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Date Joined: August 1, 2020
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Birthday: January 29
Country: Singapore
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About Me

(First of all, please message me before rating if you do not receive anything from me OR if the swap reach you but ruined. I wil do a re-send ASAP.)

2023 Motto: Be kind, Be thoughtful & Be thankful


▪️My name is Hamiza. (Pronounce: Ah-me-za)

▪️Mum to 3 boys, 1 girl and 1 fluffy pet cat.

▪️I am a hobbyist and enthusiast crafter. Basically I like to learn new things and try new crafts. I am into calligraphy and water colour painting started in 2015. I enjoyed doing paper crafts and be as creative as I can be! My crafts style evolved through the years. Now I more into paper collage and mix-media art. I am at my zen when doing paper collage.

▪️ I also do quilling and it a hate love craft because of the small- scale pieces of strips of papers.

▪️I also love to doodle/draw and make it into a stickers. It’s a joy seeing them come alive in a sticker form.

▪️ Still learning my ways on botanical line drawing.

▪️I enjoyed doing small shape brooch/ keychain out of resin or clay.

▪️ I collect keychains, magnets and button/pin badges.

▪️ I up-cycling/re-used/re-purposed! If I can get a hold onto old magazines or paper bags, I will make envelopes out of it, journal book pages, pockets and sometime fussy cut images to use as an embellishment in my other craft projects.

▪️ I love gardening but I can’t own a garden because of living in an apartment. But I have quite a number of pot plants.

▪️ I love all colours but some how always sided to Pink … for whatever reason, am not sure. (Maybe just the “girly” side of me)

▪️I am an avid coffee drinker and occasionally enjoy drinking hot teas on rainy day. I also like to treat myself for Frappe and Bubble tea (Boba).

▪️I rate accordingly when effort are put into the swap not because of extras. But when extras are given I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

▪️Pop by to my IG (link above) to see my craft journey and swap-bot mail art.

▪️ I try to join swap that I am able to do and be creative at. I am more comfortable joining “sender’s choice swap”. But I will make a point to read my partner’s profile and accommodate to their likes and dislikes.

▪️If you read up to here, thank you for reading my profile.

New crafts done, tested and still ongoing to be perfected:

🖤 Sept 2021: I just started Gelli Printing and really love the art. Much room for improvement thou. The creativity is endless!

🖤 Jan 2022: Started to be more involve in swapping ATC. I love the challenge of crafting on a piece of tiny paper!

🖤 April 2022: Trying my hands on making Handmade Paper. Lots of trial and error. It was a messy process but the result is so full of joy!

🖤 Nov 2022: Learning the art of Zentangle. It a game changer! Loving all the styles.

🖤 Feb 2023: Starting to make and swap Artist Trading Coin. Can't wait to add it to my collection album.

”Creativity is intelligence having fun”


✖️People who Do Not Rate, Flaker, and Racist. (Sorry, I just have to put this here.)

✖️I don’t like alpha/foam/student/teacher stickers.

✖️I don’t do Bullet Journal, so I don’t fancy those stickers with prompt such as: “list of things to do”, “weather”, “dates & days”.

✖️No No to any Disney characters what so ever cuz I am over the age for that. 😅

✖️Please do not send anything pertaining to religious items.

✖️I prefer not to receive sticker or picture of dog and all pigs (Suidae family).

✖️I don’t mind getting sticker flakes but be reasonable with the sizes. Not the teeny-weeny ones!

✖️Try not to over do it with glitters making the mail hideous and difficult to clean up.

✖️Overload of kawaii is to much for me.

✖️I hate critters, bugs and insects. (Butterfly, Bettle, Dragonfly and Lady Bug is fine)

✖️I am not into Mystical, Gothic, Dark and Morbid stuffs.

Likes + Wish Lists

✔️My go to cute animals characters: Bird, Cat, Hedgehog, Koala, Llama, Panda, Penguin, Rabbit, Reindeer, Squirrel

✔️I love fussy cut image of animals mention above and also images such as: Cactus, Floral, Lady Image, Mushroom

✔️Stamped images

✔️Die-cuts images

✔️I likes all sort of ephemeras even the handmade ones

✔️Love cute sticky notes & memo pads.

✔️Crazy with washi tapes

✔️Ribbons and laces

✔️I like paper clips with cute and funny shapes.

✔️Foreign language book pages/ Music notes/ Old ledgers

✔️Paper Napkin, Rice Paper, Handmade Paper

✔️Pressed Flowers/Leaves


✔️If there is a choice on a handmade mail art swap, I prefer to receive handmade postcard- preferably sent naked. But if it is not your forte, I don’t mind to receive ATC, APC, Ink Box Card or whatever the swap recommended, it’s fine by me.

Favorite Movies

I am a movie geek! I was exposed watching movies in cinema at a young age and never stop since. I watched the 1st Star Wars movie in cinema in 1977.

I hate horror movie but sometime due to peer pressured I will dare myself to watch it.

I love romantic comedy, romance, action, Sci Fi and suspense movies.

My favourite sequels/ trilogy movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, X-men, Jason Bourne, Alien, Jurassic Park, Transformer, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, Blade Runner, Planet of The Apes, Jumanji, Avengers (Marvel), Spider-Man,

Some time a good animation movies will be fun too! Toy Story, Shrek, Incredibles, Despicable Me,

Favorite Television

Life is so much better now with Netflix! Growing up I have to depend on limited dramas that broadcast on our local channels. But having said that I enjoyed most of it.

I love good old family dramas, romantic comedy sitcom, medical dramas, crimes and investigation series.

I have re-watched or binged watching sitcoms like: Little House on the Prairie, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Walking Dead, Grey Anatomy, Sherlock Holmes,

I am also into Korean family + love dramas sitcom. Some favourite: Heaven Garden, Mr Sunshine, Dr Romantic, Pinocchio, Hospital Playlist, Chocolate, Our Blues, Once Again,

Mail Service

Please take note

📩 Sometime mails from Singapore to International countries is unpredictable. I have some swaps reach less than 4 weeks and others may take up to 8 weeks.

📩 But if it takes longer than that do message me before rating and we will work something out. I will normally do a re-send if the waiting time take ages.

📩 I always take a snapshot of the swap before putting in the mailbox. This is as a backup proof if anything goes wrong. (I will send thru email to you if there is a need to.)

📩 Please do not get alarm/angry if you receive a message from me. I will try to contact my swap partner if there is no rating after at least few months. Please take your time to read my message and get back to me. I appreciate if you reach me back.

📩 Most importantly, please rate me promptly and by doing so I know that my swap reach you safely.


📩 I will also message to enquire from my sender swap partner to let them know if I do not receive my swap from them before rating unnecessarily. So action can be taken if the swap is lost and the need to re-send.

📩 I understand if your mail reach late but do not FLAKE!



Thank you fellow swappers!

⭐️1st Year Swap-Bot: 122:❤️ / 136:FIVES

⭐️ 2nd Year Swap-Bot: 349:❤️ / 376:FIVES

Not All Bed Of Roses

😔: Did not receive this swap from LuckyLucy452 and no reply from partner: #4 The Blind Flat Envie, Nov 2020 (Angel by @petaltea thank you)

😔: I did not receive my swap from LunarSynth: 3 Patterned Washi Swap, Sept/Oct 2020

😔: I did not get my swap from Gabbs2extra: Stickers and a Card #1, Feb 2021

😔: Did not receive my swap from Jodi1982: January Birthdays!, Dec 2021

Swaps not rated (couple messages send, read but no reply/ replied but no further responds, not sure reach destination or lost/ no communication there after):

Year 2021:-

1)Ugly PC Swap #25

2)AMA: Monochromatic Mail Art-Yellow

3)Create A Paper Scrap PC

4)Food Pakaging Cardboard Swap #17

5)AMA: Scrappy Mail Art

6)January Birthdays!

Year 2022:-

1) AMA: Inkbox card Black & White

2) Cereal Box Only PC #10


Tynkerbelle rated for AMA: More Heart Love PC - Jan on Mar 21, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcard, finally made it here :) the stamp had came off the plastic....but 2 months travel it made it...thank you for reaching out to me...Happy swapping...again beautiful card
Response: Lucky it finally arrived!! Getting worrier everyday. Sad to hear about the stamp. Hope we meet again in a swap and I will make it up to you. Thank you for rating with heart. Have a good day ahead. 👍🏻
Zomac rated for MAE: ATC SWAP with a TWIST #9 on Mar 20, 2023
Comment: I had to laugh, get weary of your mailings???!!!! That is funny!!! Never happen! Thank you for clever and beautiful atc's!!! Hope to swap again soon. Z
Response: We need a little laughter sometime. 😁 Thanks for being a great swap partner and always leave a lovely rating. Have a great day ahead. 👍🏻
infphann rated for AA.HM.PC: Strips Of Scraps - March on Mar 19, 2023
Comment: Assalamualaikum Hamiza :) Received your PC yesterday. What a cute little PC, I loved it! 🥰 loved the colour combo ✨Thank you. Hope you have a great day 🌿
Response: W’sallam…I am glad you like what I send. Tabarakallah for your lovely comment and rating. Have a great day to you too. Happy swapping!! 👍🏻
ktk8 rated for AA.HM.PC: Book Pages Art - Feb on Mar 14, 2023
Comment: Hi... and I love this beautiful happy springtime postcard...... many hearts for YOU..... Hope to see you in the mailbox again soon.
Response: Glad you like it. Thanks for the nice rating and comment. Happy swapping!! 👍🏻
Comment: Thanks for the postcard, I'll pass it on!
Response: You’re welcome and thanks a lot for the kind rating. Happy swapping! 👍🏻
Comment: Thank you for the flowers and vines coloring postcard. It's interesting how it's a pattern and naturally divided into 4 sections. I finished my section today and will have it moving along in Collaborative Swaps: Coloring Collab PC Round 2. Also thanks for the die cuts, nice colours and theme.
Response: You’re welcome. Thanks for organising the swap and it is full of excitement while waiting for it to come back to me. Also thanks for the kind rating. Happy swapping! 👍🏻
Shellyr rated for AMA: Doodle Bomb 23 on Mar 9, 2023
Comment: Beautiful doodle bomb. Thanks.
Response: You’re welcome and thanks to you for the kind rating. 👍🏻
chaos55 rated for Faux Stamps on Mar 5, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful faux stamps and extra doilies! I love the variety of colors and images in your stamps - it's like a mini collection : )
Response: Glad you like it. I got carried away and it was difficult to stop. Thanks for the rating. 👍🏻
wolfeagle rated for AMA: Tangled Pass PC #1 on Mar 4, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much.
Response: You’re welcome and take care! 👍🏻
Crafty rated for MAE: TAG SWAP 2 for 2 with a TWIST on Mar 3, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for these wonderful tags! I love both of them, but I am partial to green, as that's my favorite color! And thank you for the extras. Hugs from Ireland.
Response: You’re welcome. Glad there is something to your liking. Till we swap again. Have a good day. 👍🏻
Writercat rated for Botanical/floral mailart postcard on Mar 1, 2023
Comment: Love the card you made. so cool and creative! Cathy
Response: Glad you like it. Thanks for the kind rating. Happy swapping!! 👍🏻
marymary914 rated for HMPC: Add Stitching - February on Mar 1, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the great PC!
Response: You’re welcome and thank you for the nice rating. 👍🏻
user6937 rated for CO: Surreal Collage #2 on Feb 27, 2023
Comment: Fun PC, Hamiza - thanks for joining my group; hope you continue on the surreal side of collage! Thank you for the Singapore note - this is my first one, and I will treasure it :)
Response: Glad you like what I created. It was fun making the so-so real collage. Thanks for the rating and have a good day ahead.👍🏻
Itchy rated for Collage Postcard on Feb 24, 2023
Comment: HI Hamiza! Thnak you for the lovely PC, it arrived to me safely! Aww, I miss having a cat! Thank you again! :)
Response: Nice it reached you safe and that you like the PC. Thanks for the rating with heart . Hope to meet you in another swap. 👍🏻
Zomac rated for MAE: INK BOX CARDS with a TWIST #1 on Feb 24, 2023
Comment: Another wonderful mailing!!! I couldn't get my shaker card as thin as yours! I love the colors...love them all AND THE ENVELOPE!!!! Thank you and best wishes to you!
Response: Glad you like all of them!!! Truthfully, I am also struggling doing the shaker on small space like that. It just lucky that I manage to pull through. Hope to see you around in another swap. Thanks for the rating. 👍🏻
Poeprincess rated for AA.HM.PC: Ransom Quote PC - Feb on Feb 23, 2023
Comment: Very nice PC quote. Thank you for being my partner once again.
Response: You’re always welcome. Thanks for the kind rating. Happy swapping! 👍🏻
BeckyG56 rated for AMA: Shaped Mitten ATC on Feb 21, 2023
Comment: Cute mitten! Thanks for all the work you put into the mitten.
Response: Thanks for the lovely rating. I enjoyed making it for you. 👍🏻
Comment: Thank you, such a pretty fairy card!
Response: You’re welcome. Thanks for the rating. 👍🏻
Comment: Love these colors. Thanks so much! Great swap!!
Response: Glad you like it. Thanks for the rating. Have a good day. 👍🏻
Comment: Great cards! So pretty.❤ Thank you so much for the extras items as well
Response: Glad it reached you. Thank you for the rating. 👍🏻

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Petaltea on Dec 25, 2022:

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2022:


hibiscus on Dec 15, 2022:

You have put a huge smile on my face and in my heart for the wonderfully creative atcs to help me celebrate the Christmas season.. the stockings the list for Santa … more importantly the kind and understanding nature of you the artist.. thank you

Gnoe on Nov 5, 2021:

.. for the rose card you sent as a postcard tag on our IFM forum!

Poftoffel on Jun 6, 2021:

Thank you so much for the beautiful handmade postcard! I really enjoyed the colors and the design, and your nice message on the back! Thank you and have a lovely day!

9O96O on May 3, 2021:

Just a note to let you know that my handmade postcard for the Handmade Postcard Tag is in the mail.

Lotusemilia on Apr 12, 2021:

Thank you so much for the nice surprise in the mail! I love the craft supplies you've sent, this was a very nice cheer-up for a slow day :) Wishing you all the best too! <3

Petaltea on Dec 31, 2020:

Am I late? Is it 2021 already where you are?? haha. I wish you all the best. Thank you for understanding. Blessings!

Petaltea on Dec 10, 2020:

Hi there! I angeled the swap For Newbies#4 flat blind envie. I sent it out today. I’m sorry for all of the trouble caused.

Take care, Robyn

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