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Date Joined: August 1, 2020
Last Online: June 25, 2024
Birthday: January 29
Country: Singapore
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June 2023: Attention my lovely swapper friends, Please do not send me extras at the moment unless from my Likes/ Wish Lists (see below). I am doing decluttering and I have way too many extras I received over the years from swapping. I appreciated the kind gesture and thank you for sharing with me. ❤️

(First of all, please message me before rating if you do not receive anything from me OR if the swap reach you but ruined. I wil do a re-send ASAP.)

➖Hello, my name is Hamiza (Pronounce: Ah-me-za)

➖I have 4 kids and 1 fluffy pet cat.

➖I am a hobbyist and enthusiast crafter. Basically I like to learn new things and try new crafts.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

➖I started with scrapbooking, altered craft pieces and paper crafting in my early years back in 1995

➖I picked up calligraphy in year 2015.

➖I also love doodling (zen-doodle) and botanical line drawing

➖I enjoyed doing paper crafts and be as creative as I can be! My crafts style evolved through the years. Now I more into paper collage and mixed media art.

➖ I tried my best to up-cycling/re-used/re-purposed good stash of papers.

➖ I love gardening but I can’t own a garden because of living in an apartment. But I have quite a number of potted plants.

➖ I love all colours but love Pink shade more.

➖I love all sort of coffee and enjoyed drinking hot teas on rainy days.

➖From my IG and Flickr account (link above) you will be able to browse all my swap-bot mail art.

➖I rate accordingly when effort are put into the swap not because of extras. But when extras are given I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

➖I normally join swap that I am able put my creativity to it. I put a lot of effort on my mail art swaps. I am more comfortable joining “sender’s choice swap”. But I will make a point to read my partner’s profile and accommodate to their likes and dislikes.

➖If you read up to here, thank you for reading my profile.

”Creativity is intelligence having fun”


✖️People who Do Not Rate, Flaker, Racist and Prejudice.(Sorry, I just have to put this here.)

✖️I don’t like alpha/foam/student/teacher stickers.

✖️I don’t do Bullet Journal, so I don’t fancy those stickers with prompt such as: “list of things to do”, “weather”, “dates & days”.

✖️No No to any Disney characters what so ever cuz I am over the age for that. 😅

✖️Please do not send anything pertaining to religious items.

✖️I prefer not to receive sticker or picture of dog and pig.

✖️I don’t mind getting sticker flakes but be reasonable with the sizes. Not the teeny-weeny ones!

✖️Try not to over do it with glitters making the mail hideous and difficult to clean up.

✖️Overload of kawaii is to much for me.

✖️I hate critters, bugs and insects. (Butterfly, Bettle, Dragonfly and Lady Bug is fine)

✖️I am not into Mystical, Gothic, Dark and Morbid stuffs.

Likes + Wish Lists

✔️My go to cute animals characters: Bird, Cat, Hedgehog, Koala, Llama, Panda, Penguin, Rabbit, Reindeer, Squirrel

✔️I love fussy cut image of animals mention above and also images such as: Cactus, Floral, Lady Image, Mushroom

✔️Stamped images

✔️Die-cuts images

✔️I likes all sort of ephemeras even the handmade ones

✔️Love cute sticky notes & memo pads.

✔️Crazy with washi tapes

✔️Ribbons and laces

✔️I like paper clips with cute and funny shapes.

✔️Foreign language book pages/ Music notes/ Old ledgers

✔️Paper Napkin, Rice Paper, Handmade Paper

✔️Pressed Flowers/Leaves


✔️I love handmade postcard. (It will be nice to receive the postcard stamped and naked OR if it mailed in plastic sleeve still fine by me. But pleased do not use clear tapes to cover the whole handmade postcard.)

Favorite Movies

I am a movie geek! I still vividly remembered watching the 1st Star Wars movie in cinema during 1977.

I hate horror movie but sometime due to peer pressured I will dare myself to watch it.

I love romantic comedy, romance, action, Sci Fi and suspense movies.

I love sequels/ trilogy movies. Such as: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, X-men, Jason Bourne, Jurassic Park, Transformer, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, Blade Runner, Planet of The Apes, Jumanji, Avengers (Marvel),

Toy Story, Shrek, Incredibles, Despicable Me was some of my favourite animation movies.

Favorite Television

Life is so much better now with Netflix around. Growing up I have to depend on limited dramas that broadcast on our local channels. But having said that I enjoyed most of it.

I love good old family dramas, romantic comedy sitcom, medical dramas, crimes and investigation series.

The list is long but some of my favourite: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Superstore, Walking Dead, Grey Anatomy, Sherlock Holmes, Suits, Chesapeake Shores, Virgin River, Manifest

I love binge watching Korean dramas too. I am quite selective and preferred dramas with good story plot only.

Mail Service

Please take note

📩 Sometime mails from Singapore to International countries is unpredictable. I have some swaps reach less than 4 weeks and others may take up to 8 weeks.

📩 But if it takes longer than that do message me before rating and we will work something out. I will normally do a re-send if the waiting time take ages.

📩 I always take a snapshot of the swap before putting in the mailbox. This is as a backup proof if anything goes wrong. (I will send thru email to you if there is a need to.)

📩 Please do not get alarm/angry if you receive a message from me. I will try to contact my swap partner if there is no rating after at least few months. Please take your time to read my message and get back to me. I appreciate if you reach me back.

📩 Most importantly, please rate me promptly and by doing so I know that my swap reach you safely.


📩 I will also message to enquire from my sender swap partner to let them know if I do not receive my swap from them before rating unnecessarily. So action can be taken if the swap is lost and the need to re-send.

📩 I understand if your mail reach late but do not FLAKE!



Thank you fellow swappers!

➖1st Year Swap-Bot: 122:❤️ / 136:FIVES

➖2nd Year Swap-Bot: 349:❤️ / 376:FIVES

➖3rd Year Swap-Bot: 582:❤️ / 617:FIVES

Not All Bed Of Roses

😔: Did not receive this swap from @LuckyLucy452 and no reply from partner: #4 The Blind Flat Envie (Nov 2020) (Angel by @petaltea thank you)

😔: I did not receive my swap from @LunarSynth 3 Patterned Washi Swap (Sept/Oct 2020)

😔: I did not get my swap from @Gabbs2extra Stickers and a Card #1 (Feb 2021)

😔: Did not receive my swap from @Jodi1982 January Birthdays! (Dec 2021)

😔: Still have not receive my swap from @anik4swap AAHMPC: Strips of Scraps (March 2023)

😞: Did not receive the first or the re-send swap from @LadyGuenevere Ugly Stickers PC (Nov 2023)

😞: Still have not receive anything from @Cher35967 Sticker Bomb PC 2/2024 (Feb 2024)


rkassman rated for AAHMPC: Blackout Poetry PC- June on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful poetry postcard! And thank you for hosting <3
sweetgypsy rated for AMA: Altered photo #2 on Jun 21, 2024
Comment: Love what you done with the magazine image! Thanks so much for the blackout poetry, art doll and extra bits. Thank you for a wonderful swap! :)
Response: Glad you like what I did on the magazine image. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the rating. Swap again soon. 👍🏻
nylelyn23 rated for Touristic Postcard Swap #2 on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: Thank you for organizing a fun swap. :)
Response: You’re welcome. Thank you for the heart and joining my group swap. Swap again soon. 👍🏻
quaisoir rated for AAHMPC: Die Cuts Images On PC- June on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: So pretty lah Hami! Kinda remind me of Christmas.. Hehe..
Response: Is it? Thank you Sha for the kind comment and rating me with a heart. 👍🏻
shellbede rated for JLG: Meditative Neurograph (1:1) on Jun 18, 2024
Comment: Oooh I really love what you created!
Response: Nice to hear that. Thank you for the kind rating. Have a good weekend. 👍🏻
Jbee rated for AAHMPC: Themed Collage PC- May on Jun 15, 2024
Comment: As I told you, we need to wait a bit and your wonderful rabbit card dit reached me yesterday :-) thank you so much for the lovely card. Wishing you a wonderful summer time, love Jill
Shellyr rated for AAHMPC:Collage Masterboard PC- May on Jun 10, 2024
Comment: Fun swap. Love your masterboard. Thanks
Response: Thank you Shelly for the kind rating. 👍🏻
shreve rated for AAHMPC:Collage Masterboard PC- May on Jun 10, 2024
Comment: Love your master board!! Thank you for a wonderful swap.
Response: Glad you like it. Thank you Laura for the kind rating. Swap again soon. 👍🏻
Pantlessrobot rated for PA: I Dream of Africa (1:1) on Jun 9, 2024
Comment: Thankyou for the lovely postcard! I really like your collage.
Response: Glad my PC reached you. Thanks for the lovely rating. Swap again soon. 👍🏻
Lyndylou5 rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice PC - May on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: Thank you for spending so much time to make this beautiful postcard for me! Yes, it's the season to get fresh, vine-ripened, fruit. Yum! My being a dragon boater might make you think my favorite is dragon fruit, but my favorite is actually bananas! Lol
Response: Thank Lyndy you for liking my PC and the lovely rating. Banana is good, full of vitamins and minerals. I like only red flesh dragon fruit instead of the white flesh. 👍🏻
Karmi53 rated for Girls Just Want To Have Fun on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the page it looks like a fun page with happy people on it. Thanks for the extras too, and for being part of the swap and group. Take care
Response: It was a fun themed to begin with. Thank you for organising it and leaving me a heart. 👍🏻
Jbee rated for floral themed mailart PC on Jun 3, 2024
Comment: thank you very much for your wonderful PC. It is adorable. My favorite flower? there are many beauties like echinacea, sunflower... and many more. have a wonderful summer time. love Jill
Response: Hope you are doing fine, Jill. Thank you for the rating, I appreciate it. Swap again soon, take care. 👍🏻
Comment: Thank you to fun masterboard piece.
MuggleMom rated for AAHMPC: Put On A Paper Doll- May on May 31, 2024
Comment: Love your multi layered HMPC. I see the creativity in your art and this card is special because of it! What a fun swap. I hope we are partners again. xxMuggleMom
Response: I am glad you like my creation. It was a fun swap to creat. Thank you for the rating. Hope to meet again in other swap. Take care! 👍🏻
Comment: Thank you for your sparkly card! Using up scraps is fun.
Response: Yes indeed Monique. Happy to use the leftover scraps. Thank you for the rating. 👍🏻
Lobo816 rated for CS: Collaboration PC - Round 8 on May 29, 2024
Comment: Hamiza I love this PC!! You’re right the background is beautiful and your addition of the cluster of corals and fish is perfect. Maybe I will add a mermaid!! We’ll see!! Thank you for the extra goodies.
Response: Thank you Lori for the heart, appreciate it a lot. I know you will do great adding on to the postcard. Swap again soon, ok. 👍🏻
MaryCheng rated for CR: Ocean Inspired Mail Art on May 28, 2024
Comment: I so love your PC, the background is fabulous with its pastel colours and collaging. Cute diecuts! It's autumn here and the weather is gorgeous, sunny, amazing sunsets and sunrises! PS, love your signature stamp!
Response: I am glad you like it. Thank you for the heart, appreciate it. I see… beautiful weather there. Here is so humid! Swap again soon and have a great day ahead. 👍🏻
sparklingkumquat rated for Neurographic Art PC #3 on May 24, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the postcard - very sparkly!
Response: You’re welcome. Thank you for the rating. 👍🏻
myancey rated for Cardboard Food Packaging PC #3 on May 24, 2024
Comment: I know that you are resending this but I am clearing up swaps so I am going ahead and rating u. Btw my partner I sent to has not been on since April so I prob Will not be receiving a rating from them. Thank you Today Is 6/12/2024 I received the cornflake resend and applicator you so much ! Thank you Today is 6/21 and I rcvd the original with a postmark of mar 28th wow that’s a long time even for intl thank you
Response: Thank you so much for doing the rating ahead. You are so kind. I hope the re-send reach you soon. I am so sad to hear about your swap partner. I hope she log in and read tthe messages I send. Let’s both hope for the best. 👍🏻———————24th June Glad both reached you. I also noted your partner already rate you too. Take care. 👍🏻
Comment: Hello Hami, Thankyou for sending the cute bird PC for colouring. Love your colour choices! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks also for the lovely Halloween extras!!
Response: Hope you have fun continuing the colouring collab. Have fun with the extras. Thank you for the rating. 👍🏻

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Lady on Jan 22, 2024:

Happy birthday month!

9O96O on Oct 31, 2023:

Thanks for contributing to my coloring postcard and mailing it home to me! I love how it turned out.

Djevara on Aug 9, 2023:

Hello Hamiza! Thank you for the Christmas Rak, I received your package today. I'm looking forward to using all those wonderful gifts in a few months :) Have a great day! Karell

ddoherty6138 on Aug 7, 2023:

Hamiza, thank you for your generous Christmas (in July) RAK. Such a Happy Mail surprise to receive. Even though it is still summer, Christmas crafting is about to begin. I will be able to use all of these lovely bits of the festive season goodies. Merci de Denise

ktk8 on May 1, 2023:

Hello Hamza.... I received my RAK in the mail today..... what fun fun fun....THANK YOU very very much...... I look forward to crafting with these!!!

Hope this finds you well and happy.....

Kate ktk8

MaryCheng on Apr 20, 2023:

Thank you Hamiza for the generous goodies as part of the RAK Giveaway on your AA.HM.PC Swap group. I love being part of it! I'm thrilled!

spacefoxsupreme on Apr 15, 2023:

I received your RAK package today. Thanks so much for all the lovely papers and other ephemera!

Petaltea on Dec 25, 2022:

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2022:


hibiscus on Dec 15, 2022:

You have put a huge smile on my face and in my heart for the wonderfully creative atcs to help me celebrate the Christmas season.. the stockings the list for Santa … more importantly the kind and understanding nature of you the artist.. thank you

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