bbsporty rated for APCO: Butterfly APC Swap on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Your apc is gorgeous! This has to be one of my favorites!
Response: Barbara, you are so kind to say so! Thanks so much.
wyrdfae rated for Artistic Decos 7/2022 on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: i love this abstract art deco. thank you!
Response: Thanks J.D. I am glad you liked the green dragonfly. Can't wait to see how everyone decos it!
KathleenHope rated for USATC: Beach ATC on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: Sonya - you do beautiful work. I LOVE the trailer, surfboard, beach ATC. This goes in my scrapbook! Thanks for the swap!
Response: Your comment made me smile! That ATC actually made me want to be at the beach in an RV! Thanks so much for the rating.
Wended rated for YTPC: Simple, Simple Pockets on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: Very nice pockets..Thank you.
Response: You're welcome, and thanks for the kind rating. It's hard to make something really spectacular with "simple, simple" pockets! LOL
addieixmarie rated for Interactive ATC #2 - USA/CAN on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: Sonya, WOW!! I am in complete amazement right now after opening this swap from you! The butterfly ATC that you made is just gorgeous!! I am just speechless right now! I can't put into the right words how much I truly adore it and love it!! I am so excited to add your ATC into my collection:) It is perfect in every single way. Thank you so so much for the beautiful ATC and also for the beautiful little extra stickers you sent!! I love everything with my whole heart! <3
Response: Oh, you are more than generous to say such things, Addie. That was my first slider card, so I'm thrilled it worked! Have a wonderful summer. :)
RiverTopanga rated for HISTORY`S MYSTERIES #1 on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: Sonya! Such a beautiful and creative ATC! I love the description of Queen Nefertari you included too. Is Egypt a subject you are into? Such a wonderful layout for the "charms"... and thank you also for the nice tuck-ins in the pocket πŸ˜€ would give extra πŸ’— if I could. πŸ’™β€πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’š
Response: So pleased you liked it, Leslie! I went to the Nefatari exhibit at our museum here in Portland a couple of months ago. Some of the ATC bits and info are from the brochure. Thanks so much for the super nice rating!
Tverne05 rated for YTPC :Pocket Folio on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Howdy! Thanks so much for the moon and stars Pocket Folio. I like the theme you used and of course I love the color. Take care and be safe!
Response: You're welcome, Tonia. I'm glad you liked the theme and colors. Best to you in your creative endeavors!
Comment: I love the whole layout of your ATC. Thank you for it and all the tuck-ins you sent.
Response: I'm thrilled you liked it, Pattie! I adore watching the bees at work and always make time during my hikes to appreciate them. Cheers!
Trinket rated for HD/HP Alphabet ATC - R on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: I adore your hand drawn radio for this swap, thank you so much for sending it out to me and the little extras although 'the end' card was a little ominous <3
Response: Thanks for the rating, Steph! I don't remember "the end" card, but end of story... LOL
explore rated for OATCs: June Moon on Jun 22, 2022
Comment: Wow!! Your card looks so pretty. I love it! How did you manage to find so many special pieces which go well together? I am really impressed. Thank you so much! πŸ˜‰
Response: I appreciate your kind rating, Joanne. I'm happy you liked your moon card. I just search all over to find stuff and tuck it away so I have a large stash of goodies!
MuggleMom rated for Decos Only 6/2022 on Jun 21, 2022
Comment: Love the little deco holders you package the last couple of swaps in! Thank you for the fish & fruit decos...I'm hungry now...xxMuggleMom
Response: LOL!!! Thanks for the nice words and rating. Enjoy your lunch!
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the green goodies, Sonya. How fun to make the ATC interactive, too. Happy Swapping!
Response: I appreciate your rating and heart, Julie. I'm glad you liked it.
lsmahutchin rated for HD/HP Alphabet ATC - Q on Jun 20, 2022
Comment: Great card! Thanks!
Response: You are very kind, Laura. Thanks for the rating.
Yakins rated for 3 Layer ATC #21- USA on Jun 19, 2022
Comment: I love everything. Thank you
Response: Thanks so much, Mildred. You're very kind. :)
Comment: Sonya! What a cool tag ensemble!! I just love what you made & sent!! Thank you so much!!
Response: Much appreciated, Collette! I tried for a profile-based folder, so I'm happy it hit home with you!
messymama rated for HEP: Purple ATC R2 πŸ’œ on Jun 18, 2022
Comment: Very original technique for the ATC! I imagine it's fun jumping into a new hobby this way :)
Response: Thank you for the kind rating, Sue. I'm so pleased you liked the ATC!
Comment: Super cute little deco, thank you!
Response: Thanks for the rating, Emma. Cheers!
ChristineMartinez rated for USATC: Free Theme ATC June on Jun 17, 2022
Comment: What a beautiful ATC. i loved the textures!
Response: Wonderful, Christine. Thanks for the rating.
JanHardt rated for πŸ’œHEP: Purple ATC R3 on Jun 17, 2022
Comment: What can I say but AMAZING! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Response: I'm happy you liked the abstract mosaic. Thanks so much for the nice rating.