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Country: United States
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About Me

Mom and wife, vintage/antique lover/seller, paper nerd, bookworm, crafter, poet, and coffee addict. ☕️💕Until recently I was a Girl Scouts co-leader for my 15-year-old daughter's troop, which was truly a joy. I work as an editor and graphic designer by day. I have an ephemera problem! I love vintage and antique paper - book pages, postcards, ads, etc.

A - Z

A: antique, apothecary labels, astrology (esp. Scorpio-related!), Addams Family, Adventure Time, ATCs, atlases, Ancient Egypt, autumn, anatomical, astronomy, altered books, advertising (vintage/antique), Alice in Wonderland

B: Beistle (esp. Halloween), bestiaries, bees, butterflies, books (reading and as a motif), birds (owls, songbirds, ravens/crows - non-tropical birds), bizarre, bicycles, Bauhaus art, bookmarks, botanical

C: chrysanthemums, cards (greeting, playing, artist trading), charts, chess, circus, cartomancy, Christmas (vintage/antique or retro), crystals, cabinet cards, cats, coffee, cemeteries, Chrono Trigger

D: Dennison (vintage, seals, labels, and gift wrap), deer, dogs (vintage or antique illustrations or photos), dictionary pages (vintage/antique), Disney (vintage), diecuts, Delia's catalogs

E: ephemera (vintage/antique), envelopes, eyes (as a motif), Egyptian mythology, escape rooms (in-person and video games), Easter (vintage/antique or retro), England, earthy colors

F: faeries, florals (esp. poppies, chrysanthemums, and peonies), frogs, France/French, forest, fall, fortune-telling (especially vintage and antique card decks), fairy tales

G: Gnomes, goblins, game cards and pieces (vintage), gas and oil ephemera, green (favorite color), Greek mythology, Girl Scouts

H: Halloween (vintage/antique or retro), haunted houses, Harry Potter, hot air balloons, horses, horror

I: Ireland, insects, incense, irises

J: junk journals

K: knights, kitsch (esp. 60s), kawaii

L: laurel, letters, leaves, lithographs, labels (vintage/antique)

M: mushrooms, magic, moths, maps, mail art, masks (vintage/antique), mid-century modern, mythology (generally, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman particularly), mermaids, Monty Python, magazines (vintage/antique)

N: 90s, notecards, newspapers (vintage/antique)

O: Occult (vintage/antique), orange (color), owls

P: paper! (vintage/antique or scrapbook paper with interesting textures/designs), postcards (vintage/antique/linen), pixies, poppies, peonies, poetry, photos (vintage/antique), puzzles (not jigsaw, more like logic or word games), punk, pinups (vintage), playing cards, pins (vintage, political, punk), postage stamps, putz houses

Q: ?

R: Roman mythology, rebuses, rabbits, railroad ephemera, Ravenclaw, rubber stamps (not cutesy or folksy), "The Room" game series, Rusty Lake games

S: snakes, Scorpio, science fiction, 60s, stamps (postage), stamps (rubber - not cutesy or folksy), space, Studio Ghibli, Silent Hill games, shabby chic, Sanrio (90s or older), squirrels

T: tags, typography, tins (vintage/antique), tintypes, Tarot, tattoos, trees, Tim Holtz

U: unicorns, Underwood typewriters

V: vintage, Victorian, vines, valentines (vintage/antique)

W: winter, woodland, , witchy stuff, washi tape, wax seals

XYZ: x-rays, zoology, zombie movies, zines

Favorite Books

• Harry Potter series

• pretty much anything by Stephen King

• ditto for Neil Gaiman

• ditto Jorge Luis Borges

• tons of poetry – T.S. Eliot, Federico García Lorca, Alice Oswald, William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, so many more!

• Little Women

• The City & the City by China Miéville

• the Time Quintet

• Memoirs of a Geisha

• One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

• The Sweep Series

Favorite Movies

• A League of Their Own

• Practical Magic

• Interstellar

• Arrival

• the Hellraiser series

• Amelie

• Melancholia

• The Matrix trilogy

• Pan's Labyrinth

• Ever After

I've also got some nostalgic love for a few childhood movies:

• Land Before Time

• The Secret of NIMH

• All Dogs go to Heaven

• Sandlot

• Now and Then

• Fievel Goes West

• The Great Mouse Detective

Favorite Television

• Twin Peaks

• The Magicians

• Altered Carbon

• Dark

• American Pickers

• Adventure Time

• Stranger Things

• Daria

• Golden Girls

• Friends

• Sherlock Holmes

• Bob’s Burgers

• Futurama

Favorite Music

I love music! I like pretty much all music except I never really got into reggae. Some super faves are:

• Radiohead (OK Computer is one of my favorite albums ever.)

• Pink Floyd

• Björk

• Muse

• David Bowie

• The Smiths

• Counting Crows

• Billie Holiday

Seriously, though, I love so much music!


I'm grateful for all the things! There are a few things I don't like, but I won't hold it against you if you send them. :-) They are:

• Precious Moments

• Sports

• contemporary cartoon/kids' characters

• Superhero/Marvel/DC movies - I do like the old comics, though.


InstaTangle rated for HCICS #1 Theme: Graveyard 🎃 on Sep 18, 2022
Comment: you did amazing on yours, I hope you like what I did... I love yours. Thank you for all the little items in my package, that was so sweet. thank you
Response: Thank you! I'm sure I'll love it :-) Thank you for hosting these, they're fun!
Satorii rated for FTLOC#1 - Junk Journal de-stash swap on Sep 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you SO much for all the bits I am well and truly blown away. I’m so excited to make a junk journal out of the bits you sent me :))
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful ATC's. This was such a fun box to go through. Totally made my day. Thank you.
Comment: Thank you very much for this generous package! I love everything you've choose for me. So many possibilities to use these goodies... For some reason I had to pay customs fee at the post office to receive the package. I do not understand this because the envelope had a declaration of the contents glued on it. Well... Whatever. The Polish Post has such high prices that (almost) no one sends letters anymore and they have to get their money in other ways ;)
rkassman rated for FTLOC#1-Junk Journal Signature May on Jun 8, 2022
Comment: Oh my goodness!!!! You truly spoiled me with this - I absolutely ADORE the signature you put together, it is right up my alley in terms of style and it's giving me so many ideas for my next signatures. And all the extras - phew! It's like Christmas on my craft desk <3 <3 <3
Response: I'm so glad you like it! :-) Thank you for your patience!
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amyduff rated for VES: Colorful on Apr 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you Carmen! Super fun collection of colorful items! Love your package too!
Comment: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - I love it and so much!
Comment: Your envelope of goodness arrived safely today. Wow! What a wonderful assortment of beautiful purple. I too LOVE these color themed swaps. You went over the top with all the extra goodies! Love the Mark Twain clipping, the vintage note paper and the music pages - I will definitely be able to put everything to use. Thank you for such a wonderful swap! Be well.
CraftyShana76 rated for Envelope Fill Happiness 1 on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: TYVM for all the goodies!
Comment: Thanks for the awesome swap!
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing goodies. I love everything that you sent.
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Comment: Thank You - much appreciated
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michellelobo rated for VF: Flatmail Fairytale on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you so very much for everything that you sent!!!! I loved it all and will have so much fun in incorporating it on my projects and making effermeras out of them.
fairypretty7 rated for WIYM: Blind envie #21-green on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great items, they will go well in my junk journals.
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