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Date Joined: September 8, 2015
Last Online: March 28, 2022
Birthday: December 16, 1985
Country: United States
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About Me

  • I have always loved drawing and arts & crafts ever since I was a little girl. I joined this site hoping to find some like-minded friends to swap ATCs and other fun crafty things!

  • I am 30 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media and a Minor in Marketing. I live in Orlando, Florida with my mother and sister. We have seven cats and three dogs.

  • In my free time I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, reading fantasy & science fictions books, playing with my pets, browsing the internet, drawing, and other crafty things.


  • I will always send my swaps out on time and I will never flake. If you have not received something from me please let me know. I am more than happy to send a replacement if necessary.

  • I will always rate a 5 as long as the swap rules were met. I will always give a heart if I can tell you have read my profile and put some extra love/effort/thought into the swap.

  • I am always up for Private ATC Swaps! Feel free to browse my profile. If you find that we have something in common and are interested in doing a private swap send me a message. :)


colors kitten unicorn

These are a few of my favorite things...

  • Favorite Colors ~ pink ~ blue ~ yellow

  • Favorite Animals ~ cats ~ tigers ~ lions ~ leopards ~ panthers ~ cheetahs ~ jaguars ~ wolves ~ foxes ~ dolphins ~ seahorses ~ owls ~ dinosaurs

  • Favorite Themes ~ mythological ~ celestial ~ supernatural ~ nautical



I love to collect things! My largest collections are...

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ~ I am a huge fan. I have gone to several cons and met a lot of the rangers. I collect anything & everything Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. My favorite ranger is blue, second favorite is pink.

  • My Little Pony ~ I collect My Little Ponies, the original toys from the 80s & 90s, often referred to as G1. I also make custom ponies for swaps and commissions. My favorite pony is Bowtie, I have a whole army of her.

  • Monster High ~ My sister and I collect Monster High dolls, vinyls, megablocks, and minis. We are also fans of the webisodes and movies/specials.

TV/Movies/Pop Culture


Disney Animation:

  • Favorite Characters ~ Stitch ~ Tinker Bell ~ Marie

  • Favorite Movies ~ Lady and the Tramp ~ Frozen ~ Lion King 2 ~ Princess and the Frog ~ Finding Nemo ~ Inside Out ~ Alice in Wonderland ~ Peter Pan ~ Oliver and Company ~ Aristocats


Non-Disney Animation:

  • Favorite Characters ~ Toothless

  • Favorite Movies ~ Fern Gully ~ Balto ~ The Last Unicorn ~ Scruffy ~ The Secret of NIMH ~ The Land Before Time ~ Anastasia ~ Rock-a-Doodle ~ All Dogs Go To Heaven ~ The Swan Princess ~ Despicable Me

uranus neptune gatomon spirited away


  • I an a huge anime fan! My all time favorite anime is Sailor Moon, I especially love Uranus & Neptune. Though magical girl anime series are some of my favorites, I enjoy many other genres as well. I also love Studio Ghibli films.

  • Favorite Anime ~ Sailor Moon ~ Digimon ~ Inuyasha ~ Mermaid Melody ~ Tokyo Mew Mew ~ Yu-Gi-Oh ~ Magic Knight Rayearth ~ Cardcaptor Sakura ~ Shugo Chara ~ Fruits Basket ~ Pretear ~ Angelic Layer ~ Unico ~ Death Note

  • Studio Ghibli ~ Princess Mononoke ~ Spirited Away ~ Howl's Moving Castle

jem jem

TV Shows & Cartoons:

  • Old Favorites ~ Buffy ~ Friends ~ Charmed ~ Boy Meets World ~ Saved by the Bell ~ Heroes ~ Are You Afraid of the Dark

  • Currently Watching ~ Once Upon a Time (I love Hook!) ~ The Flash ~ The Big Bang Theory ~ Shadowhunters (huge Malec fan!)

  • Favorite Cartoons ~ Jem ~ Phineas & Ferb ~ Ducktales ~ Darkwing Duck ~ Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers ~ Scooby-Doo ~ Captain Planet ~ Powerpuff Girls


  • I love to read. I have two bookcases full of books in my bedroom. I mostly enjoy young adult book series, especially those about fantasy, mythology, alternate worlds, and dystopian futures.

  • Favorite Series ~ Harry Potter ~ Hunger Games ~ Mortal Instruments ~ His Dark Materials ~ Inheritance Cycle ~ Percy Jackson ~ Maze Runner ~ Maximum Ride ~ Witch & Wizard ~ Splintered


  • I love movies. You can usually find me sitting in the theater on opening night. I have over 1000 movies in my personal collection.

  • Favorite Movies ~ Back to the Future ~ Gremlins ~ Labyrinth ~ The Neverending Story ~ Ferris Bueller's Day Off ~ Honey I Shrunk the Kids ~ Inception ~ Pan's Labyrinth ~ 10 Things I Hate About You ~ Now You See Me ~ Lord of the Rings ~ Guardians of the Galaxy ~ The Force Awakens ~ Rogue One

Comic Book Characters

  • Marvel ~ Shadowcat ~ Psylocke ~ Emma Frost ~ Iceman ~ She-Hulk ~ Spiderman ~ Spider-Woman ~ Silk ~ Spider-Gwen ~ Gwenpool~ Captain America ~ Scarlet Witch ~ Quicksilver ~ Doctor Strange

  • DC ~ Batgirl ~ Catwoman ~ Poison Ivy ~ Harley Quinn ~ Katanna ~ Wonder Woman ~ Supergirl ~ Starfire ~ Raven

Video Games

  • Ever since I was little I have always loved video games. From consoles games to computer games, RPGs to MMOs, video games are my life!

  • Favorite Games ~ Super Mario Bros ~ Sonic the Hedgehog ~ Monster Rancher ~ Resident Evil ~ World of Warcraft ~ Pokemon

  • Pokemon ~ I am a huge Pokemon fan. I have played all the game since Gen 1. Eevee evolutions are my favorites. I also love fire pokemon.


  • Favorite Artists ~ Maroon 5 ~ Fall Out Boy ~ Flyleaf ~ Paramore ~ Train ~ Savage Garden ~ Owl City ~ Lights ~ Neon Trees ~ Nick Jonas ~ Three Days Grace ~ Demi Lovato ~ Shakira ~ Cascada ~ Skillet ~ Seether ~ Evanescence ~ Lindsey Stirling ~ Eminem

  • Soundtracks ~ I love movie soundtracks. I usually make it a point to buy all the soundtracks from my favorite movies.

  • Records ~ I have a record player and I collect records. Not just plain records though. Records with special designs or colors.

ATC Wishlist

ATCs I need to complete sets:

  • Jetta, Shana, Raya (from Jem)

  • Annabeth Chase (from Percy Jackson)

  • Dr. Facilier (Disney Villains)

  • Blossom (from Powerpuff Girls)

ATCs themes that I love to collect:

  • Pokemon

  • Sailor Moon

  • Disney

  • Superheroes

  • Power Rangers

  • Digimon

  • My Little Pony

  • Studio Ghibli

  • Harry Potter

  • Cartoons from 80s & 90s

  • Don Bluth movies

  • Mythical Creatures

  • Magical Girl Anime


cherry blossoms

If you'd like to send a little extra, I'd love...

  • Craft Supplies ~ stickers ~ scrapbook paper ~ book pages ~ cut outs ~ embellishments ~ ribbons ~ markers ~ pencils ~ erasers ~ washi tape ~ ATC sleeves

  • Candy ~ Violet Crumble ~ Crunchie ~ Peanut Butter M&Ms ~ chocolate ~ honeycomb ~ peanut butter ~ marshmallow ~ mint ~ gummies ~ sour candy ~ green apple ~ raspberry

  • Scents ~ Japanese cherry blossom ~ apricot ~ apple ~ fresh cotton ~ pomegranate ~ grapefruit ~ mint ~ eucalyptus ~ rain ~ pear ~ peach ~ baby powder ~ pumpkin ~ gingerbread

Please DO NOT Send

Candy I DO NOT like:
coconut, grape, lemon, cinnamon, pecans, nuts

Scents I DO NOT like:
cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, lemon, lavender

Popular things I DO NOT like:
Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Chowder, The Regular Show, Family Guy, Simpsons, Tangled, Dragonball Z, Proud Family, Wolverine, South Park, American Dad, Gravity Falls, Glee, Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Twilight, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones

Random things I DO NOT like:
religion, politics, mustaches, gore, killer whales, sports

For my information

Never received/flaked:
Simple Sticker Swap - @LlamaMomma
Pokemon Dark Type ATC - @kwick5
Dark Type Pokemon ATC - @Striffy
RCAS ~ Dr. Seuss ~ HD/HP ~ INT - @Novina


SGriffin rated for Mermaid ATC (USA) on Nov 5, 2017
Comment: I am sorry, I never received this swap nor a response to my message. I will re-rate if it is received.
Response: I am so sorry. At the end of 2017, I had some health issues that caused me to be unable to continue to participate in swaps. I thought I had sent out all my outstanding swaps before I left, but I must have missed this one. I have contacted SGriffin and offered to make it up, but it seems they have not logged on since 2018. I am happy to say my health issues have improved and I look forward to slowly getting back into swaps again.
stkirsch rated for FF: DC ATC #6 - Receiver's Choice on Sep 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you Jennifer for the awesome card. Sorry for the late rate. Today while I was cleaning I came across a stack of mail today that someone had thrown in a box. There were so many swaps in there Grrrr. Unfortunately I've been so distracted by other things that I didn't even think about not receiving swaps. I knew I sent mine and forgot about the rest. Thanks again.
Vinny26 rated for Ghost Type Pokemon on Sep 10, 2017
KristinKing rated for Fire Type Pokemon ATC on Aug 25, 2017
urocyonfox rated for FLYING TYPE POKEMON ATC on Aug 23, 2017
Comment: What sort of paper do you use to to color your atcs? They're so vibrant they look printed! (I mean I know they're not but the color is so rich and vibrant )
urocyonfox rated for Sailor Venus on Aug 23, 2017
Comment: The resend made it here safe and sound. Thank you for the atc always nice to get your art.
PeachyDoll rated for Wonder Woman ATC on Jul 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the fantastic animated Wonder Woman! I've finally seen the new movie and I loved it! So I was excited to receive her in the mail :)
PeachyDoll rated for SML ATC - Sailor Jupiter on Jul 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great Sailor Jupiter! That`s strange that she got sent back to you :( lol
Comment: With a very plausible explanation for the postmark, I think swap deserves a 5. Thank you.
lyzz rated for Electric Type Pokemon ATC on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: SO Cute love that you put two on here!
GlyndasCreations rated for ABC's of Pokemon: Z on Jul 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute Pokemon. He is one of my Daughters faves!!
clorinspats rated for ABC's of Pokemon: Y on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the very adorable Yanma!
Comment: I loved my ATCs! They were both very well done. Howl would be happy to have his beautiful blonde hair 😄
pandorasxbox rated for APDG ~ Wonder Woman on Jul 13, 2017
CharlieChick86 rated for Fairy Type Pokemon on Jul 12, 2017
Comment: I love this ATC, super cute!
clorinspats rated for ABC's of Pokemon: V on Jul 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the very adorable Victini! I really appreciate you reaching out to me to check in on the original ATC as well. I am sad to say the original hasn't come in, but this resend is awesome and I'm very grateful for it!
stkirsch rated for FF: DC ATC #5 - Aquaman on Jul 5, 2017
Comment: I just got the resend Jennifer. Thanks I love the artwork. I'm dirty the first one got lost in the mail and you had to redo it.
yvonne401 rated for APDG ~ Wonder Woman on Jul 4, 2017
Comment: Loved it! Thanks!
madkow rated for Huge ATC Swap #39 -- USA Only on Jul 3, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for my awesome atcs!! LOVE the poohbear!! One of my favorite characters!! My oldest cat is named after him!! Thank you!!
GlyndasCreations rated for ABC's of Pokemon: W on Jul 3, 2017
Comment: I love WhyNut super cute!

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lemooon on Nov 30, 2019:

Wishing you all the best!


CurlyTea on Dec 18, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

pandorasxbox on Jun 19, 2017:

APDG ~ Wonder Woman

mariewilliams810 on Jun 16, 2017:

APDG ~ Wonder Woman

<3 Marie

yvonne401 on Jun 15, 2017:

APDG ~ Wonder Woman

I hope you like the pics and gifs that I've chosen for you!




kdeorne1 on Mar 26, 2017:

APDG ~ Sailor Moon Profile Deco

paraxparaxnoia on Mar 18, 2017:

♡SML Profile Deco - Sailor Moon♡

Sahnetoffee on Mar 17, 2017:

SML Profile Deco - Sailor Moon

Sahnetoffee on Mar 17, 2017:

SML Profile Deco - Sailor Moon

Sahnetoffee on Mar 17, 2017:

SML Profile Deco - Sailor Moon

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