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nadithings (spoiler alert!)

About Me

Update 2024

Hi! I have been here more then 10years! If u want to see how swap bot was few years ago check out my flickr

I love swap bot, but lately the mails are getting slower and postage is getting more pricey! I wish I can join more, but I'm cutting back.

My profile is just a guide, but I'm happy with anything that u think its great!

My love for stationary comes from my japanese grandma who used to have a stationary shop and my grandpa own a postoffice next door.. ever since they passed away, i just have an obsession with stationaries and stamps! most of collection comes from Japan,

im a custom cake maker and a lazy (adhd) housewife .. lol!

If I join big swap, please put my phone number on the parcel so they don't get lost.

Favorite Music

I love ROBYN and the Killers

Favorite Books

comics ( dark, adult humor, quirky, Gory, cute,classic,deep) and i love to collect Roald Dahl books, lemony snicket ( i love his stories, its so scary fantasy cute lovely stories..) weird children books, stories about real crimes,true inspiring heartwarming stories, survival stories and weird stories.

Favorite Movies

Netflix and chill.. haha!

i love discussing about a show, documentaries, true crime or a movie..so tell/ critic to me about your latest things u watched!

i love Meme, quoting from tv shows!

here just some of my favorite big bang theory, friends,Unbreakable kimmy , the Office USA, quentin tarantino, the boys, Seinfeld, Frasier, Wes Anderson, james gunn, key and peele, South park, adventure time, British comedy like black adder, little Britain, flight of the conchords ..etc..

all time fav colour

i like all shades of color! but if i have to choose, i like black, red, mustard yellow, teal, and dark pastels

my style

im open to your likes, but if I have to choose, I like quirky, cute with attitude, pop surrealist, cat,dark humour, funny, disney/movie villains, kitchy, maximalist

Animal love!

I love all animals especially cats, birds, foxes, reptiles .. all animals, bugs, reptiles, rodents..no matter big or micro even the scary "ugly" looking ones..

things I collect and like


Illustration, vintage cartoon/illustration/book, pattern prints, cats, old Disney, Disney villains,moomin, desserts, local artist, animals, pin up, gotochi, ,odd,art Nouveau, maximilist weird quirky, dark humour, horror, . Im open to Add cards, Free cards or cards for parties/clubs/concert..etc Im also open to something that YOU like that u want to share with me! Surprise me!


san x, q-lia, disney sun star, snoopy, kamio, mind wave, crux, sanrio, jetoy , anything japanese or korean brands i love! I prefer cat, villans, desserts, woodland theme, or anything u like!

Disney, I like the classics, I love the villans, dumbo,aristocats,

Care bears (especially grumpy) , Pepe le pew, muttley, kuromi, classic/vintage 50's to 90"s cartoon illustration characters. Cute funny poops πŸ’©


I would love a collection of Lisa frank, sandylion vintage, flat stickers, rub ons, flakes, sticker clubs like (stickii, pipstick, violette stickers..etc) advertisement, private clubs ...

but please Γ— NO i dont really use reward/teacher, children shows, foam, 3d stickersX

washi tape/ masking tape

All kinds are welcome!

mails with pretty stamps!

i collect mostly stamps of cats, animals, movies/cartoons, special, illustration, royal family..etc

I love getting mail arts, notecards,handmade paper crafts, cute envelopes and I love stamps/philately and also love to draw and decorate mails using themes..

handmade items with love

atc, flip book, matchbox, jewelry and whatever you love to create!


yes the band and the royal family from your country

if you have extra to share...

Vintage illustrations like LISA FRANK, Diddle, moomin, suzy's zoo, sticko from ek success sheets, stickers from graphic designers small bisness, blue cat,

suprise me!!

local artist, small business

funky/handmade earrings, necklaces ,

playing cards with illustration, designs on the back and front, jokers


mints or gums [especially if they come in really cool cute tins! ],

Candies! Caramels, saltwater taffy, toffee

Chocolates! All kinds! anything u like i can try.. :)

Drinks (sugar free is fine too) coffee especially americano, I like all teas, cold brew, even better if they have nice packets design.

Instant food/flavour/cooking packet

savoury snacks like nuts!

Recipes of your fav desserts, meals, spices, i love trying plant base food,I have a food ig @nadihangry

I can’t eat meat base gelatines


I would really appreciate if u #DON'T send me,

X religious items

X food with meat gelatin

im not easily offended, im okay with gory, nudes, funny rude,political, adult/dark humour, I'm open!

note* if ever in the past due to lost mails or my lost mind (forget) and you never received my tags.. please let me know, i can always re-send something.. ;D

I Reuse and Diy envelopes

International mails are expensive nowadays so I weight my mails and I will remove or cut unnecessary labels or paper. I will also sometimes use the prepaid envelopes


TRYING my BEST not to send late, and if i do send late due to much more important issue i will always contact my partners about it! and i take alot of my time creating my parcel and hunting for things that i know my partner would like.. (i have make schedule now and not joining too many swaps in one time) so please please dont give me a bad rating before contacting me... ;(

tips on saving on postages: always weight your mails and do research with your postoffice how much every gram cost. and for heavy mails, use prepaid envelopes,

please ask for my phone number if you decided to send register post so Incase the postman have problem they can call me..

my mails from malaysia to the states/europe and the rest of the world usually takes 10-20 days min, but there are some cases it will take more then a month.. i hope u will be patient with my parcel... and if u dont like it because for some reason please do let me know too.. we can work things out..;D i can always re-send..

lost mails within 1 and a half months then i will re-send.. please please let me know before u are about to rate me a 1 or 3, we can always sort things out.. ;D

i dont like dramas.. as u can see i like sorting things out! ;DD

i dont mind sea mails if it gets really heavy.. but please let me know because it usually takes 3 months ...

i like envelope that has stamps on them! and i put most my envelope with stamps too! most of the stamps i put are the limited addition, so please keep them or give them to someone who collects stamp.. please dont throw them away or u can always send them back to me! ,,, ;P


xoxo NADI


ch23 rated for SCS - More than 3 Stamps PC Swap # 1 on Apr 17, 2024
Comment: Thank you ever so much Nadi for the wonderful Disney Japan postcard and the beautiful stamps. The waterfall one is stunning. Have a great day.
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the heart and rating! Xo nadi
Comment: Thank you so much Nadi! Your envie was beautifully decorated and I love all the green themed extras you've included! Thanks again! πŸ₯°
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the heart and rating! Xo nadi
Carefreeruby rated for HDHP ATC #3 - THEME Death on Apr 4, 2024
Comment: Definitely one of the best swaps I have ever gotten! I love both demon slayer and death note, so I really apprecitate this card and extras. Your art is amazingg <3
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like them! Thanks for the compliments,heart and rating! Xo nadi
Comment: Thank you so much for this lovely mail! The stamps and paper goodies are awesome ☺️
Response: Welcome! I'm glad u like them! Thanks for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
TrishaLSmith rated for Kawaii Postcard Swap - INTL on Mar 22, 2024
Comment: Received the re-send. Thank you so much. :)
Response: Thanks for the heart and rating! I'm glad they arrived! Xo nadi
luv2kraft rated for Weird or Creepy ATC Round 7 on Mar 12, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the hand drawn ATC.now that is a really weird thing. This us the first one you sent,dated from December of last year. I always wonder where the mail is before it gets to us. Hmmmmmm Also I appreciate the beautiful origami paper.
Response: Yay! I'm glad they arrived! Ya sometimes they do take the scenic route. Hehe.. thanks so much for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
Comment: Awwww, what a cute cute mail !!! Thank you so much for introducing the illustrator from Malaysia. Their artworks are so adorable <3 <3 Thank you again and have a lovely week !!
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the heart and rating xo nadi
purpleaura rated for Nadi and purpleaura swap on Mar 7, 2024
Comment: OMG! This is one of the best swaps I received. Thanks for so many beautiful stationeries! I would give you thousands of hearts!
Response: Thank you!! I love what u give me too! Thanks again for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
Comment: Thank you for the fun swap. I love the papers and stamps! Take care❀️
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thank you for the heart and rating XOXO nadi
Comment: Thanks Nadi for your bird postcard and lovely bird stamp on it. ❀️❀️
Response: Welcome! Thanks for the heart and rating xo nadi
kpcreations rated for Some Love for Ad cards #1 on Mar 5, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the clever Chupa Chups postcard! I absolutely love all of the decorations you added as well!! Happy swapping :D
Response: I'm glad u like them! Thanks for the heart and rating xo nadi
kristenlyns rated for SSM: Letterset switch #33 on Feb 27, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cute set!
Response: Welcome! Thanks for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
inkyplum rated for Letter Set Swap Intl #1 on Feb 27, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for joining my swap and for the beautiful array of letter writing paper! It's all so lovely!
Response: Welcome! I really enjoyed this swap ! I'm glad you like them! Looking forward to your host swaps! Thank you for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
Irys rated for Swap Stamps 1 person -1 country #1 on Feb 24, 2024
Comment: Dear Nadi, thank you very much for your wonderful envelope It's so beautiful. I LOVE everything you sent. All the best for you and your loved ones.❀️
Response: welcome! i really enjoy joining your swaps! thank you for the heart and rating! xo Nadi
Comment: Hi Nadi, I received your mail today on Thursday the 22nd of February. Thank you so much!! Also thank you for wanting to support me on Etsy; I look forward to seeing what you'll buy from me ^^ I so recognize you from the ASIA Republic group on Swap-bot, so maybe there are high chances to get me as a partner there if I join any of the swaps since they don't have much people joining the swaps there at al T_T I kinda feel like Sandy is the only person active there LOL (Feels like some of the recent group swaps have no participants at all.) But yeah, I'd love to get you as a partner in another swap as well. Also hardly receive Malaysia mail and sending to Malaysia is also cheaper . I just looked up the artist you mentioned; I might have seen her art somewhere before and the name does seem a bit familiar. :O And thank you for the compliments about my illustrations. ^^ Oh, and your postmark details seem to say "02.02.2024" but February 8th to February 14th is the Lunar New Year holidays here in Taiwan, so maybe it might have delayed the arrival of your mail a bit... especially if your country also had this one-week holiday where the post office is closed. Also, I will feature your envelope on Flickr along with my other February mail, when I get to taking the photo either next month or in April. :D I don't always do this, and the last time I did was in 2010 before I started doing it again from December 2023 to January 2024 for Swap-bot mail. And I'll be doing it for February 2024 mail. ^_^ ~Kiyasu
Response: yay! im so glad they reached to you safely! keep in touch! oh and happy new year again! xo Nadi
quaisoir rated for SCS - Stamp & Postcard Lover's # 2 on Feb 21, 2024
Comment: Hi Nadi!! Got your postcard. Ooh I love the lighthouse stamp! Thanks awak! 😁
Response: Yay! I'm glad you like them! XOXO nadi
Jbondbull rated for Swap Stamps 1 person -1 country #3 on Feb 20, 2024
Comment: These stamps are awesome. Thankyou. Sure, I'll hear another story.
Response: Thanks for the heart and rating! I'm glad you like them! XOXO nadi
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful stationery you sent me. I love everything, and I can't wait to start using it <3
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the heart and rating! XOXO nadi
carterj rated for Put an animal(s) on! on Feb 20, 2024
Response: Thanks for rating! XOXO nadi
HelenG6 rated for SCS - Stamp & Postcard Lover's # 1 on Feb 16, 2024
Comment: Thank you.
Response: Welcome! thanks for the rating! xo Nadi

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swapwithyi on Mar 14, 2024:

Thankyou for the Pick Two tag. I really love the items you sent , they are so cute<3 Thankyou

MushroomHuntingCrow on Jun 26, 2023:

Hi there! I received your tag for the quick! i need... tag. Thank you so much for all the mushroom goodies, I love them all!!

itsnobody on Jul 9, 2022:

Thank you for the Pick Two tag! It finally arrived and it was send in October! Wow. Mail is interesting to follow. I love the notecard and things inside

manders2280 on Jan 20, 2022:

Your second postcard arrived today! No, I have not been to the Netherlands and I want to.

Thanks ever so much for resending.

heidiblooms on Dec 25, 2021:

πŸŽ„β„οΈMerry Christmas!β„οΈπŸŽ„

heidiblooms on Nov 26, 2021:

lovetherain on Nov 8, 2021:

Hi Nadi! I just mailed your Lewd, Crude, Rude Ephemera swap. I hope it arrives to you quickly and safely. Just an FYI, I put fairy tale deco tape on the back of the envelope. That way you know what swap it is. It also has my address label in the corner.

Rainydancer on Oct 10, 2021:

Welcome to Sunshine swaps!

Burger1girl on Sep 9, 2021:

Thank you for the happy mail tag! I love everything, so happy to see your beautiful envelope. The bookmark is adorable as are all the other goodies! Thank you so much!!

Petaltea on Aug 31, 2021:

I’ve received the themed envie tag! I love everything. Thank you for going to all the trouble. Take care!

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