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Birthday: October 10
Country: Sweden

About Me

I'm 39, Swedish, mother to 3 furry babies, living with my boyfriend on the west coast of Sweden.

Love to travel, even though I don't do it as much as I would like to. But hopefully there will be some more time for it later on. I have a whole world to discover! When the pandemic hit the world, it gave me an opportunity to travel in my own country. Have seen so many new and interesting places, some pretty close to where I live.

I enjoy baking, cooking and trying out new recipes. Would love to try something from your country!

Love to hang out with my family and cats, watching movies, reading, sports.

I like

A - Animals (no reptiles or insects), Asia related items, ASMR
B - Baby animals, bag pipes, baking and baking related items, Barebells bars (Choco caramel, Double bite caramel crisp, Rocky road marshmallow), Be brave be you ASMR, blankets, blue, BMW motorcycles, books, Bruce Lee, Burakku sanda, Börje Salming
C - Calligraphy, calligraphy pens, camping, candles (prefer tea candles (don't mind scented ones)), candy, CATS (I collect cat figurines), cheez doodles, chocolate, cookie cutters, country music, cows, crime shows, Croatia, cross country skiing, crosswords
D - Disney classics, dogs, Doritos (nacho cheese flavor),
E -
F - Fika, fire departments, foot masks (exfoliating), funny socks (EU size 37-40)
G - Gardening, geocaching, Gerard Butler, Goodreads
H - Haribo
I -
J - Jackie Chan, Japanese items (food, language, snacks), Japanese tabi socks (EU size 37-40), JosefinASMR
K - Karate, kittens, koalas
L - Letter sets (prefer lined papers, any theme), licorice, Lucky charms cereals
M - Maria Åkerberg products, martial arts (esp. karate), motorcycles, movies
N - Native americans and all things related to them, Netflix, Nutella B ready
O - Ocarinas, origami
P - Pan flutes, paramedics, paw prints, pens (fineliners (Sakura), gelly roll, glitter, markers, pilot (fineliner)), pistacchios (salted), Pocky, Police departments, Postcrossing, puppies
Q - Quena, quokkas
R - Reading, recipes, Red bull (blueberry, peach, pomegranate, watermelon), Rhodes, road trips
S - Salty licorice, Samuel ASMR, sea glass, sheep, Simon's cat, snacks, souvenirs, spa, sports, stickers, Swapbot
T - Tea and tea related items, The body shop products (no facial ones), The laughing heart [asmr], The republic of tea, Tjörn, tote bags, travelling
V - Vasaloppet, Volvo
W - Washi tape, Waylon Jennings, wombats, WWF
X -
Y - You’ve got mail club,
Z -


I love all kinds of tea and I love trying new ones. I consider myself to be an addict to tea :)

Green, red, yellow and white teas are always welcome. The only thing I DON'T like that much, are teas like Earl Grey etc. I do drink that too sometimes, but I prefer the flavoured ones.

I absolutely love teas from "The Republic of Tea" and Choco mint from Hornimans.


I would love to travel the whole world. There's so many places I would like to see and explore. It's one thing to see photos and movies from different places, but a totally different thing to experience it yourself.

So far I've been to;

  • Bosnia Hercegovina 🇧🇦
  • Croatia 🇭🇷
  • Denmark 🇩🇰
  • England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  • Germany 🇩🇪
  • Greece (Rhodes) 🇬🇷
  • Italy (Sicily) 🇮🇹
  • Norway 🇳🇴
  • Poland 🇵🇱
  • Spain (+ Gran Canaria, Lanzarote & Tenerife) 🇪🇸
  • (Sweden) 🇸🇪
  • Tunisia 🇹🇳
  • Turkey 🇹🇷

I plan to visit Japan, The Netherlands and USA in a near future. Have you been there? Please give me some examples of what to see and do! :)


I like watching movies and documentaries. Since we got Netflix, I've been watching a lot of them.

  • I'm interested in most of the WWII documentaries, but preferabely those about concentration camps/holocaust.

  • Crime- and murder stories.

  • Movies based on true stories.

  • Nature/wild animals and documentaries about animal sanctuaries.

Do you have any suggestions on what to see? I'm open for any tips, no matter if it's movies, documentaries or series.

I prefer books about the same topics as the ones mentioned above. But now and then I also read fact books and some more "happy" books.

Some favorite authors at the moment:

  • Catharina Olséni & Micke Hansen
  • Jenny Colgan
  • James Patterson
  • Jo Nesbø
  • Karin Brunk Holmqvist
  • Martina Haag
  • Sophie Kinsella

More than happy to receive suggestions on what to read. I love getting new recommendations!


I have 3 furry babies (cats), ages 1-13 years old. Three males. I love them all to death and I can't say I have a favorite, since they all have different personalities.

They love:

  • blankets
  • catnip
  • feathers
  • snacks
  • toys
  • treats


  • Coffee (I don't drink coffee, but things with coffee taste is ok)
  • Earl Grey/English breakfast tea
  • I don’t wear make-up
  • Insects and reptiles
  • Marzipan

IF you happen to send me something mentioned above, don't worry. I can pass it on to someone else. I’m pretty easy to please :)


I don't flake, have never done and never will! And I expect you to act the same way.

Have I forgotten to rate you? Please remind me!

Have you not received my swap? Please contact me before rating, so we can sort it out.


debbiespoms rated for May 2023: What Did You Read? on Jun 5, 2023
Comment: I'll say again, Wow! You had me captivated with all your choice books you've read in May! I actually read a lot more books in May than I thought I thought would. Which was 7 books. Thanks so much for sharing what you read and for your review. I have like 12 or 13 books on my list to read. But I put the books of "The Devils' Sanctuary" by Marie Hermanson and "Echoes from the dead" by John Therorin on my list to get. They sound so intriguing !
KrystalCook84 rated for May 2023: What Did You Read? on Jun 5, 2023
Comment: Very interesting lost, thank you
Response: Thank you! Thanks for rating and the heart.
Brokenwings87 rated for May 2023: What Did You Read? on Jun 5, 2023
Comment: I love the range of books that you read. thank you for sharing.
Response: I try to read from different genres now and then. Not just the same all the time :) Thanks for rating and the heart.
Comment: Thanks for your detailed reviews! I'm intrigued by Catlife and the one about the young woman in Budapest during the war, but I think I'm not ready for sad books currently.
Response: Thank you. Wait until you feel it's the right time, sometimes you just don't want to read about things like that. But I can recommend the book though :)
debbiespoms rated for April 2023: What Did You Read? on May 3, 2023
Comment: Wow, What great list of books you read for April. I wish I had the time to read as many as you did. But between Chemotherapy and doctor appointments. Which is never ending, I'm lucky if i get to read 4 a month. Anyway, You have a lot of awesome choices. One book in particular stands out for me and I will be looking that up and buying it soon. Which is "I am fifteen- and I don't want to die" by Christine Arnothy. Thanks so much! Especially for your reviews on the books.
Response: Sometimes I read more, sometimes I read less. This past month was more :) I do mix a lot of book genres and I pick what appeals to me at the moment. I definitely recommend the book by Christine Arnothy. Hope you get to read it :) Thanks for the heart.
Comment: Robber's daughter by Jackie Ferm sounds so interesting. Your opinion about it was interesting as well!
Response: Thank you :) I hope you can get a copy of it somewhere if you'd like to read it. Thanks for the heart :)
ahywka rated for March 2023: What Did You Read? on Apr 12, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing the list :) Cookies sounds tasty :)
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for rating and the heart :)
Comment: Thanks a lot! Wow, so many books you read! I love that you also included the recipe books. The one about myths sounds interesting to me!
Response: Hope you're able to find it if you want to read it. It was interesting :) Thanks for rating and the heart.
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for resending - no idea what happened to the first one. You really enjoy historical novels!
Response: No worries. Thanks for reaching out and thanks for heart :)
Comment: Thank you for letting me know what you read!
Response: Thank you!
ninjay rated for February 2023: What Did You Read? on Mar 6, 2023
Comment: Very nice way of introducing first the books before giving the opinion of them. I got many new books to my to be read list! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)
Response: Thank you 🙂 Hope you like the ones you decide to read. Thanks for rating and the heart.
Comment: Sorry for my late rating, Thank you for sharing your music!
Response: No worries 🙂 You’re welcome.
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing! Every year, I do my best to read 52 books a year, and suggestions definitely inspire me to stay on track. Happy reading! <3
Response: You’re welcome! I’m the same, I love getting new suggestions on what to read 🙂
Comment: Thank you for sharing your books!
Response: Thank you. Thanks for rating and the heart!
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: You're welcome.
annim rated for January 2023: What Did You Read? on Feb 2, 2023
Comment: Thank you, you have managed to read a lot! Interesting books, I might look into some of them. :)
Response: Thank you :)
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Interesting!
Response: You're welcome!
Apelser rated for EF ~ What Do You Choose #1 - January on Jan 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your email. I enjoyed reading your answers. I agree on your answer for number 4 for reading. I have also never heard of LIFE and we often play Monopoly. A land vacation is also my option.
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart :)
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers
Response: You're welcome.

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theshyone on Mar 5, 2023:

What in the world!?! I received the most amazing box yesterday, filled to the brim with so many lovely goodies, packaged so prettily! You outdid yourself and everyone else! I feel so honored to be on the receiving end of your attention and effort. I cannot even express how special and spoiled I felt opening your RAK. I will cherish this memory for a long time to come. Thank you (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡

Kittybob83 on Jul 26, 2022:

I received your wonderful box of goodies today! Thank you so much! It was packed so carefully and beautifully. I can't wait to play with it all, it was so kind of you to send it. I love the H charm especially and I am using the bells right now. Again thank you!

Bhindblueeyes on Dec 7, 2021:

Thank you so, so, SO much for this RAK! What a special box I received, and I have yet to finish going through everything. The items themselves are marvelous, so many things I have never seen or used before but can put to good use! On top of that, the obvious care taken to pack such a nice box!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Poftoffel on Jul 20, 2021:

Today I received such a beautiful, wonderful, sweet, kind and thoughtful RAK from you. I don’t really have the words to thank you….. everything was so nice and thoughtful, and then at last I unwrapped the tiny kitty from the ikea bag (hihi) and it brought a tear to my eye…. Everything just touched my heart. Your letter too, thank you for your open, sensitive and encouraging words. I would love to write you back and will do so ASAP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Petaltea on Jun 7, 2021:

How fun and thanks for setting up this swap!


PerArduaAdAlta on Feb 22, 2021:

Oops, didn't mean to hit that button yet. Oh why don't they ask you to confirm?!

Moving on: I just got home to finally open this magical package I received! And ohmygawd I am even more excited now! First some chocolate, of course. Then slip out your lovely Greetings from Sweden postcard and your note, and yes, I AM having a wonderful day, thank you! Then that fantastic purple ribbon tying everything together! And then, BOOM!

All the awesome shaped paper clips, and alien stickers!, and the Swedish flag pin (I love it!), and sticky notes, and memo sheets, and foxes ohmygodfoxes!, and letter sets, and all the journey cards and tags and die cuts (so cute, definitely using those soon!) and WASHI TAPE, so much washi!!, and I just love that small pad of vintage paper designs, and those beautiful swedish postcards, and all the stickers, and those little tinkly bells!!!


I really can't thank you enough! I'm so excited and you have not only made my day, you have made my month (and my birthday month at that!!!) Thank you so much, and thank you to the gods that run the randomizer! 🌻

PerArduaAdAlta on Feb 22, 2021:



I have already consumed three pieces of chocolate and have only started opening your AMAZINGLY GENEROUS package!

So the day started out, I had a slip in my mailbox, so I figured someone had not put enough postage on or something. NOPE! Was I wrong! A package! From SWEDEN! And there's CHOCOLATE listed on the declaration!!!!

And then I went to work all day. I was good, I did not open it while driving. I did not sneak out to peek in between jobs! But I was giddy all day just thinking about it

traceyj on Oct 9, 2020:

Hi Agnetha, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday :)


I hope you have a pleasant weekend !

Lonestarchild on Jan 29, 2020:

Oh my word. I don't even know what to say!! You sent the most wonderful and over-the-top generous package. Everything in here is just super amazing and nothing like what we find in the States. So excited to use some of this. And it was such fun to open -- packaged so nicely! Thank you for a truly wonderful swap!

cajiky on Dec 24, 2019:

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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