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I've been booted from four swaps now because the host didn't like that I mention PTSD on my profile because "it's not in the spirit of swapping". I will not apologize for sharing that small bit of info at the bottom of my profile. If you're offended by trauma and mental illness, see about making sure it doesn't happen or perhaps supporting those who have been traumatized, rather than punishing the victims. Another booted and blocked me because I practice witchcraft and polytheism. If you're going to be prejudice against people who don't practice your religion, mention it in the swap that it's only for people of your same faith.

The only reasons I won't give a heart for a swap are either you didn't send a postcard that follows the criteria of the swap and/or you wrote only a couple words, like "happy swapping" on the back. There are more words you can use. Tell me about your day, your hobbies, a project you're working on, a pun or dumb joke. Just something that's worth reading. Those are cards I put in my postcard albums to read over and over again.

I'm a woman in her 30s, permanently disabled, epileptic, autistic, Progressive Socialist, activist and peaceful/non-violent protester, politically active, inter-sectional feminist, gamer, science lover, fairy collector, witch/pagan, writer, painter, and quilter That's the short version.

I have asthma and therefore can't receive anything that is tainted by cigarette smoke, incense, or fragrance. Strong smells have a negative effect on me due to my sensitivity to smell. If I cannot wash the odors out, the item goes in the trash. Fabric items are hung outside until the odors are mild enough I can wash them by hand (if they're not machine washable).

What I prefer are things I can use. Things I can use in my quilting (quilt fabric scraps, thread, etc), and stuff I can display.

I practice witchcraft, and have been doing so since I was nine. I didn't know it had a name for it until many years later, and came out of the "broom closet" when I was 16. I've been practicing for almost 30 years now, studied/apprenticed under an Elder until he passed away in 2015. I walk the Crooked Path (neither light nor dark). I don't identify as a Wiccan, but as Witch or Pagan. I work with the deities Hel, Frigg, Freyja, Cernunnos, and The Morrigan. I practice alone, use several oracle and tarot decks (traditional decks are as nails on a chalkboard for me).

My husband and I have no children (this will not change), but we do have two cats and my plants. Our cats are our children.

My two cats are my joy, and seeing them happy and entertained is extremely fulfilling. They love bird watching and have several perches in front of various windows. I'll be able to provide them with some "TV". Bird seed (we live in Eugene, Oregon), bird feeders, and things that attract birds will be great. Cat toys and other cat things are always welcome. One of my cats loves smacking bells and chasing strings, the other loves rough play and running around at odd hours.

In November 2016 I had wrist surgery to repair a ligament tear that had occurred 5+ years earlier. The pain is nearly gone, but if I work my wrist too much it shows in what I do. Due to the pain, I've had to give up coloring line art, drawing, jewelry making, and writing by hand. I write by typewriter now, including on postcards I can fit in the typewriter.

I'm on a limited budget, and my husband is the only one who can work. I do my best to send swaps out the day I'm assigned to my partner. If my half of a swap arrives a little late it's likely due to not having the money to pay postage. 99% of the time I do have things mailed out the day of the swap or sent out before the due date. If you fancy sending me unused stamps that'd be great. If I know my half will be late due to lack of funds I drop from the swap before I'm assigned; if I forget to do this I notify the person I'm sending the item(s) to that it will be a little late.

I do plan on getting a letter/parcel scale because going to the post office is very risky right now. Being able to skip the post office and print everything out at home is ideal. Right now I'm just saving up the money to do so.

Favorite Crafts

I've been painting with watercolors for 15+ years with a large focus on making the real look like a dream. Most of my work is influenced by photographs from the Hubble Telescope, various types of landscape and scenery, as well as macro photographs of flowers.

I'm a fourth generation quilter, and my previous work as a jewelry designer and maker shows up in my quilts. I don't shy away from prints or bold colors, both of which I love. My quilts are sewn by machine and quilted by hand any over 30x30 inches (really small things are annoying to handquilt). Sizes of my work vary from magnets and pins to king size quilts.

What I Like

Jewel tones, bold and bright colors. Think peacocks and hummingbirds. Oh, and I love those two birds.

Leopard print/pattern. My favorite big cat is the snow leopard followed closely thereafter by the clouded leopard.

I love snakes, butterflies, dragonflies, and other colorful creatures.

Penguins! I collect penguin stuff. My husband got me the cutest penguin mug and it sparks so much joy.

Fairies and old fairy lore. I especially love Brian Froud's fairy artworks.

My two cats would love cat toys that are actual cat toys. They're happy with a ball of paper, but cat-safe toys made for cats are extra special. Catnip makes both of them very funny.

Flowers. My favorites are lilies, daisies, lilacs, and sunflowers. Stickers, pressed flowers, whatever. I love flowers. If you choose to send flower seeds please check what region they would grow best in.

SCIENCE IS LIFE! Outer space stuff is super bonus yes, but science in general makes me super happy. Things related to science, learning science things, that sort of thing makes my day. I watch Bill Nye Saves the World and several other science shows.

Puns, jokes, bad jokes, dad jokes, etc.

I love Dragon Age. It has saved my life, helped me learn how to interact with people and socialize, improved my confidence and self-esteem, and so many other positive things. My favorite characters is Alistair.

Old Scottish lore. My ancestors are from the British Isles and most are from Scotland (MacBeth). I have several books with general Celtic lore, but most of it is focused on Ireland...and I'm not Irish. I'd like more Scottish stuff. Our family tartans are McBeth and Beaton.

Lightning and volcanoes, preferably together, but separate is perfectly fine.

I love postcards! I'm on Postcrossing, and it's been a blast. Not entirely sure I would call myself a collector, but I do love receiving them. I don't care for tourist cards unless it's international.

Science fiction is a great love of mine. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Farscape, Battlestar Gallactica (the new one), and many others.

I would love to have some really unique coffee mugs/tea cups. I do drink some teas, mostly ginger or fruity, but a house fire in July 2017 destroyed a large portion of my mugs and cups. I would really like to replace them. Preferably machine washable.

Learning the stories, myths, and legends of other cultures and countries is something I love. Feel free to share these with me in swaps!

Goddess statues (Hel, Frigg, Freyja, The Morrigan, simple statuary of a female figure), statuary of Cernunnos (also known as Herne, Lord of the Wild Hunt, most often depicted with antlers), stag statuary, pendants, amulets, or figurines. Wood, bone, antler, stone. I really like collecting them. I do cleanse them upon their arrival to remove whatever energies are present.

As mentioned before I'm dedicated to Cernunnos. He's a Celtic god often depicted with antlers and surrounded by animals. He's a nature god. Symbols, pendants, amulets, and statues representing him are also interesting to see. I would love to receive artwork representing him.

Hel made herself known to me in 2020, and I'm still learning about her. The fact I've been working with The Morrigan for 20 years makes this entirely unsurprising, considering Cernunnos and The Morrigan are death gods. Many may flinch at the idea of death gods, which is fair, but when I work with them, I feel at peace.

Frigg showed up in December 2020, which initially surprised me. After speaking with a friend, it's now more along the lines of "why didn't you show up sooner?" Prior to covid19, I spent 90% of my life at home (I'm Disabled and a homemaker). Now, it's closer to 99%, leaving only when I have little choice in the matter. She's something of a hearth goddess, but much more. I would like to get a miniature spinning wheel to represent her.

Freyja has only recently entered my life, but symbolism and things related to her are happily welcomed!

Stickers! So long as they're not Hello Kitty or Disney related, I love receiving them. It's an added bonus if they haven't been used. I'm on a limited budget and receiving stickers I can use will make me very happy.

I'm a big fan of up-cycling so long as it's in good taste.

Scrap fabric I can use in my quilting. It must be clean fabric, no fragrances, and can be used in quilting. That means fabric with no stretching.

I make art quilts, and these involve embellishments. Right now, I'm looking for lace of any color, design, or material; animal bones that have a hold drilled in them or naturally occurring holes; very shiny beads that are fairly small.

Currently I'm teaching myself embroidery. Please feel free to send me embroidery kits, tutorials, and supplies. I welcome it all.

I would love to have animal bones. I have a set of large ram horns and a piece of a wolf jawbone. Small skulls are something I would love to have, as well as animal skins, nails, and claws.

What I Don't Like

Glitter is evil. I hate glitter. I loathe glitter. Glitter must burn and forever be removed from existence.

Random tarot cards. I don't care for having some random card, especially considering I have no idea what they represent other than taking up space.

Please don't send food.

I have very sensitive skin. Don't send me skin products. Ever. There's a fair chance I'll develop a rash. Yes, very annoying.

Religious stuff (unless it's related to what I've mentioned in "what I like" and "about me"), especially Christian. Practice whatever religion you want, I don't care. Just don't force it on me or send it to me. I have very negative experiences with Christianity. Pagan items are welcome, but please read the information I have listed regarding this. I do collect religious texts, which may sound odd, but I like reading them to stay informed of various practices and beliefs.

Pro-White/White Power/Nazi/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right stuff/TERF/SWERF. Just don't. I don't support Trump, or as I refer to him, Agent Orange. Anything related to supporting him will be returned or burned.

Scrapbooking/Ephemera. I think it's awesome, yes, but I don't do it at all. Please keep your ephemera. It never gets used. I'll take stickers; those I can put on postcards.

Anime/Otaku. I can't watch most animated shows because of my epilepsy.

Fragrant candles and incense I practice witchcraft, yes, but I have asthma and artificially scented/smoky stuff can really mess me up. Naturally scented candles would make for nice decoration, but they won't be lit. Incense is just a really BIG no-no.

Though I practice witchcraft I don't like pentagrams or pentacles. A personal experience has resulted in a very bad association with them. The triquetra is what I favor (it's a pretty triangle commonly made using Celtic knot designs).

Hello Kitty and nearly all things Disney.

I'm not a holiday fan. My husband and I don't pay attention to holidays, and it's not unusual for us to go out and discover places are closed. We do celebrate Yule (it's the Winter solstice) with gifts and food, but there's little to no holiday decorating. Please don't send me things that directly correlate with holidays. This means nothing with Santa, no Valentine's Day stuff, etc.

Valentine's Day is the worst holiday for me. I had a traumatizing experience that has resulted in PTSD. My PTSD flashbacks are easily triggered, especially around Valentine's Day. Do not send me anything related to it.


walla2kitty rated for Non Touristy PC swap #55 on Oct 5, 2022
TrishaLSmith rated for Non Touristy PC swap #55 on Oct 5, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard!
noone7212 rated for Non-Touristy PC swap #54 on Oct 4, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the card! Your butterfly skeleton reminds me of a meme I saw once of a bat skeleton with ears. "But sir, bat skeletons don't have ears." "No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American shopper!" Makes me laugh because it's true, or gives whoever realizes it a chuckle.
debbiespoms rated for Non Touristy PC swap #55 on Oct 3, 2022
Comment: TYVM for the Mushroom postcard. I love Mushrooms ! The good kind anyway, ha!
squince rated for Non-Touristy PC swap #54 on Oct 3, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the card! LOVE that you use a typewriter! Im so sorry you got COVID but glad you are recovered now! I've yet to get it myself, knock on wood!
mchesser12 rated for Non-Touristy PC swap #54 on Oct 2, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the pink fairy postcard… she’s so cute! Hopefully you have fully recovered from COVID. I have had a cold for 3 weeks now and am tired from being tired. But I don’t give myself rest time to get over sickness or illness.
Comment: Thanks, Marc
Comment: Thanks for the great card! I actually collect typewriters and use them for various things--not for postcards though, but it was very fun to receive!
rachelgogan rated for Non Touristy PC swap #55 on Sep 30, 2022
Comment: So cool that you normally use a type writer! Loved the card you picked too. Glad you're recovering from COVID.
TrishaLSmith rated for Non-Touristy PC swap #54 on Sep 27, 2022
Comment: I love that that this is typed out. I wish I had a typewriter now because I just love the whole look of it. Thank you so much.
Sarah77 rated for Non-Touristy PC swap #54 on Sep 24, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the card! Your medicine is definitely a good thing to keep track of.
vigdisblom rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #136 on Sep 16, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the letter and goodies! I loved reading your letter - let me know where you're at, I'd love to write back!
Response: You're weclome and info sent. :D
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG Just a Note #12 - Global on Sep 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the note and goodies and congrats on the new house - things always seem to work out but sometimes, its a nail biter til the end!! I followed you on Ko-fi; I have to set my gallery up too!
Response: You're welcome, and welcome to ko-fi!
Comment: Hey Renee, Thank you for the lovely PCs and cool turtle stickers on the envie! ❤️❤️❤️
Response: You're welcome!
Lyndylou5 rated for Fun Postcard Swap #2 on Sep 11, 2022
Comment: I really like the Thomas Edison quite on this postcard. It’s so true! Sorry to hear your wrist is a mess right now. Thank goodness you have a sense of humor. Way to go!
Response: You're welcome!
RainHeart rated for My Current Read PC Swap #2 on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the super awesome postcard!
Response: You're welcome!
junemoon rated for My Current Read PC Swap #2 on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: It IS fun to read a series and really get into it. That was a really memorable PC (but not my type -- you probaby guessed that.)
chendaleh rated for All in a Name - Int'l on Sep 9, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the great postcards! And I love the type machine note
Response: Thank you! I love using my typewriter. I can fit so much more in a small space, and it's much easier to read.
chendaleh rated for Vacay - I Would...pcs on Sep 9, 2022

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Happy Monday from NYUP group!

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Thanks so much!

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Hey doll! I got your letter and your postcard and loved reading about your thoughts, thank you oh so much! Just wanted to let you know, and I'll be writing back soon. :D

I LOVE reading your type-writer print btw, it's so pleasing to look at!

Courtney on Mar 22, 2022:

I hope you received my envelope. Have a nice day!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday month

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Thank you
Thank you so much for the birthday card! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

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Be the love you seek in the world

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Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday postcard!

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Thank you for the birthday greeting you sent my way - a very pleasant surprise! Have a great day!

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