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About Me



My name is Toni , I live in the United Kingdom in a city called Cambridge but I was born in Leeds.

I live with my husband simon and our 6 children in and all our animals.

I'm a cash office manager of a retail store in my city and also help my husband running his car garage.

I have 2 young sisters Nicola 21 & Chantelle 13 and 2 young brothers that are twins James & Joshua 10 ,I have a 3 year old nephew called Lee and a newborn niece called Sophie. My husband has 4 brothers and between them have given us 14 more nieces and nephew 2x Aaron , Josh , Jordan , Charley , Shannon , Tamzin , Jake , Keanna , Rebecca , Louise , Jayden , Bailey & Anaiha. So as you can see we are a large family makes christmas dinner a mighty chore the record so far Xmas day was cooking for 28 people

Ten things I like doing in my spare time :

  • I love to take my truck off roading / green laning having a good old play in the mud

  • Big fan of going to the movies have myself an unlimited card so I can go as many times a month I like

  • Enjoy spending time with children we go out on lots of trips to places for the day or weekend to like theme parks , zoo , sea sides and play centres but our fav is to find new parks to play at.

  • I like to go out for meals and drinks with my friends and have a good old chat over a costa coffee or Starbucks.

  • I love to shop I'm that bad for shopping that while I'm in the shop in the que waiting to pay I will be on my iphone online shopping at the same time ,must of what I buy is always spoiling the children my husband and mother tell me to stop and treat myself more which is my 2014 resolution lol.

  • Watching films I spent most night in bed watching a film or tv series like the walking dead , dexter and more

  • I like to bake and decorate cakes nice and pretty a lot of the time the children join in with their own cupcakes ,I love to cook family meals

  • Always posting on Instagram ID savannah82 , Twitter @toniholliday & Facebook which is good for keeping in touch with family as they are all around the world so nice to share photos with them ect

  • I like to spend time with my crafts personalising things like the children's shoes adding Swarovski style rhinestones and making hair ribbons and clips decorating old frames ect

  • I like to do my girls hair and practice new hair styles of braiding and things as my girls have lovely long hair to play around with styles.


My Children

minion minion

I have 6 wonder ful kids that are my whole world

  • 💜 Shannon is 13 years old and is in love with Justin Bieber & One Direction she likes to listen to music and practice her nail art her favourite colour is purple and everything has to be purple she collects posters and stickers and magazine clipping of justin bieber and lots or nail art items , she has just joined drama and music club after school and has started to get into World of Warcraft , she spends all her money on make up and clothes she likes her handbags and hair accessories she is all about her branded items now she is going to expensive to maintain as she gets older I feel for her future husband lol

  • 💚 Charlotte is 10 years old and is very much a tom boy very proud of her bumps and scraps she gets and isn't afraid to get dirty , she loves to build Lego she will spend lots of time mKing box sets and is very creative with building items from scratch and has just started to learn to play the electric guitar she got for Christmas her favourite colour is lime green she loves attending school and is achieving grades way above her year she is a big fan of all skylander items , she is always out on her BMX or skate board over the local skate park most of her friends are boys her best friend is Kyle and they have been inseparable since before they could even walk

  • 💗 Daniella is 7 years old animal crazy loves any animal and they all seem to return the same love for her where ever she goes they go she loves ponies and horses she loves anything to do with them and is hoping to get her own pony is the very near future. She is very creative and loves all things arty and crafts she likes to sit and write story's she is really good and puts lots of effort in the them with lots of pictures ,she attends a gymnastics group and liked playing with her friends on xbox a big skylander fan has us collecting every charactor that comes out including the limited ones ,she loves anything pink/purple and girly She would love if anyone else with children wanted to write to her as she loves writing letters and receiving mail

  • 💚 Rhianna-Leigh is 6 years old she is my little side kick loves to be by my side she calls her self my little minion from the film dispicable me ,she likes to draw and make things and loves hello kitty and spongebob she likes to sit and have lots of mummy and roo time she liked to dance and also attends gymnastics she likes the colour green and taking her dolls out in their prams when we go out she is very mumsie and loves her pretend play cooking and dolls

  • 💚 Alfie is 4 years old he loves cars and trucks he likes playing with his hot wheels sets which are all attatched to his bedroom walls ,he is addicted to playing skylanders and disney infinity and mine craft on his xbox with his sisters ,but he doesn't make a very good loser , he is a very emoitanal child has great sympathy for people that are sad or sick will do what ever he can to make others happy his favourite colour is also lime green he likes his action figures and helping his sister with building her lego he is very OCD and doesn't like to get dirty and likes all his things neatly placed away loves helping mummy with the house chores

  • 💛 Archie is 3 years old and is crazy about dinosaur and dragon mad loves to sit and play with them for hours and watching how to train your dragon is a must when he returns home from play group,he is a very typical boy very loud and loves to make things a mess and be distructive , he loves playing with big trucks and 4x4 cars as he says they are like mummies and he pretends to take them off road dinosaur hunting , he's a great actor and loves to dress up

My Pets

I love animals as do my kids and we have lots of pets in our household everyone that knows us says we are like zoo 😀

  • 🐰 3 giant rabbits called Tallulah , Malon , Eclipse


  • 🐶 A female shih tzu called Nessi


  • 🐶 A male shih tzu dogs Jasper


  • 🐱 4 cats called Daisy , Toodles , Muska & Gallagher

  • 🐔 4 chickens

  • 3 bearded dragons called nacho , taco & rango

dragon dragon

-🐌 2 land snails and 6 guinea pigs

Although none of the animals realise they are different breeds as my rabbits dogs chickens and cats will all sleep in the same dog beds in our out house and garden and all come running when it's feeding time and will share from the same bowls even when it's not their food lol

My Work

  • I work full time as a manager in the cash office of a local store my job consists of counting and banking the stores takings planning staff rotors and stock control along with managing staff through out the day . Allot of the people I work with are great people and we manage to have a good laugh together. I'm lucky enough to of become very good friends with a lot of them and we all get together every month on pay weekend and go out for a meal and drinks about 6-10 of us they like a little second family. 🍹🍺🍝🍜

  • My husband also runs our own business running a car garage and mot station which I help run by doing the paperwork side of things for him . So all in all I run a very busy life there's no time to be anything but organised .

Favorite Movies

🎬 I love films of all kinds and have a huge DVD collection along with netflix and on demand movies I tent to find myself watching one almost every night in bed with a cup of hot chocolate especially on cold winter nights ☕️

  • I'm in love with the twilight films I can watch them over and over again and never get bored of them and any other vampire or zombie films

  • Horror/Scary films I love I'm the person that will hide behind my pillow or look at my phone computer or anything to avoid watching the jumpy bits but always end up having keep watching 😱

  • I love a good Nicholas Cage film my fav being gone in 60 seconds and con air

  • with having my children iv turned into a bit of a sucker for dreamworks amd disney films can't beat abit of dispicable me ( my daughter rhianna says she my minion as she loves this too) also things Iike smurfs , toy story , cars and monster inc I could go on for ever lol

  • I like action films like all the fast & furious films , transporter

  • chick flics like dirty dancing , pretty woman

Favorite Television

I like to get into watching a good series on tv I'm not much of a soap person but do watch the occasional episodes but I'm mainly into the series and films

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Origanls
  • Shameless
  • Being Human
  • Supernatural
  • Dextar and many more but I think iv said enough already on this subject 😝

Food & drink

Food - nando peri chicken - pork chops - pizza

Fizzy drinks - coke - Pepsi - dr peppa

Alcoholic drinks - love cocktails - jagger bombs

Hot drink - hot chocolate - tea fruity types the teas in the photo are my usual drinks I purchase for my self as well as the tradianal English breakfast tea you add milk to but I enjoy trying all types of flavors Love the sweet cherry and raspberry strawberry types but happy to try and fruit tea

Sweets - chocolate - chewy sweets - kiddy type candies - buiscuits

I love Oreo cookies

Things like

Here is a list of things I'd be happy to receive

  • fashion jewellery of all kinds

  • Oreo cookies like mint and birthday flavours ect as we only get the the normal and chocolate here

  • scented candles like the yanki styles in the glass like skittle and m&m

-I like to collect the pandora style beads and charms

  • nail art accessories

  • washi tapes

  • memo pads ,posti notes nice writting paper

  • rubber stamps and inks

  • candy & chocolate we love this from around the world

  • Swarovski orniment so collect them

  • Hair accessories

  • Anything Hello Kitty , Spongebob ! Skylander or justin bieber thyme items ( for the children )

spongebob hellokitty

  • Hand made items like blankets I love crochet although I can't do it myself but Like little knitted goodies received a little knitted chick cover or eggs he was so cute

  • Rhinestone beads and other crafty bits and bobs

  • Keyrings

  • I love photo frames and cushions

  • cool socks any (sizes child 9 through to adult 6)

  • hot chocolate drinks

  • little gift sets from drink to make ups

  • pony / horse items my daughter is mad on them


  • sticker sheets for crafts all kinds for card making ect

  • pens and pencils of all typesfrom like gel scented fabric glaze ect ect

  • children's art and craft items along with card making items

  • card making items like ribbons die cut outs anything that can decorate with

  • candles

  • bath items

  • cross stitching

Things I don't

I generally like the experience of the swaps and I'm happy to receive what every the sender wants to send I was brought up ith the saying it's better to give than receive how ever there are a few things I really wouldn't want

  • I can't have anything banana flavour /scent
  • lemon scente / flavor


Whippet rated for Happy Easter - quick card swap on Mar 24, 2016
Comment: Toni, I sent you messages telling you I hadn't received your Easter card for the Happy Easter - quick card swap." You didn't answer me or send messages to me. I'm rating you a "1." If you return to swap - bot message me that you are sending to me the swap card and we will communicate about changing the "1" to a "3".
tiggerski rated for Where You Live (PC) - Intl (Feb) on Jun 28, 2014
Comment: I am disappointed that I never received my snail mail envie, since this is the first time I have been flaked on. I emailed, but she hasn't read/responded to it. I will update this should I receive something.
nellswell rated for 100: 10 Lists of 10 Each (Round 3) on May 16, 2014
Comment: (Updated 5/15/14): I received the swap; thanks for sharing your lists, and for the cute extras! *** I'm really sorry to rate a '1', but I still haven't received anything, and my message asking if you could let me know when you planned to re-send went unanswered. If and when I receive this swap, I'm happy to re-rate!
Response: Have just resent this again today as I can't remember if the replacement went out or not
Comment: Thanks
Comment: Swap marked as sent on April 4th which is four weeks ago and nothing has been received. No answer to my message. Will rerate if this is ever received.
Tetly24 rated for Big Hello Kitty Swap! on May 6, 2014
Comment: Very happy with all the goodies I recived excellent swapper :-)
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Comment: 2 May: Marked sent on 20 March, which is now six weeks ago -- usually more than enough time for something to go from UK to Germany. Sent a message about the swap on 27 April (5 days ago) but got no answer. And it seems I'm not the only one in this situation. If I do receive the swap, I'll re-rate, of course! 7 May: replacement swap supposed to have been sent out. 17 September: Still no sign of either the original swap nor the promised re-send.
Response: Sent replacement today 7/5/14 hope it arrives this time and doesn't take too long
coutdl rated for Snapchat with me! #2 on Apr 24, 2014
Comment: thank you very much for all of the goodies:)
Comment: Thank you! we will send another one soon!
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Comment: ty very much!
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Comment: Love your board! Had to "steal" a few...
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Comment: Thanks, it arrived today...please ignore my earlier message ;-) I love what you send, walkers is a brand I like. Cant wait to try!!
Comment: Awesome board.
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Comment: I really enjoyed the board :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely swap !! <3
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Comment: Hello.... I received my swap over the weekend. Loved it! Thanks soooo much. Can't wait to try everything!
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Comment: Thank you! I just tasted one small rabbit shaped chocolate and it was so good :)
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Comment: Very sweet. Thank you so much. I'm sorry for the late rating. I had some troubles in home... I hope you're not mad at me... A big hug

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