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JanHardt on Jan 17, 2023:

Thank you Kate, for working on my Collaboration postcard. The FABULOUS lady did make me smile! I love my completed postcard.

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2022:


wolfeagle on Nov 8, 2022:


Thank you for working on my Collaboration PC. I love how it turned out.

wolfeagle on Sep 19, 2022:

Thank you for adding the stars to this Pass and Paste postcard. You know I always love stars.❤️

SeleneW on Sep 16, 2022:

Thank you so much for working on this wonderful happy mail surprise I received this month. An AMA HD/HP P&P postcard which you worked on in 3/21! I had no idea this beautiful card was coming. Thank you so very much! <3

pahasiga on May 26, 2022:

I received today back my Pass&Paste PC, for which you created a "Christmas cheer" section with a decorated tree and decorated dog under it (#33 for you). Thank you so much!

wolfeagle on Mar 9, 2022:

Thank you so much for working on my pass and paste. It's a monster. I love it!

wolfeagle on Feb 17, 2022:

Thank you for working on my geico gecko pass and paste. I love seeing how they turned out.

wolfeagle on Jan 28, 2022:

You're welcome. I was surprised when I received a pc that old, but I was also happy to finish it off and get it back to you. I think it's nice to get little mail surprises like that. And it makes me hopeful that any I thought were missing, could just be buried in someones craft room. ;)

wolfeagle on Dec 28, 2021:


Wishing you a fantastic 2022!

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