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About Me

Hello! I'm Jessica, 43 years old, & living in California, USA. I'm a witchy goth crazy cat lady who is beyond introverted. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Favorite Colors: black, dark grey, teal (the darker the better), & purple (the darker the better)

Yes, I am pagan. No, that doesn't mean I want to change that fact.

Please don't send me religious items.

Don't be a post mark gatekeeper.

profile updated June 2, 2024

Favorite Crafts

crocheting, mixed media, art journaling, handmade post cards, art deco books

You can see more about it on my IG: crochetjessica or my website crochetjessica.com

I Am A Spoonie

If I am not online for a few days, a few weeks it is more then likely due to my Lupus and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both are 'uncontrolled'. One minute I can be fine, the next I feel like I am going to die or my hands/arms refuse to work.

ABC's Of My Likes

I have gotten a few questions to expand/explain a few things on my profile. I used generalizations, so as not to overwhelm folks. However, here is an ABC list of my likes for those who want more.

A โ€“ Architects, Aethetic Perfection, Avatar (band NOT show), Amy Brown art, aliens, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexander Skarsgard, audiobooks

B โ€“ the color black, black cats, BlutEngel, Bad Omens, Bullet For My Valentine, Beavis & Butthead, black plants & flowers, black paper, black cardstock, buttons, Beetlejuice, bullet journaling

C โ€“ cats, Chris Motionless, Chris Harms, Chris Pohl, cottagegore aesthetic, chaos, crocheting, Cheezits, cat postcards

D โ€“ decos, death knights from WoW, death, Dr Who, Dead Files, Dr Pepper, Daria, distress ink pads, drag queens

E โ€“ EBM, Electric Callboy

F - Faderhead, Falling In Reverse, fanfiction, Faun (band)

G โ€“ Goth, Gared Dirge, goth rock, gelli plate printing, ghosts, Ghost, graveyards, gel pens

H โ€“ Hellfest, Halloween, Heilung, Hell Yeah, Hell Boulevard

I โ€“ Ice Nine Kills, In This Moment, Invader Zim

J โ€“ Jonathan Davis, junk journaling, Johnny Depp, Josh Gates

K โ€“ Kim Dracula, Korn, Karen Marie Moning, knitting

L โ€“ Loki (both Norse & Marvel), Lord Of the Lost, Lacuna Coil, Ludovico Technique, Lucifer (show), Linkin Park

M โ€“ Mixed media art, metalcore, Motionless In White, Mono Inc, Marilyn Manson, Minecraft, Massive Ego, Meinhard, Me'ra Luna, Mudvayne

N โ€“ nu-metal, Nine Inch Nails

O โ€“ Oomph!, ODDKO

P โ€“ pen pals, patterned scrapbook paper, paganism, postcrossing

Q -

R - Rammstein, reading

S โ€“ Slipknot, swapping, Sims 4, Sylvanas Windrunner, science fiction, Sevendust, Silent Hill, Stephen King, Squidward, skulls, stickers (no teacher, reward, cutesy), stationery (with lines in physical form or for me to print out, without for digital), snakes, Supernatural (show)

T โ€“ Tim Holtz stuff, Tim Skold, tea for my Mom, tarantulas, the color teal, tattoos

U โ€“ Underworld, used postage stamps

V โ€“ vintage (browns, 1800s), vampires

W โ€“ witch craft, World Of Warcraft, Wacken Open Air, Wardruna

X -

Y -

Z -

Favorite Music

I love heavy metal/rock genre. More in depth the genres are metalcore, goth rock, EBM, some industrial, nu-metal, and some grunge.

My favorite bands are Lord Of the Lost, BlutEngel, Mono Inc, Motionless In White, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Ice Nine Kills, Architects, Bad Omens, Korn, Nirvana, Avatar, Rammstein, Oomph, & Kim Dracula

The Deco Series I Host

I thought I would give you all information about the swaps I host.

Sign up will start on the 1st day of the month and will last until the 14th of the month. Partners will be assigned the 15th of the month and you will have until the last day of the month to send your swap out.

Sign up will start on the 1st day of the month and will last until the 14th of the month. Partners will be assigned the 15th of the month and you will have until the last day of the month to send your swap out.

Sign ups will be every two weeks starting on a Monday. You will have 2 weeks to sign up, then 2 weeks to send out your swap. Each letter will have a 4 week swap cycle; with a new swap starting every 2 weeks.

ICM COLOR SERIES IN DB ๐Ÿ–ค I am no longer hosting this swap. If you want to host a ICM color swap - go for it! UPDATED June 2, 2024

Sign up will start on the 1st day of the month and will last until the 14th of the month. Partners will be assigned the 15th of the month and you will have until the last day of the month to send your swap out. UPDATED June 2, 2024

This series will only be running from May 2024 to September 2024!
Each swap will be posted the same day partners go out for the previous swap.
* The first swap of the month will be listed on the1st of the month with sign ups lasting until the 14th of the month, partners out on the 15th of the month, & swap to be sent by the last day of the month.
* The second swap of the month will be listed on the 15th of the month with sign ups lasting until the last day of the month, partners out the 1st of the next month, and swap to be sent out by the 15th of the next month.

You will run the risk of being removed from the group that I host a deco swap in if you do not send your swap. Please send your swap. If you can't contact me AND your partner & we will figure something out. Please COMMUNICATE!

Rating & Hosting Swaps

I am a pretty easy going host. I know life gets in the way. That being said - RATE YOUR SWAPS PLEASE! I am not going to chase you down to see if you sent & if you're partner has received. You are an adult & I shouldn't have to treat you like you where a child. If you have issues with your partner read further please.

  • CONTACT ME for any reason. I don't care what it is - if you need to contact me then do so.
  • Please wait 2 weeks until after the mailing deadline to worry about your swap being received by you or your partner. Mail has been weird in the US since 2016 - even before then.
  • If you have tried to get your partner to send to you & they have ignored you, they said they sent but you haven't gotten it, etc contact me about it please! I will help you get your swap somehow.

I could add so many instances where you SHOULD contact me about a swap, but these are the most important ones. I take my job as a hostess seriously; help me to help you if you need/want it.

I know I could have worded this differently. However the word part of my brain isn't working well as usual.


Comment: Jessica your cat page is so cute!!! I love the words youโ€™ve added. I donโ€™t even like cats & all of the pages are adorable!! Great artwork!!
Comment: Thanks for Vaughan's pretty deco!
Melogee rated for DB ๐Ÿ–ค: GET DECOS MOVING on Jul 9, 2024
Comment: Thank-you for Jenna's soon-to-be-full Hair Metal deco. She's a swapper of mine.
Melogee rated for LSS: Lyrix Books #2 on Jul 9, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much for the Time themed Rock Songs lyrix book. Not quite the same as the other one you sent... :)
Comment: Iโ€™m excited to add to the Steampunk deco, thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the nice Nightmare Before Christmas deco! So cool!
Comment: Thank-you for the PaP deco. It was a good size, not too small. I have wondered this week whether or not people ever have a hard time finding decos I havenโ€™t already signed.
Comment: Thanks for the rainbow deco- your page was so colorful!!
Comment: Thanks for the PAP vintage deco. Happy to have a homer- I love sending decos home!!
Comment: Thx for the Boots and Shoes deco..this will be fun to work in!
PrincessLeia rated for DB โ™ฅ: Small Deco #358338 on Jun 17, 2024
Comment: Hello Jessica, THANKYOU so much for sending Harmony Joyโ€™s doodle delight along AND a big thankyou for sending home my deco!! I love it!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธThe only person I cant contact is bbpolymath. If you have an email for her, I would really appreciate you sending it to me. Have a great year of the dragon! ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿฒ
Response: She's here on swap-bot as bbpolymath. Sorry I don't have her email!
Comment: It is okay <3 I will send it home soon . I do not have any thing about skulls so I just draw it myself
Comment: Thank you for the Pink deco!
Aleesha rated for CPG Summer of Decos #1 USA on Jun 12, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cute dot deco - havenโ€™t seen that theme yet, should be fun!
Comment: Hi Jessica! Thank you for sending me Diane's Brown themed deco.
Comment: Thank you, Jessica for sending Diane's Secret deco. I can't wait to think of a way to add to it! Warmly, Ginger
Comment: Thank you for the letter โ€œIโ€ deco!
Comment: Hi Jessica thanks for the decos and the extras :)
Mimi7 rated for DB: Large Art Deco Swap USA # 5 on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: thanks for all the great decos :)
Comment: Hi Jessica Thanks for all the great decos! I'll have fun creating in these!! :)

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Mimi7 on Apr 28, 2024:

Hi Jessica another deco came home to me I love your lady with butterfly wings and the artsy style thanks so much

DeboraCreates on Apr 26, 2024:

Thanks for hosting all those deco swaps, and for describing them on your profile page.

It's a great reference for swap planning!

DeboraCreates on Apr 11, 2024:

Thanks for creating a page in the free theme deco deanie made for me!

Oneartcookie5 on Apr 2, 2024:

WW March Thank you for all of the music paper and music scrapbook paper. It helps me alot. Deborah

warheart on Mar 28, 2024:

WW March - Thank you for the awesome Stickii Club sticker sheets!

clutterfree on Mar 21, 2024:

Thank you for WW March...these flavored tea bags are great! The Badia brand is new to me. I'm excited to use these. It was wonderful to have you grant my wish !๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’ฎ Happy SPRING ๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐ŸŒป

kiddomerriweather on Feb 26, 2024:

Thank you so much for the super cute Stickii Club stickers you sent me for my February WW. I really appreciate you!

DeboraCreates on Feb 23, 2024:

Thank you for the cool RAK gift of spreadsheet stickers! They are going on my laptop....

warheart on Feb 4, 2024:

Here is her etsy too! https://www.etsy.com/shop/JLynnPaperCo

Autist on Jan 18, 2024:

Thank you so much for the WW!! I use the sharpies all the time in my art! And I have a window of prisms the dragonfly will fit right in!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!! Made my day!! Cheers-Evan

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