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Birthday: June 2, 1999
Country: United States
International Stamp Collectors Group
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I will not be participating in swaps from July 15, 2022 to August 15 2022. I will be moving from Texas to Iowa!

Hello! My name is Heidi and I live in the Lone Star state of Texas! 🤠I graduated on December 11 with a BA in communications and a minor in consumer experience management. I love hamsters, and recently welcomed a new hamster into my life named Frank :)

I live a zero waste / eco minimalist lifestyle. If possible, please reuse some scrap paper for letters or to be upcycled into an envelope- thank you!

♻️Read more about the zero waste lifestyle here
♻️Click here to see how easy it is to reduce your consumption and plastic use!

I LOVE the color pink💖 (it's my favorite color), hot air balloons 🎈, rainbows🌈, and strawberries🍓! If you send me anything with those on it I will love it! I recently started making / collecting ATCs. If you would like to send one as an extra or do a swap for one, I would love to.

I'm the founder of the International Stamp Collectors group, check it out and join in if you enjoy postage stamps

Collecting / ISO 💌

If you're sending a postcard, I tend to like these themes. If you could send a touristy postcard from the place that you live, those are my absolute favorites! I also love....
⛪️Chapels / churches / monasteries (photos, paintings, drawings, all types)
🎈Hot air balloons
💌Postcrossing (meetups, Postcrossing themed, etc.)
🌈Rainbows or rainbow colored things
🎆Stained glass
✨Special postcards (cork, wood, lenticular, shaped, seed packet, things like that)
(If you want to send me a previously used postcard, feel free to put a piece of paper over the back and reuse it!)

For postage stamps, here are some themes I like: (used/mint, on/off paper, any country) Feel free to send me your damaged stamps, I use them for craft projects :) Bold are my main interests!
☀️Bright colors
🇬🇧British Christmas stamps
🍏Fruits / vegetables / food
🇯🇵Japan (1970-present)
✨Special stamps (lenticular, clear, shiny, gold foiling, etc.)
🇺🇸"Greetings from" 2002 USA series (mint; either the 34c or 37c denomination). I am still in need of: AR, CA, CT, GA, HI, IL, IA, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, NV, NH, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, WA, WV, WI, WY

Tea 🫖☕️

*I love tea! I try to drink a cup every day and I've loved "tasting the world" through the teas that other lovely swappers have sent to me. Some of my favorites have been:
* Fruit-flavored (blueberry, orange, strawberry, etc.)
* Novelty (gingerbread, lemon loaf, Canada maple syrup, etc.)
* Floral (lavender, chamomile, hibiscus, rose, jasmine)
* David's tea, for some reason I struggle to find it here in Texas!

I have no tea dislikes besides licorice

ABC Favorites 🔤

A: Animals, art museums, adult coloring pages (I like the simple ones more as they can be finished in one sitting)
B: Bunnies, books, Bible verses, balloons, bees, butterflies, birds, bird houses, bright colors, baking, board games, Boggle
C: Cross stitching, cycling, cardinal birds, clouds, Criminal Minds
D: Decorated envelopes, dot-to-dot, Christian devotionals, doodles, Dali, deltiology (postcard collecting), Disneyland rides
E: Envelopes
F: Flowers, fauna, friendship bracelets, fruits, friendship books, friendship sheets, Frozen
G: Games, girl in red, glassine envelopes, gardening, Gustav Klimt
H: Hamsters, Harry Potter, hiking, handmade things, hearts, hot cocoa, hummingbirds, hot air balloons, Hokusai, hazelnut, Hogwarts
I: Ice cream, ivy
J: Jellyfish, Jesus, jigsaw puzzles, journaling
K: Kaleidoscope patterns, kittens, koi fish
L: Luna Lovegood, letters, lilacs, lavender, landscapes, ladybugs, lenticular things
M: Maps, Minecraft, mushrooms (red+white), magazine cutouts
N: Needlework, nature walks, national parks, natural history museums
O: Operation Christmas Child, orchestra, origami, outer space, outdoor running, oranges
P: PINK!!, plantable paper / postcards, penpals, plants, pomeranians, paper (scrapbooking, etc), pop-up cards, Peter Pan, painting, playing piano, pressed flora, peaches, Postcrossing, Post Malone, postcards, philately (stamp collecting), Paw Patrol
Q: Quidditch, quotes
R: Ravenclaw, running, rainbows, reading, rings, rock painting
S: Strawberries, stickers (preferably flat ones), stationery, stamps, Stardew Valley, sunshine, smiley faces, scripture, Spongebob Squarepants, sustainable living, squirrels, snails, Scattergories
T: Thrifting, The 1975 (band), tap dancing, tea (fruity is my fav), tie dye
U: Upcycling, ukulele
V: Violin, vintage botanical art
W: Working out, Winnie the Pooh, whales, watercolor, wax seals, word games
Y: Yoga, YouTube
Z: Zentangle, zero waste

Swapping With Me ✉️

I always send my swaps out either by the due date or right after partners are assigned! If you live in the US, please let me know if you haven't received my swap 2 weeks after the deadline. If you are international, feel free to send me a message if it's been a while and you haven't received anything. I know with the pandemic there's a lot going on with the postal service in everyone's countries! :)

Feel free to send me a message if you're a newbie and would like to do a private swap with me, I know it can be hard to get ratings under your belt when you first join.

Wishlist ✨

Just a few special things I've been looking for!

  • "Please deliver to" labels for writing addresses
  • Any magazine cutouts / magazine pages
  • Strawberry, blueberry, or orange flavored teas
  • Blank postcards
  • Paw Patrol, Winnie the Pooh, or Frozen stickers; I have a 3-year-old niece (Alivia) who jumps for joy when Aunt Heidi sends her fun-looking mail :)

🚫Please avoid sending...

Anything witchy (besides Harry Potter) / pagan / wiccan, as I am a Christian and just not into those things. I am okay with confetti as long as it isn't teeny tiny, but please do not send me loose glitter as my pet rabbit could get into it.

Other than that, I'm not picky at all! Send me whatever makes you smile, it'll probably make me smile, too!

📬Pen Pals

Letter updates for pen pals!

🇸🇪Adele K: Received 7 Dec 21(Please send me your address)
🇺🇸Amy P: Received 21 Dec 21 (Please send me your address)
🇧🇷Ana Paula dSA: Sent 10 Apr 21
🇧🇪Andy V: Sent 4 Oct 21
🇺🇸Autumn L: Sent 15 Apr 21
🇺🇸Barbara B: Sent 7 Dec 21
🇧🇪Bea DK: Sent 2 Mar 22
🇺🇸Brianna Dandurand Received 7 Mar 22
🇺🇸Brooke M: Sent 2 Mar 22
🇨🇦Cassie P: Received 27 Dec 21
🇳🇱Heidi vR: Sent 17 Oct 21
🇱🇻Inga R: Received 17 Dec 21 (Please send me your address)
🇺🇸Jennifer dC: Sent 12 May 22
🇺🇸Jodie B: Received 21 Dec 21 (Please send me your address)
🇮🇳Karthik A: Sent 5 Oct 21
🇮🇹Laura M: Sent 21 May 22
🇺🇸Lynn O: Received 27 Dec 21
🇺🇸Stephy M: Sent 2 Mar 22
🇳🇱Valery C: Sent 23 Mar 22
🇺🇸Victoria S: Received 10 Jan 22


tatntole rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #49 on May 24, 2022
Comment: Thank you, don't know how I missed rating this, I am sorry so late.
HausOfImps rated for Kirby (+ friends) on a Postcard on May 23, 2022
Comment: Ahhh thank you for the really nice tarot postcard and the Kirby drawing! Kirby is painfully cute and the sticker placements are adorable. What a joy to receive, thank you!
nanadiana rated for I SPY #25 on May 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the encouragement machine pc. What a great machine! Hugs!
DollyDotBoo rated for I SPY #27 on May 23, 2022
Comment: thank you
squince rated for I SPY #26 on May 23, 2022
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard.
suepier rated for Not Pixar Postcard #4 on May 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard from Massachusetts.
NHJenB rated for I SPY #27 on May 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you!
shellbee8 rated for 20 Stamps Swap #40 on May 22, 2022
Comment: Ty for sharing!
ReginaDrago rated for Friendship Sheet Swap #228 on May 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you! Getting them prepped and ready to move along!
sndrtkt rated for I SPY #25 on May 21, 2022
Comment: You're right! This is a sweet postcard, thank you!
sndrtkt rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #27 on May 21, 2022
Comment: What a nice fountain!
RedheadLady rated for 50 Random Facts About Me on May 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you
kelliegirl6 rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #27 on May 21, 2022
Comment: Glad you get to use the sister postcards!
Comment: Thank you for the nice selection of postcards!
Tricia22 rated for NYUP USA Only #80 on May 21, 2022
Comment: Wow!! Thank you for the pc with the word search on it with all my favorites.
Comment: Thanks Heidi for the Portland PC with your prompt for uniforms. Great choices!
Foxtales rated for Cereal Box Only Postcard #5 on May 21, 2022
Comment: Your postcard is so much fun! ^^ The shape, all the cute stickers, the stamps, everything! The closest thing to Honey Bunches of Oats we have here are Honey Loops. I tried them once when I was a little girl (in a time where dinosaurs still roamed the earth), and I think I didn't like them. We don't have such a variety in cereals in my country, mostly a few different cereals and then 1-2 knock-off brand versions, each store has their own. Thank you so so much for the postcard! I still need to find a way to keep it safe, it won't fit into my postcard box. :D
explore rated for ANY CARD AND FOLLOW THE PROMPT #10 on May 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your postcard and list. The stickers are cute.
marinda rated for I SPY #26 on May 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you!

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bluehairedmary on May 9, 2022:

Happy Monday from the NYUP group!

CherryBlossomLady on Mar 16, 2022:

Congrats Heidi! You won the necklace drawing this month from SMPW! How cool is that!!


CherryBlossomLady on Jan 30, 2022:

Hey Lady,

Long time no talk! Happy new year and missing you! Drop me a line soon.


Barbara on Jan 18, 2022:

That is just the cutest snowman you sent to my profile. Thank you Heidi!

DPClamavi on Jan 18, 2022:

Thank you Heidibloom for angeling a swap I was flaked on ! Amazing selection of stamps !!

greenwindow on Jan 4, 2022:

Make My profile cute!!

SO SORRY for the delay, i've been studying for my exams and completely forgot about swapbot!

zurasayang77 on Dec 26, 2021:

bizzles on Dec 25, 2021:

Merry Christmas!

kayebubbly on Dec 17, 2021:

cmalaina on Dec 17, 2021:

Merry Christmas I know it's super early but I wanted to let you know !!

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