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About Me

June 25, 2014: Swap-bot is a great place, I've definitely had fun here over the past few years and met some wonderful people, but I'm at the point now where I need to take a break. I'll keep my links posted so that those who may wish to find me, can.

I'm a nursing student with an undergraduate background in anthropology, gender studies and modern history. I'm passionate about art (of every description, especially photography), writing and spending time in my garden. I live on Whidbey Island, in the beautiful pacific northwest, with my beloved and our furry menagerie.

Knitting is one of my great loves, although I am also somewhat adept at sewing and am learning to crochet amigurumi (which I then stuff with catnip and let my three cats go bonkers on). Currently in my knitting basket: odd creatures (hermit crabs, snails, octopus) designed by Hansi Singh and Stitch Surfer Socks.

I prefer to swap postcards, letters, smaller knit projects, Inchies and ATCs; I am especially drawn to those which are ridiculous and/or unique.

Of course, what intrigues me most is what you find beautiful-- I am not someone who is easily offended or who has conventional taste. I would much rather receive something interesting-- something that you put yourself into, rather than something that anyone could create with templates and stickers.

Irony, a sense of humour and a certain level of inappropriateness will always be welcomed.

a note about the swaps which I host: please feel free to use any of my swap ideas -- past or present. No need to credit me or ask me first.


("Little Purple Riding Hood Coat" which I knit for a friends baby using the design from Sublime #649, The Eighth Little Sublime Hand Knit Book)

I Love

  • Andrea Gibson, especially Say Yes
  • beautiful films which celebrate our planet and the people who inhabit it, such as Baraka and Samsara
  • tarot or vintage playing cards. I keep a collection of singles, partial decks and full decks muddled together on a big plate in my house. People seem to take them and leave different ones as they like.
  • retro neon signs, especially if they're from motels, diners or the like.
  • intersectional feminism
  • Theotokos prayer cards (especially Umyagchenie Zlykh Serdets or икона умягчение злых сердец) Imgur
  • Microfinance projects such as Kiva and Vittana
  • abandoned places
  • the work of Stephanie Gonot, Young Ju Do, Judith G. Klausner or any person who does amazingly unexpected and inspirational things with the everyday.
  • purple or black flowers
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • images of or information about old psychiatric hospitals, wards and nurses/ staff/ patients (whether the buildings are still in use or long since abandoned)
  • postcrossing -- please feel free to click through to see my profile and postcard loves there.
  • anatomy, physiology, the human body.
  • Cat Bordhi's approach to architectural sock knitting
  • anything related to the field of medicine (history, western, holistic, "primitive", homeopathic, spiritual, vintage/ patent remedies, pharmacology etc).
  • black and white photographs
  • Secret World Animal Rescue
  • body positivity
  • cemeteries
  • art deco gorgeousness
  • films and writing which explore ideas of power, privilege, culture, history and society. I'm recently loving Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth for the fantastic way in which they explore these topics.
  • anything kitschy
  • reading (my Goodreads profile lives here )
  • anything related to the field of Nursing (either vintage or modern-day).
  • "trash films" from the 1930s through 1970s. The more ridiculous, the better!
  • The Soi Dog Foundation
  • art by Malcolm Tarlofsky, Mark Ryden, Banksy, Ai Weiwei or Yoko Tanaka (or a similar style).
  • tribal belly dancers, gypsies, wild women
  • orthodox/ catholic prayer cards showing female saints
  • postcards, books or articles about people who didn't quite make it in Hollywood-- especially those aspiring actors/ actresses from Hollywoods early years.
  • vintage pin-up photography (Victorian era through to the 1970s)
  • Images of Goddesses Diana or Brigid
  • crows or ravens
  • botanical drawings/ images Imgur
  • housekeeping books/magazines from 1900-60's,
  • Anais Nin, Zelda Fitzgerald, Clara Bow-- revolutionary flapper-era women in general.
  • maple trees, leafs (I'm Canadian, and the maple leaf is a cozy reminder of my heritage)
  • textiles (fabric, fiber, ceramics, etc)
  • infographs
  • Arabic, Japanese or other interesting script
  • old etiquette books
  • coffee
  • vibrant colours and textures
  • retro or silly Valentines
  • Japanese advertising
  • anything considered controversial or in questionable taste is always welcome!
  • the poetry of June Jordan and Andrea Gibson
  • badgers

I love stamped and written postcards-- although I am fine if you would rather send them blank and/or in an envelope as well.

I find it really interesting to hear about personal beliefs and faith. My own beliefs lean towards practicing love (without a specific deity in mind), and I genuinely honour and respect all paths that centre around this. With that said, please feel free to share your thoughts on religion or your own personal journey, but please leave condemnation and brimstone out of the conversation.

I also love quotes and poems-- if you are moved to include one on your post card, I would be thrilled.


Favorite Music

...the list grows and changes daily.


Reading Material


Blogs Worth Reading

My Pets

  • Danger Mouse, our eight year old black Pug (female). Mouse was a rescue and has had some extensive medical issues; if there's anyone out there who is going through brachycephalic-related (read: snorty little noses) issues with their dog, please feel free to reach out to me! I guarantee that I've been there, seen the specialist, etc.
  • Blitz, our eight year old German Shepherd (male), who I lovingly call my "Golden Child" -- he's high-maintenance, but I wouldn't trade him for the world.
  • Earl Grey, our grey tabby kitten (male), otherwise known as "The Keeper of the String/Yarn/ Anything Jingly" and Master of the Butt Wiggle.
  • Gus (or Asparagus if you want to be formal about it), a four(ish) year old grey calico cat (female), pretty much one of the sweetest and most patient (see "Earl Grey", above) cats which I've known.
  • Spare Parts Cat (also known as Monroe), a lovely chatty tortoiseshell kitty of indeterminate age (we're fairly certain that she dates to the Mesozoic at the very least).
  • Sideways Mouse, a white mouse who does most everything sideways or backwards due to chronic CNS issues.
  • Ernest Henningway, our lovely Egyptian Brahma (Bantam) Hen. She lives in a lovely (and cozy) specially-built coop that we move around the back yard. She has her own "garden" which is planted with dandelion and kale greens and she also has two argyle sweaters which I've knit for her. Here's the pattern for a Chicken Sweater in case you know a hen in need of one. :)

Crafting Loves

I'm generally always on the hunt for these things, and would love to swap for them:

  • Back issues of Flow Magazine
  • Washi tape
  • Papers, books or posters featuring pills, pharmacology, chemistry, botany, biology, nursing themes, maps, feminism, old Hollywood, diy, etc
  • Vintage photographs
  • Anne Taintor
  • Vintage womens clothing and lingerie sewing patterns (I'm usually an American size 0 to 4, a Canadian size 4 to 6 and a UK size 8...which seems to translate to most "medium" vintage sizes).
  • Address labels
  • Vintage buttons
  • Coins from other countries (any time period)
  • Crystals (natural, rather than dyed or "smelt")
  • Vintage knitting patterns
  • Curious Amigurumi patterns
  • Orthodox prayer cards showing female saints; especially St. Agatha (the patron saint of nurses), The Virgin of Guadeloupe or the Virgin Mary.
  • Tarot or Playing Cards (especially vintage, from countries outside of North America or otherwise unique)
  • Seeds: especially those that might result in any sort of curious black flowers.
  • Foreign magazines or newspapers
  • Postage stamps

Imgur ...a recent Anne Taintor postcard I sent to Anna in Russia via Postcrossing


Comment: Hello & thank you for hosting this swap. I will pass along the FB:-) I appreciate the beautiful PCs that you sent me. I liked your badger stamped image too. blessings,
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! :) Thanks so much for rating. xo
weiquan rated for Something About Me Postcard Swap, R3 on Jul 19, 2014
Comment: Thanks for a great card of San Juan Islands. The stamps are really appreciated. I do hope your dream becomes a reality.
Response: Thanks so much, and thanks for your rating! xo
Comment: Hello Arianne, Thank you for the postcard and the quotes. I really like them and also for the stamps! Been wanting the circus stamp for a while now :) Have a good day!
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! :) Thanks so much for your rating. xo
Comment: Thanks for the awesome postcards! I'm not sure which I like better, both are keepers :)
Response: I'm so glad that you liked them! Thanks so much for rating. xo
Aankee rated for What I'm Watching on a Postcard, R1 on Jun 30, 2014
Comment: I wrote to someone about my favourite postcard ever received today and it's acually one of yours: a painting of a lady sitting in her sunroom, reading. And then I found another card from you waiting in my mailbox today! Such a fun concidence! It's perfect btw. I can't wait to check out those movies. Thank you! I truly love the swaps you host and hope that you'll come back after your little break. All the best x
Response: Thank you so much! I love those coincidences that pop up in life too. :) Anyway, I'm so happy that you liked the cards that I chose for you-- honestly, my collection is becoming a little crazy, and it always makes me happy when I can set one free to a home where I know that it will be appreciated. :) xo
Comment: i to have a black pug but he is rather old and his face is grey.
Response: Awh! Danger Mouse is going a little bit grey as well-- it's hard for me to believe that she will be nine years old in three days! Pug snuggles to you and your sweet puglet-- hope that you're both staying cool in this summer heat. xo
widelo123 rated for Newbie friendly postcard swap #5 on Jun 28, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. We too have a lot of lighthouses along the NC shore. Shirley
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! My husband was stationed in NC as a young Marine, and has told me so many stories about the beautiful coastline there. I really hope that I can see it in person someday! xo
Comment: super cute pets!
Response: Thanks so much and thanks for your rating! xo
Comment: Dear Arianne, thank you for the funny story and for the interesting stamps! I’ll send over a St Bernhard’s to try to dig you out from under the mountain of stamps :)
Response: Thanks so much for your rating! I'm so glad that you liked the silly story. :)
Comment: You sure do have a houseful of wonderful pets. I loved all of the pictures! Thank you for sharing! :)
Response: Thanks so much for your rating! I absolutely loved "meeting" the adorable pets in this swap-- what a great idea. :) xo
Comment: You rocked my cards! And the beautiful envelope and stamps!!! xox
Response: Yay! So glad that you enjoyed everything. :) Thanks so much for the rating and for joining my swap. xo
sc86 rated for Ugly /Tacky /Bizarre Postcard Swap, R12 on Jun 17, 2014
Comment: Hi Arianne, I have to say (although this swap is called "ugly/tacky/bizarre postcard swap) I really love this card you sent! It is a bit strange, but has some sort of innocence to it as well. I also loved the wonderful stamps you used. THANK YOU! :)
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! Thanks so much for your very sweet rating. :) xo
Noel rated for Friendship Book: My Favourite Quotes R6 on Jun 15, 2014
Comment: Hi Arianne, I like the quote you chose for Shannon.
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it-- it's been so nice having you in this swap. :) xo
Comment: Great thanks for the amazing postcard and stamps! :)
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! Thanks so much for your rating. :) xo
Comment: Thank you so much for the card, I loved it! Your handwriting is divine and the stamps! Ahh thank you! I wish you well, take care! :)
Response: Oh, I'm so happy that you liked it and thank you so much for your sweet rating! Stay happy and well. :) xo
pintis rated for Writing Prompt Postcard Swap, R16 on Jun 12, 2014
Comment: I agree - that's very annoying! Nice stamps too. Thanks.
Response: So glad that you liked the postcard-- hope to see you again in future swaps. :) xo
Comment: Mwa ha ha!
Response: Thanks so much for rating!
crmc rated for Obscure Words Postcard Swap, R3 on Jun 10, 2014
Comment: Great words! And thanks for adding WA to my map collection!
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! Thanks so much for rating. :) xo
Comment: Thanks so much for the London extras! It was neat seeing where you live---we used to live in Mount Vernon! :)
Response: Wow! It's a small world indeed. :) So glad that it arrived and that you enjoyed everything-- thanks so much for rating! xo
Katyushon rated for Coin Collector's Swap on Jun 2, 2014
Comment: Hello~ Thanks for your coins!! I also like butterfly notecard and stamps you used ♥ Have a nice day, Katie.
Response: I'm so glad that you liked everything! Thanks so much for your rating! xo

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MadQueenofHearts on Jul 10, 2015:

You should come back now. :) I miss being part of your swaps.

AnnieMaxine on Jul 15, 2014:

Thank you so so so so so much for sending the Adventures of the Traveling Postcards back to me and also for the extras! Good luck!

KristinCali on Jun 28, 2014:

Awe so sorry to see you go. I know what you mean about the forums but that's why I just avoid them!

seweclectic on Jun 28, 2014:

i'll miss your swaps! added you on IG; I'm wingedsar.

femkevd on Jun 28, 2014:

Hi! Sad to read that you're leaving swap-bot. Loved your Ugly /Tacky /Bizarre Postcard Swap! Would you mind if I host it from now on? -Femke (femkevd)

kittyhahahotbot on Jun 21, 2014:

Eeeeee its like I won the lottery....all the beautiful 7's! http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r759/kitbot13/777_zps971bed97.gif)

Nandin on Jun 14, 2014:

Seriously, I'm only joining your swaps from now on. Everyone has lost their shizz,

paperpusher on Jun 3, 2014:

Thank you so much for the sweet card and coins you sent! Such a pleasant and appreciated surprise!

Nandin on Jun 1, 2014:

Thank you so much for the package. I was in the post office crying my eyes out. I'm just always so amazed when someone remembers my son and I. I really can not put into words how much it means to me and to him. I am looking at the prayer card right now, thank you SO much... This is definitely something I needed right now. Thanks again.

pkmccann on Jun 1, 2014:

Wow, oh Wow, oh WOW!! You are such a GRACIOUS recipient of silly stuff! LOL!! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL "thank you" package that you sent in return for the extra playing cards! You found so many COOL things that are JUST my style! I Love it!! Thanks again, and Blessings for being such a SUPER Swapper!! ~PK

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