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Birthday: February 15
Country: United States

About Me

Everyday day I wake up and make the decision to be kind, to give hearts because it's the VERY LEAST I can do to be a good & compassionate person - I can be the change I want in the world...

  • "Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart."

  • “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

  • “Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

PHOTOs- I take photos of all my swaps & envie's before I send them out - so I will email a copy of the photos if something goes awry or gaga with the US post to verify that I'm not a flaker or flaking. Please let me know if there's a problem and I'll gladly send it again. Thank a Postie for all their hard work for us crafty swappers.

I will contact you if my swap doesn't get there within a reasonable time because I like to know if the time & effort I spent making a treasure made it to you. Unless overseas, then I generally wait 30days or more. But please, do me the CURTSEY of acknowledging my efforts timely.
Owl Post

Aloha! I give ❤️❤️ BECAUSE in a world full of people judging, criticizing, thumbs up/down, like/disliking everything, if someone took the time out of their day to buy a stamp, send a card/note/letter, walk to the mailbox, etc... just to brighten my day, then I am grateful because nobody is forced to do anything they don't want to do.

So thanks in advance for giving of YOUR TIME, spending YOUR money to mail me your special creations. You didn't have to share so that speaks volumes of your character - in my humble opinion...if your dislike list is long, this too says much of your character. I'm here to learn and experience other people, not just "stuff" & "things".

I put a lot of thought & 💕 into sending out your happy mail because I want to bring a smile to your door.

Globe-Trotter!! Places I've lived: internationally,

England🏰, Turkey🧿, Germany🥨, South Korea🎇, Italy🍇, mainland Greece🍋

USA: Hawaii🍍, Montana🦌, Nebraska,🌽 Utah⛷️, Texas🤠, New Mexico🌶️ & Maryland🦀.

Favorite Vacations: Crete🏺, Samos🏖️, Kos,🐐 Italy🍷, Scotland🍺, Ireland☘️, Netherlands🌷, France🥖 , Japan🎎, Belgium🧇, Wales🎠, Guam🌊, Mexico🌞, US Bahamas🌴, Wizarding World🧙‍♂️ (Florida)

alt text


❤️: HISTORY!! Which means lots of ephemera. I love to save old books from going into the bins to collect old pictures/pages. Adore ticket stubs and ledgers.

☕ A big cup of TEA favorite(s) are: Tetley, PG tips, Barry's, Taylors (black tea), green tea, ginseng, oolong, peppermint, ginger, and white tea. Boba Tea is a must also!!


🦋 butterflies, ☯️ yin yang, dandelions, and kanji⛩️.


rose gold, purple, dusty pinks and blues.


I'm pretty laid back so send me what you like/make - show me who you are. I drop f-bombs and Mahalos 🤙 - I am complicated.🤷🏼

Favorite Books

Genres: Historical fiction, literary fiction, sci-fi, YA, humor, space operas. Avid reader - 90% audiobooks but the occasional ebook and 'old school' paper.

Fav Narrators: Jim Dale, Jayne Entwistle, Jennifer Ikeda, Bahni Turpin, Juliet Stevenson, David Tennet, Simon Vance, Emily Woo Zeller, Cassandra Campbell, Scott Brick, Will Wheaton, Luke Daniels, Davina Porter, Allan Corduner

Favorite Television

Period dramas, sci-fi, and rude comedy - Downton Abby, Scrubs, Doctor Who, East Enders, Absolutely Fabulous, Firefly, The Office (UK & US), Parks & Recs, Raising Hope, Skins (UK version), The Great British Bake Off, My Name is Earl, Mr. Bean, Blackadder, The Young Ones, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, Call the Midwife, Broadchurch, Father Brown, Derry Girls, Inbetweeners, The Tudors, Friends, Supernatural, Mr. Robot, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expanse (❤️Amos) Korean dramas

Favorite Crafts

Mix Media is my jam (I can NOT draw) and interactive anything.

I love working with vellum or tracing paper esp. Deco books & ATCs

❤️Tim Holtz style and Graphic 45.

My crafting style is usually vintage-themed in all forms and manners. I love the late 1500s through Tudor, Georgian, Regency, Victorian eras up to the 1960s most of all. The 80/90's rock also.

I ❤️Kawaii because it's cheery!!


: love city or your country postcards but will gladly receive any - especially handmade or vintage. Love quirky cards of randomness


Pictures of old & unique lamp posts, wrought iron gates, old school red gumball machines, Craftsmans Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian architecture, Asian aesthetic, and some Jazz Age/Art Deco styles.

I love to collect rice & paper lanterns.🏮


Calla lilies, bird of paradise, hibiscus, bougainvilleas, thistles, cherry blossoms, plumerias, dandelions, make me smile all day.


I ❤️❤️ Ron Weasley - who doesn't.

My favorite characters are Harry (duh), Peeves the Poltergeist, Severus Snape (always), Fred & George, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, Charlie & Bill Weasley (no, not you Percy!!), Hermione, Dobby, Luna, Neville, Seamus, Prof Minerva McGonagall, & Prof. Lupin.

I AM RavenPUFF /HuffleCLAW.


Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, Battle Star Galactica, Star Trek, Princess Bride, The Expanse, KPoP!! & loads of period dramas on BBC, PBS, & Kdramas.

Things I don't like

Intolerance, racism, homophobia


JBFR rated for MAE: TAG SWAP 2 for 2: CHRISTMAS on Dec 9, 2022
Comment: I love your tags!! Thank you very much they are wonderful!
Response: Your glowing comments about the tags makes me so happy. Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: Thanks for sending your new Books/Libraries MAJ and for the goodies! I’m glad to hear that my MAJ is in your hands and looking good so far!
Response: Happy it make it there.Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: Gosh we have the worst luck. I got the envelope with both sides open. The Deco and note were in there. It looked as if someone opened it,
Response: UGH, this is so nuts with the machines. I wish my pizza cutter was a good as their machines, LOL!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
AnnaM rated for Recipes of our Era: Curry on Dec 7, 2022
Comment: Toni, I so enjoyed this swap and hope to do a few more in the new year to try out recipes of our era. Thank you for the photos and of your critique on the recipe. I made mine today and came to the same conclusions. Anna ♥
Response: I hope we do more of Martha's "receipts"and I'm looking forward to checking out what you put on the blog for "receipts"!! I wish I still lived in the UK to go browsing through the second hand shops - I envy you! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: Thanks so much! cant wait to add to this deco!
Response: So glad you can't wait to add your page! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: OMG I love this Weird Fish deco by Hell0z0mbie. Your page is a hoot. Well done. 😀🎣
Response: LOL, I had fun using an old earring for the hook! Just made sense with the eyes of that fish. I'm sure you'll come up with something even more creative - your art is so wonderful. Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: Hi Toni! Thank you for the beautiful stickers and envelop! I'll pass on the postcards 😊
Response: So glad it made it to you quickly and thanks for hosting this fun swap! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: What a great list! I think I'll skip the audiobook on Girl, Woman, Other. THe narrator makes such a difference, and this one sounds like it'd be better read IRL-as in holding an actual book in my hands! Something I rarely do anymore. I also love graphic novels, and Grass sounds especially intriguing. Thanks!
Response: I hope your library has Grass on the shelf. I can't wait to see what you read for December! I hope it's a good month for you. Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Hotthreads rated for CPG: ICM Decos #338616 - Global on Dec 4, 2022
Comment: All your swaps arrived at the same time. Thank you.
Response: USPS wins again! I hope you like Marie's "yellow deco" and Shelly's inspirational quote deco. xxMuggleMom
Hotthreads rated for Deco Deco #11 on Dec 4, 2022
Comment: Thank you for joining my swap. Love the red deco.
Response: So glad they all made it - we got dumped on with weather, you probably did also. I hope you like the Red Deco! xxMuggleMom
Comment: Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and washi samples! May your Christmas be Merry and Bright! xx Gabi
Response: Mahalo for the Xmas wishes and I hope the same for you!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
lrm1980 rated for AMA: Deco booklet #338681 on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sending Anastacia’s Blue deco!
Response: So glad Anastacia's blue deco made it there. I think I sent another deco a week before hers, so I hope it arrives soon.Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Ikat78 rated for CPG Festivus 2022 PC - US on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the Super Awesome pc! These are fun pcs. I’m not sure who needs a new tree every year either! I swear there must be people who get new decorations and swap out every year!!
Response: So glad you liked the PC - I secretly (lol) thought you would based on your profile! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: As always, Toni, great reviews! I'm so glad you enjoyed Girl, Woman, Other so much. It's definitely worth reading twice -- I agree with you, the second read allows you to trace those invisible strands linking the various characters and stories. I might try the audiobook in a few years -- the narrator sounds awesome! I've requested the print copy of Perfectly Ordinary People from my local library. I'm somewhat tempted by Sarum -- and still not tempted at all by the Outlander series! Thanks so much for great reviews and recommendations. I read the Amanda Vickery a number of years ago and remember it as being a good read.
Response: I take one for the team with the Outlander series, lol! Sarum is a 50/50 but I suspect you'd might not be impressed with it - too much like school again, lol! Can't wait to see what you read for December! xx Toni
Comment: I love the envelope and the your fun note paper. I agree clean teeth is to be celebrated with an exclamation mark! AND also sunshine! You have more guts than me--I think I'd break out into a cold sweat on a balloon ride. I love your hot air balloon page in Sonya's Exploration deco. I like the ATC-size of the deco.
Response: I love finding those memo pads at the thrift shop - I suspect they are given as gifts and then for whatever reasons, they end up being tossed out but I happy to rescue them, lol! I'm so glad you like my interactive page on Sonya's deco - I'm making mostly interactive lately it seems. Tho my Bob Ross youtube tutorials are coming in handy as I keep at it. xxMuggleMom
lrm1980 rated for DB ♥: Small Deco Booklet #338836 on Nov 29, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sending Debora’s Hygge deco. I love your cozy sweater page!
Response: I had so much fun making my fuzzy sweater page - wanted to crawl in that sweater, lol!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: well received,thankyou so much <3
Response: So glad it made it to you!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
ch23 rated for Stickers around the world postcard #32 on Nov 29, 2022
Comment: Amazing env of Harry Potter postcards and stickers. Thank you very much!
Response: Absolutely great to hear the envie made to you and that you thought it was amazing! I hope we are partners again soon!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom
Comment: Thank you for the nice card, but it's damaged on the illustrated side. Yes, I agree with Halloween-obsessions, and pumpkin spice flavours.
Response: Hi, sorry if the post office damaged the card. I take pictures of all my swaps so I can send you a photo of it before the machines got to it and damaged it. Glad we agree on pumpkin spice. xxMuggleMom
Comment: Thanks for the vintage Samuel Plantz Hall postcard and sharing your pet peeves about restaurants. Seeing people eat with their mouths open also bugs me!
Response: So glad we agree on the same peeve, lol!! Thank you for the💜 xxMuggleMom

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manders2280 on Dec 8, 2022:

Thank you for the (Make a Wish!) Christmas card. Best wishes for lots of cheer this holiday season!

watercolorgirl on Dec 7, 2022:

ABC: Fun w/Stamps #4Homers. You did an excellent job and I really like the variety of embellishments that you used. Happy Holidays.

OrigamiGrace on Nov 24, 2022:


DeboraCreates on Nov 24, 2022:

alt text

riviwriter on Nov 16, 2022:

In an ocean full of fish, be a mermaid 🧜‍♀️

AJ73 on Nov 10, 2022:

Thank you for the PH OCTOBER WTA postcards. The postcards you sent are great. I love the choices you made! Hugs. ,❤️💖😺

DeboraCreates on Nov 5, 2022:

Thank you for the AMAZING RAK! Those notecards & envelopes are adorable and I can't wait to use them as either birthday cards or make them into decos!

Thank you also for Sonya's Astrology Cruciform deco and your Open theme cruciform deco - they are both pure eye candy!

Thank you also for the Utah postcards. Your state is stunning and you are so fortunate that you can travel to these beautiful locations for vacation.

soyprincesa2 on Oct 30, 2022:

Thank you so so much for the LDS postcards and project Life cards. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR KINDNESS. THANKS!!❤❤❤❤

hazelwitch3 on Oct 16, 2022:

Hi Toni, Thank you so much for the wonderful postcards you sent me for the Vintage PC WTA! And I love the fact that you went to the trouble of finding out about Virgie Storey, the 15 year old sender of the 1941 postcard. That was a great thing to do! Knowing the story behind the postcard adds so much to it. Thank you again!

captkristi on Oct 12, 2022:

Got your postcard hideout tag - thanks so much!! The papers are awesome and will go to good use. I am tagging along with my mom to her craft fair in December. I think I am going to bring some of the junk journals and ephemera I have created and see if people want to buy it. These papers are perfect for the folios that I am making. Hope you are well! See you in the mailbox :D

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