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It’s Me, hi

🌵 Hello! My name is Cara (car-uhhh). I am 33. I’m growing old with my fiancé of 11 years and we have a 10 year old daughter together. We also have 2 gray/white tabby cats who look identical named Taylor and Tyler. I never thought I’d be a cat person until we adopted them and I want more!! Okay, UPDATE: the Universal Cat Distribution System has gifted me a spunky Calico Tortie kitten! The twins are not handling her well so I’m praying it gets better because she is the cutest and sweetest baby ever! Her name is Ms. Bojangles because she makes the best biscuits!

We are from a small town in South Carolina where everyone knows everybody. Lately, I’ve been enjoying kayaking down the river to find new trails to walk to find some artifacts! If you ever want to trade, message me! We love to visit the beach in the low-country (Beaufort) as much as possible. When there, you can find me fishing, on the golfcart, or looking for treasures on the beach. There is sooooo much Native American artifacts like pottery and points that I collect. Along with seaglass!

I am a SAHM who used to work as a surgical tech for the ortho team until Covid hit. Although it was so rewarding, I am glad to put that in my past because it is so mentally and physically exhausting. I never had time to do what I love..craft!! I started my Etsy shop around that time and that has kept me super busy. I also coach my daughter’s fast pitch softball team so if I’m not home working, I’m on the field. Postcards/letter sending is my peace of mind.

Things I love

❤️ Anything food related, food pictures, recipes

❤️ Beach themed, seaglass, beach scenery, treasure, lighthouses, volcanoes, fishing.

❤️ All things animals. Seriously. The babies are my favorite!


❤️ Favorite colors: neon anything, rose gold, holographic, pink, pastels, tie-dye

❤️ Coffee. Enough said

❤️ I collect : glitter, washi tape, magnets from places, stickers (waterproof), state quarters, postcards

❤️ I LOVE HANDMADE ITEMS!! I’ve been super into learning watercolor lately. The more creative, the better. I love seeing what people can make.

❤️ Fall vibes, retro vibes

❤️ Taylor Swift (Where my Swifties at??)

❤️ SHARKS!! Shark teeth, fish, dolphins, sea turtles

❤️ Weird/random holidays

❤️ Stationary of any kind. I love a good memo pad. I’ve also been on the hunt for some good quality envelopes.

❤️ Arrowheads

❤️ ATC!! I have loved receiving these..they’re so tiny but I love seeing the creativity.

❤️ Hand lettering


I am currently growing my collection and there is no true organization to it and it’s getting out of hand (hah just kidding) but I do love seeing so many coming from all over the world!

💌 Scenery. Buildings. Landscape. Architecture. State parks. Beaches. Mountains. Skylines. Castles

💌 Is your town or state known for something? Let me know!

💌 ‘World’s Largest ____’ themed cards.

💌 Watercolor. Hand painted.

💌 Food pics. State foods. Recipe cards

💌 Bright colors

💌 Vintage anything. My favorites are of hotels or old restaurants

💌 Disney!

💌 Holiday themes..Halloween and Christmas are my favorite.

💌 Weird and ridiculous holidays are also welcomed!

💌 Cryptids and mythical creatures

💌 Dinos

💌 Space

💌 Have you noticed some of the same images on different postcards?? I’ve been on the lookout for some with the same shaped cloud. Super vague, I know. Look it up and it will make more sense!

These are just IDEAS!! I know how it is to feel ‘stuck’ on sending someone something so these are just mere suggestions. I will always be grateful for everything and will cherish what I receive. I love seeing people sending what their heart drives them to. Please feel free to message me if you need to!

Favorite Television

Working Moms, Euphoria, What We Do In The Shadows, Parks and Rec, The Righteous Gemstones, Love Is Blind, 90 Day Fiancé, It’s Always Sunny

Favorite Crafts

🐝 I make and sell decorated acrylic badge reels on my Etsy shop so I do a lot of crafting with UV resin, glitter and vinyl. I have a Silhouette.

🐝 I love making cute bracelets and jewelry with the heishi clay beads in my spare time!

🐝 I have sooo much glitter and would never turn any away!

🐝 Painting. I’ve been a bit obsessed with watercolor lately. I would love tips if you have any! Or even a great tutorial.

🐝 Making keychains

🐝 I love making my own stickers!

🐝 Making personalized items with my heat press

🐝 Stamps/inks

Easy as ABC

A- Art, Animals, Address Labels, Arrowheads

B- Botanical, Beach, Bracelets, Bees

C- Cake! Crafts, Cats, Cards, Cardstock, Coffee

D- Disney, Dr. Pepper, Dinosaurs, Dolphins

E- Elephants

F- Food, Flowers, French Bulldogs, Fall, Fish

G- Gold, Glitter

H- Homemade, Harry Potter, Halloween

I- Icecream

J- Jellyfish

K- Kitty, Koalas, Kayak, Kardashians

L- Lemons, Lightstrings, Lil Wayne

M- Mario Kart, Moon, Markers

N- New York, Neon

O- Octopus, Old, Ocean

P- Postcards, Pumpkins, Polaroids, Packaging supplies, Paper, Pink, Pastel, Pineapple, Pottery


R- Rainbows, Resin, Rain

S- Stationary, Squishmallow, Softball, Stickers, Silhouette, Stamps, Sagittarius

T- Tie-dye, Turtles, Taylor Swift

U- UFO, UV Resin

V- Valentines Day, Vintage

W- Washi Tape, Weird, Watercolor


Y- Yellow,

Z- Zodiac

No thank you..

I'm truly an easy going person and I tend to believe I do not have a long dislike list, but...

-I do love food but I would not like to receive any in the mail. I am so sorry!

-I am not a tea drinker..just coffee.

-I am deathly allergic to pine nuts.

-No religious items, please. I am spiritual, just not too religious.

Let me add that that I am always so dang happy to receive anything that someone put just the tiniest effort into because that truly is special! So I would love anything you send and if I can’t use it personally, I will gift it to someone who can.


ayahsantos rated for WIYM: NAKED DISNEY POSTCARD on Dec 7, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Take care always.
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Comment: Thank you for the cute polar bear card and washi tape!! Merry Christmas!!!
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Comment: Thanks, I would like to go to Yellowstone too. Rich
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Comment: always a treat when I get your happy mails! thank you for another amazing swap!
Comment: Thank you, Cara, for the warm birthday wishes! Same back to you! :)
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