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Date Joined: May 18, 2012
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Birthday: October 9, 1952
Country: United States

Favorite Crafts

I like to do collages with old magazines(from the 50's) and department store catalogs(40's and 50's) and the sewing pattern catalogs(ditto with the years). I collect paperdolls and often use the extra clothes in my collages. Most of my work is on the humorous or (punny) side of life. My favorite color in teal-turq. with red or bright green and navy I have two cats (calico named Annabelle Lee and black cat named Lenore) Even though I have cats-I collect Scotty Dog things!

Favorite Television

Right now my favorites are anything on ID(Investigation Discovery)channel and American Gothic. Looking forward to the new Season of American Horror Story! I like comedies like Raising Hope, Miranda,some quirky comedies 0n Amazon Originals. Of my favorite quirky type shows that haven't lasted on tv that I adore are shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls and Pushing Up Daisies-not To mention Beauty and Beast-the tv series called Friday the 13 that took place in an antique store and those who care for and returned if lost evil antiques. I used to skip last period study hall in high school to come home and watch Dark Shadows-so glad Johnny Depp did his take on it and now I can watch the original ones on Netflix streaming thanks to the renewed interest.

Favorite Books

I like mystery books and paranormal fantasy books. Nothing heavy and gritty,though. I will read young adult mystery series and novels when I want a fast read.

Favorite Crafts

I used to paint on wood-shapes that were cut out by my husband on a scroll saw. Lots of holiday decorative pieces. Did mini quilts but no sewing was involved-it was all done with fusible web.I had a booth in a crafter's mall when that was all the rage but it closed up and that's when I turned to crafting for my own enjoyment and not trying to fill up a booth. I still occassionally do the name shape when a new baby is born and they want a stand up name for the child's bedroom. Now I enjoy doing collages-altered books-ATC cards and birthday books(I take a baby sized board book and turn it into this is your life and everything that was happening on the year you were born-whom were some other famous people born your same year and even the same day-who were the politicians-what was the price of goods and what items first came out the year-that kind of information.

Favorite Music

I guess the category of my music would be called modern folk-upbeat women singers-like Dar Williams and Jonatha Brookes. Like the oldies too like Cat Stevens-James Taylor-Jim Croce-etc. My husband introduced me to bluegrass music and old timey blues jazz-like most of that too. His favorite is Bob Dylan, but I sometimes find it hard to understand the words he is singing!! I went through a period where I just listened to John Gorka and Lucy Kaplinsky and Christine Kane-they are good if now a little sad-so I'm taking a break from them now. I'm listening more to what they call the "oldies" now which is the music of my years 1960-1970!

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are ones with Johnny Depp in them be they animated or live action. the animated ones like Coraline-Corpse Bride-Nightmare Before Christmas. Also like anything with Vincent Price in it-like the Edgar Allan Poe ones. Gothic old ones like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. And of course anything Muppets.

About Me

I got married in 1982-we have no kids. He came from a family of thirteen siblings, and I was the baby of the family having two older sisters. I worked in B Dalton bookstores all the while I was going to college and then some. I was in charge of the children's book sections, and I still like to read and keep up with the new books. I work for a company that helps mentally and physically challenged people to become more independent and that is very rewarding-I have done that now for five years-came out of retirement to do this. I take people to dr appts-grocery shopping-bowling-to the YMCA to exercise and one dear little lady that is 91 loves to go to the thrift shops so that it when I find a lot of my goodies for doing my crafts too! UPDATE -I retired in April of 2013 and now am having more time to do more crafting and swapping. I didn't need to work anymore so I figured it was time to take care of myself instead of everyone else-the love my former clients dearly and still see a couple of them on a regular friendship basis. I moved my art area from a tiny extra bedroom upstairs to a large 4 season porch that goes across the whole front of the house (on the main floor)-natural lighting windows on three sides-the other side opens up to the living room. Now at least my husband and I are on the same floor when he is watching his sports on tv, and I am creating art! I have a cat tower in the front window near my craft desk so that my furry babies (Annabelle Lee and Lenore are eleven years old) That tiny bedroom upstairs got turned into a music room-my husband just bought an electric guitar. Thankfully he also bought headphones with that, so he doesn't scare the kitties too much! Update-my husband went back to work -came out of retirement for his dream job. The federal judge in town asked him to be his law clerk for an appointment of four years! He is retired now and it's hard to have him around the house ALL the time now! But I'll adjust!

Craft items

Things I would like to get:: I own several die cutting machines and sometimes like a die so much I buy it twice. My wish is that swap-botters would list in their profile if they own a die cutting machine so I could send them my extras when I am sending them goodies with the intended swap. Paper dolls Doilies-small paper different shapes and colors . Unused party decorative napkin/rice paper napkins.

Old photos-black and white (people-old houses-cemeteries -dark}-Pictures of just everyday happening with everyday people

Old postcards Postage stamps(I actually have a stamp album that I work on every now and then)

Anything black cat.

Anything Halloween.

Anything Edgar Allan Poe-I have a Poe shrine in my art area

Cheshire cat from the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland-this cat this turquoise

Anything from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Anything Coke-I have a coke and chef themed kitchen. Update-we remodeled our kitchen in 2022 and now it has teal cupboards-glass tile backsplash-teal walls and very vintage looking!

Anything scotty dog-prefer the black ones-but the white ones are cute too. parts of old magazines-from the 1950's and before

Yarn with lots of texture and more than one color going on-I make bookmarks and tags and these are my tassel parts on the top.

Large print text-great for cutting out a word here and there for a collage.Any kind of book text.

Old maps and old illustrations from geography type literature . Printed tissue paper-love to layer it over text or such for a new look-tissue paper from old sewing patterns-embroidery floss -tiny bits of small, printed fabric. I've started the slow stitching craze and love it!

Scraps of tiny print scrapbook paper also like glittery ones-good of small details on my ATC and collages. Maps

Rubber Stamps-on blocks or cling- acrylic



Comment: Thank you for your beautiful Index Card and extras. I love what you've created <3
Response: Glad you liked what I sent-thanks for the rating!
lmacdavis93 rated for Pick 3 Large Rolo on Apr 16, 2024
Comment: HI Georgene: I am going back through my swaps and find I did not rate you for this one despite the fact that my notebook says I rated it on 4/1/24. Not sure what happened but at any rate, better late than never, I hope. This large rolo is just beautiful! Blue is my favorite color, and I love that you used it predominantly for this. The elements work so well together - the photo of the lady, flowers, butterfly, number label - just perfect! Thank you so much for such a beautiful swap.
LDeWitt rated for AACG: Inkbox Card Book, Part 4 on Apr 4, 2024
Comment: WOW! You know how to make a swap partner happy. Halloween my favorite holiday X2! I'm thrilled with what I received and your work is extraordinary. You backgrounds do not distract and your subjects are adorable. Thank you so much also for the extra bits, they are always appreciated. I'll look forward to swapping with you again soon.Take care and stay well.
Response: So happy you were happy with what I sent. I do check the person's profile to see what they like. Thanks for the rating! Happy Spring!
Comment: I am absolutley astonished by your generosity! Thank you so much for the fun dragon decorated envelope and the cool little calendar (it's going into my wallet). And the ephemera and collage books are so wonderful - I hate to cut hem up...but I probably will. I feel absolutely spoiled and I love everything you sent. Thank you for making my day so much brighter with your thoughtfulness! Aloha
Response: I knew you were the perfect person to send my duplicate collage books! I hate cutting them up too and sometimes just photocopy them on my printer! Hope all is well with you and until next time! Thanks for the rating and Aloha back to you ,too!
Comment: Sweet. Thanks. The tiny calendar is adorable.
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating! Happy Spring!
Comment: I found this in my computer room unopened. My sincerest apologies. Thank you for the girl wearing a witch's hat holding a Magick Spells book with a spider . I appreciate the stickers.
Response: So glad you found it-better late than never! And that you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating. Have a Happy Easter!
Comment: Thank you for such a sweet house! Love it
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
Fieke rated for BL ~ Green, March on Mar 23, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card you made and the extra's ๐Ÿ˜
Response: Glad you like what I sent! Thanks for rating!
greyhorse8 rated for Vintage St.Paddy on Mar 22, 2024
Comment: A suggestion: when gluing fabric or sequins use Fabri-Tac or Fabri-Fix. I reglued everything because it had fallen apart but is very pretty.
Response: I was afraid that was going to happen-so thanks for the tip and the rating!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely Paris Inbox Card. I visited Paris few years ago, It was lovely. -Gracias!
Response: Lucky you to see Paris! I'm glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
Poeprincess rated for TIMs: Whatever Betwinchies (1:2) on Mar 18, 2024
Comment: Loved these Twinchies, the envelope they came in & the Poe extras! Love the idea of decorating your tree year โ€˜round. Thanks so much for being my partner!
Response: It's always easy and fun when I have you for a partner! Glad you liked everything I sent! Thanks for the rating! We finally got the big snow I had being waiting for all winter!
ChrisD rated for FTLOC: Spring Hidden Paper Clip on Mar 18, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the adorable hidden paper clips. They are perfect. I can't wait to use them.
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
kromo rated for CPG 2024 St Pats Card - US on Mar 10, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the lovely St Patrickโ€™s day card. I used to have a small tree a kept up in my kitchen and changed for all the holidays but the lights went out and it needs replaced. I was just wishing I had replaced it this past Christmas because I miss changing the decorations. I usually use dollar store ones because the cats like to play with them. ๐Ÿ˜‚ weโ€™ve only had snow once and ended up being 20+ inches in a week, crazy world. ๐Ÿ€Make a wish on the rainbow. ๐ŸŒˆ
Response: Yes I know about cats and trees. But now that my present cats aren't kittens anymore-they just like to sit on the tree skirt under it! We are finally getting our BIG snow now that the calendar says spring! It's a long storm that started late last night and is going to continue through Tuesday. Up to 12 inches but the wind gusts are the factor that keeps us home! Glad you liked the card I sent you-thanks for the rating!
donetta rated for RF: Master Board Small Rolo Series on Mar 10, 2024
Comment: Georgene, my friend, I have a story to tell you! I was walking back to my apartment from the mailroom/library, and I ran into my next door neighbor. She saw your adorable kitty-themed envelope and remarked that it was (as we know) "just adorable". She wondered what might be inside, so I opened it on the spot so we both could see, and the first things we saw were the BEAUTIFUL glittery fabrics and laces (and that butterfly!), which blew Nancy's mind, but when I pulled out the rolo, she was speechless for a full 30 seconds. It is so stinkin' adorable! I'm overusing the word, but truly...just darling. Just so you know, I'm not the only person here who thinks you are fantastique...my friend Nancy, who has not one crafty or artistic bone in her body, also thinks that is the perfect one-word description for Georgene in North Dakota!
Response: You make me blush but also make me happy that I uplifted you and Nancy's day! Thanks for sharing my work and that story! You are the best person to send to,my friend! We are finally getting the big snow I had wanted all winter! Started last night and is supposed to last thru Tuesday. Maybe up to 12" but it's the high gusting wind that will keep us home! I don't mind as long as we don't lose power! Thanks for the rating! Take care!
GreetingsEarthling rated for Envie full of Black on Mar 8, 2024
Comment: Hi Georgene. Thank you so much for the black goodies. These will be fun to put to use. Take care!!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
ChrisD rated for FTLOC: Easter Bingo Card on Mar 5, 2024
Comment: Georgene, you did a cute job on the Bingo Card. I love the vintage bunny and the trim. I really appreciate it!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for hosting this swap-too bad more people didn't join but we had fun! Thanks for the rating!
Comment: What a great card, the bird is beautiful- thank you for the many beautiful papers. Hope you didnโ€™t get the latest snow, Iโ€™ll put your information on the back for you ๐Ÿ˜
Response: Oh,sorry-I thought the index card was to be a journaling card so I left it blank! Glad you liked what I made. No luck-I wanted snow but it went north and south of us! Thanks for the rating!
nancylee rated for Spooky February on Mar 4, 2024
Comment: Fun flannel ghosts - loving this series
Response: I had fun with this one-glad you liked it too! Thanks for the rating!
swapwithyi rated for YTPC: Index Card Mini Journal on Mar 3, 2024
Comment: Thankyou for your beautiful journal,I love it <3 I also thankful about the note your wrote to me. We don't have snow in Hong Kong . Hope you enjoy your day!
Response: I'm glad you liked what I sent! It's always fun to swap with someone so far away! Thanks for the rating!
Sequoia183 rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #87 on Mar 2, 2024
Comment: Thank you Georgine
Response: Thanks for the rating!

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here i am again saying how amazingly creative you are...mad hatter is crazy good!!

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Thank you for that generous package of wonderful! Not to mention that very nice ATC! What fun swapping with Fargo!

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Beautiful Gothic arch with wings!

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