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Hi, I'm Laura!

I live in sunny Spain! I'm an INFP, an illustrator who loves Taylor Swift, cats (i have 2, a 4 years old pastel-calico persa named Mimi and her baby sister, an almost 1 year old dark grey British Shorthair named Stormi), baking, sewing, drawing, watching and playing football and rugby. I love marvel and star wars, but mainly horror films! I love people and knowing what makes them unique. I also LOVE seals (the animals!) seals and cats are my favourite animals.

I have always had a deep love for the Alps, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and England. I’m a History student in Uni, my biggest interest is the twentieth century and I adore quick random facts about history, so if your city has anything like that I’d love to know! I will be a High School History Teacher, someday!

Favourite crafts:

I'm an illustrator, you can find my art in instagram @Lala_illustrations but I also love sewing with the sewing machine, I like penpaling, I have a tattoo gun and I tattoo on fake skin! Any craft there is to try I most likely have tried at least once (not crochet! I have to get on that one) I'm definitely a crafts lover hehe.

IF ANYTHING FROM ME DOESN'T ARRIVE PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST! I always take pictures and I have no problem sending again.

Things I love

Nature: Spring, Autumn, flowers but specially hydrangea, mountains but specially the Alps, cats, seals (specially the harp seals and the baikal seals), snow, the salt air in summer, butterflies.

Architecture: Old town houses, castles, fachwerk.

Special days: Birthday (I'm the one who tells you two months in advance everyday!), Halloween, Christmas (I'm not religious but my family is, and I love the spirit, specially the German Christmas) and New Year's Eve.

Stationery: Washi Tape, Stickers, ... If possible not too much glitter

Sports: I play and watch: Football (Soccer for americans) and Rugby. I have a crush on Facu Isa, a rugby player haha. I also do Pilates and Yoga.

Activities: Cooking, Baking, Having a Picnic, watching films laying on my bed, writing and reading letters, journaling, spending hours on Google Maps

Food: Carrot, but specially carrot cakes, white chocolate, orange juice, fries, fresh bakery goodies, the taste, crispiness and scent of freshly baked bread!

History: The XX Century is my favourite, but I also like Royal History and War History no matter the century.

Favorite Music

English language:

Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, One Direction, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Miley Cyrus, Maisie Peters, Conan Gray, Kelly Clarkson, 5SOS, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Blink-182...

German language:

Kraftklub, JORIS(Buchholz, not Voorn. I love him so much), Mark Forster, CRO (I like more the old tunes), Max Giesinger, Die Toten Hosen...

Italian language:

Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro, Fedez, Francesca Michielin, Coez, Ultimo...

Spanish language:


Favourite movies and TV

Anything Mike Flanagan directed, anything Kate Siegel, Dany Boon or Elizabeth Olsen starred ;)

I love horror, but I specifically love 'survival' films, where the main protagonist has to use their brains to survive! This includes shark films, zombies, apocalypse because of natural phenomenons or alien invasions, films like saw, like A Quiet Place... but my favourite topic is, BY FAR... INTRUDERS!!

My favourite film, then, is Hush :) Starred by Kate Siegel and directed by Mike Flanagan

I also love Marvel and Star Wars. My favourite Marvel films are Thor Ragnarok and every Ant-Man film, including the newest one.

My favourite characters are: Loki, Wanda, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Valkyrie, Kate Bishop, Yelena Belova, Cassie Lang and Nebula

My favourite Star Wars triology is the newest one and I am a hardcore Reylo shipper!

For TV, Avatar The Last Airbender (zutara shipper here), Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, American Dad and Family Guy!

My favourite Marvel series are Wandavision and Hawkeye.

Favorite Colors

Any mix of blue and lilac like periwinkle or cornflower are by far my favourite colours!

I also love blue (there's not one shade of blue that I think isn't pretty!)

Lilac (but not purple)


Green (mint, emerald, 'irish-green' as I call it, meadow, grass... any green going towards the blue or dark I like it, however when they go towards yellow I don't like it as much)

Gold, rose gold, silver, and white! I also like black.


Hateful speech, religious stuff (applies for Christmas things that may be 'explicitly' Christian), kid/reward stickers, scraps of paper, teas and coffees. Harry Potter.

Meat, please don't send me anything that has pictures of dead animals. Fish and seafood for food illustrations is okay but please no 'land' animals

Resin stuff, smoking and the scent, coconut scent, Hello Kitty, and any Disney Princesses (exception: Moana, Rapunzel, Tiana), necklaces, dark chocolate or any chocolate with anything other than just chocolate (like cookies, mint, orange...)

This may sound weird but:

-anything red that doesn't need to be red (for example, a phone case can be blue, pen ink can be black, you won't ever catch me purchasing a red notebook!) but I like the 'natural' red like strawberries, flowers, Christmas decor...

-pictures in black and white that are new. I love black and white when people didn't have new colour cameras but I don't like the filters nowadays!

Postcard interests

-featuring natural beauty -mountains -the Alps (extra points for spring!) -snow -landscapes -edition Tausendschön -lakes -city views -sea -traditional dresses -traditional houses -town houses with flowers (they remind me of my late and beloved grandmother) -hydrangeas -landmarks -tourist postcards -The Berlin Wall -Tudor -Princess Diana -Elizabeth II -Any woman in history (if so please tell me why she’s important to you) -any maps like for example the metro -the monarchy/president/whatever of your country (please skip the ones in Spain as I can get those easily) -cows in mountains -cats -seals -corgis -birthday postcards in october

Unless the swap calls for it, I prefer the postcards to not be handmade! If you can, please tell me about your animals and some very specific history fact about your town/city, this is very important for me!

Thankies :)

Things I'd love to receive

Please note, I mean this for when the swap is 'happy mail' where the prompt is sending stationery like this! You don't need to send these to me as an extra, extras will always be welcome but never expected!

Washi Tape Samples (i can´t stress it enough!) Postcards Stamps - used or unused Adhesive wax seals Stickers - specially those that come in a sheet and you have to cut them, I love them! Anything you think I may like! :)


suepier rated for WIYM: FLAG POSTCARD SWAP #2 on Jul 1, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard from Valencia. I love the design. It is a first for me as I have no postcards from Valencia,
Comment: How do you write so many things on a postcard ? What pen do you use to do that ?! Thats pure magic ! Hi Name twin ! Sounds like some amazing summer days ! This beach looks amazing ! Not a fan of boring sand beaches, I'm sure there were crabs and seashells everywhere to watch ! Have a wonderful day and a great summer !
LilacSilence rated for European Letters #2 on Jun 8, 2023
Comment: Hello Laura, thank you for your letter, it arrived safely. I love the cat-themed paper you used - and greet your two kitties in my stead. I will try to answer soon.
Comment: Great cat postcard, thanks. I have 1 cat right now, she is a calico named Ginger.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard!
bf0932 rated for WIYM Send me a postcard... on Jun 3, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your swap.
CHOWEFACE rated for Home Sweet Hometown PC Swap #1 on May 30, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the lovely card! And the stamp you chose is very nice!
nanadiana rated for PH: 4 Postcards in May on May 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you so very much for the great postcards. All are beautiful and I can't wait to use them!
KelseyJayne rated for Virtual tourists #1 on May 30, 2023
Comment: Thanks! It was a bit out of order in my opinion. Like Windmill Island is not part of Centennial Park that I know of... it's separated by a couple streets. That's ok though easy mistake I'm sure! Centennial Park is still a lovely space at Tulip time and if you time it right you will see a demonstration of dutch dancing during the Tulip Time festival!
KittEvol rated for Happy Landscapes PC Swap #1 on May 30, 2023
Comment: Hello :) Thank you for the card, what a stunning place! It's so interesting that we have such similar loves of our hometowns with so much distance between us :) Wishing you all the best in your new job! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard !
Gnoe rated for Vintage tourist card #36 on May 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the postcard of Javea and your lovely message. Any idea what time it's from? 90s? GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEW JOB!!!
GingerMiffy rated for Happy Landscapes PC Swap #1 on May 24, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful PC! Your hometown is so picturesque and I'd love to visit someday
Comment: Haha, this read like a reality TV show! I enjoyed reading about all the drama, not in a way that I want you to have this drama but in a way that is like "ah someone else's family is just a mess too" :D Now I feel boring that in my letter I just described the few people I am in contact with and did not elaborate on the drama. And yes I'd love to write to you, I should practice my Spanish anyway so maybe I can even write you in Spanish :)
Comment: Hola Laura, gracias! Thank you for the card. I am happy that the card is from Spain as I have just started learning Spanish :-) ... So, you made me curious - how is it with the beef in your town???
Luluciaa rated for Tourist Postcards Within Europe #1 on May 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much Laura for the beautiful postcard from you 🌷☀️ I would love to answer your card! If you'd like an answer from me please tell me your address! Have a lovely day ☺️
Sissi rated for Home Sweet Hometown PC Swap #1 on May 20, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful card and all the nformation you wrote! All the best from Germany!!
Comment: I want to visit Spain so much! We plan to see Southern Spain in a couple years. That place you live is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! It is much hotter here in Las Vegas at the moment. We went to a water park yesterday and enjoyed the day. Thanks for joining these swaps!
soirina rated for Nature postcard on May 5, 2023
Comment: Dear Laura! Thanks for the nice postcard and a story on it! Hope your dreams come true❤️
BobaBarb rated for Washi Tape Entusiasts Unite! #18 on May 4, 2023
Comment: thank you!

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mspandatrain on Mar 25, 2023:

Hola Laura! Bienvenidos a swapbot! I tried to add a picture but couldn't figure it out! Thanks for swapping! I also loved the show Loki, and I can't wait for the new season. YAY! for being a future history teacher, I am celebrating my 23rd year as a bilingual history teacher. (SB Swag PC Giveaway)

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