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Date Joined: February 15, 2021
Last Online: November 28, 2021
Birthday: February 20
Country: India

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Ankita and I am 23 years old. I have been snailmailing for 2 years and I love to make crafty mails and swaps. I am currently a student and I love to explore my interest areas. I am from India , the country which is known for its diversity. I am very friendly and open minded person. I really love making friends specially through correspondence. Some of my interest include painting, crafting , snailmailing, travelling and cooking. I love to watch Netflix tv shows a lot My fav theme would be: botanical and florals as well as shabby chic. I have this thing for plants and pretty flowers that I just love to adore them. Other than that I also love vintage botanicals too. I love nature , whenever I go to somewhere green I always take picture of lake, sky, trees , plants , birds because it’s very soothing to my eyes. I really like cats, butterflies and bees themed stationery. I collect coins, postage stamps, postcards and shaped Paper clips. My fav colours are mostly pastels and soft colours like shades of blue , pink and purple. I love stickers, ephemera, doilies , embellishments, sticky notes, pretty papers , washis, flip books , anythung handmade. I know we all are a stationery hoarder and who doesn’t love stationery?

If you want to see my creations you can check out my Instagram @paintcraftart where I post my mails. I am also open for private swap , feel free to reach me out.

Favorite Crafts

I love making flipbooks, layered pockets, side pocket mail, pocket letter , decorating envelopes and postcards. I have improved a lot in making these now , earlier I wasn’t really that great but now I am surely better with making more crafty mails. I love to checkout YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration when I want to craft.

LIKES / Wish list

I love florals and botanical theme a lot anything cactus, bee, butterflies , bird, cat , soft vintage , pastel colours (blue,pink and purple are my favs) , botanical green colour is also lovely, botanical illustration book pages, old book pages in different languages, mushrooms, succulents, vintage botanical theme, pretty stamps, snailmail themed goodies, airmail stickers, labels, label stickers, stamped images of label etc, postcards, tickets /stubs , fox , woodland themed stationery, botanical leaves, happy mail stickers, sentiments, quote stickers, tags, pretty papers, anything that can be used for crafting. I also don’t mind receiving cute/ kawaii themed stuff but nothing childish or Disney. I also enjoy cottage core, autumn theme , etc. but I wouldn’t mind receiving a themed mail that you enjoy. ♥️


🔹washi stickers or pet stickers (transparent ones)

🔹floral /botanical / vintage / grid / polka/ geometric shapes washi rolls or washi samples

🔹 PipSticks Stickers

🔹 flow magazine goodies

🔹vintage musical book pages

🔹 ephemera / cutouts

🔹 botanical / floral illustration book pages

🔹 anything floral / botanical/ cactus/cat/ bees/ butterfly/ mushroom

🔹 quote stickers/ word stickers ( type writers font)

🔹a crafty happy mail is my fav thing to receive

🔹 Mail art ( love to receive pretty mail)

🔹 paper doilies

🔹 notepad / memo sheets

🔹 vintage labels or tags (to use as address labels )

🔹black gel pen

🔹matching letter sheet and envelopes

🔹 faux stamp stickers

🔹 diecuts ( I don’t have the machine to make these)

🔹 double sided printed papers for crafting

🔹PET washi tape ( transparent ones )

🔹wax candles/beads/ wax seals ( I have heart, letter A, yin-yang and rose wax seal head)

🔹 brown / Kraft paper envelope or pretty handmade envelope/ vellum envelopes ( mailable size)

🔹cute Brad pins


Something I dislike would be kiddish or childish stuff like reward stickers, smiley/ emoji goodies, puffy stickers,plastic or paper washi tapes, glittery washis, red, orange and yellow colours. I don’t like Disney, marvel and DC. I don’t like spooky things or stationery. No Halloween / Christmas theme goodies.

Please don’t send me paper page flags or paper / bookmarks.

I am very picky about food, so if you plan to send me anything eatable please confirm with me once. I am not a huge fan of flavoured teas and anything minty in flavour. So, please avoid to send me those. I don’t like nuts or any fruit in my chocolate or snacks (unless it is hazelnut) and a big no to dark chocolate. No loose sticky notes or loose letter papers. Full size is fine.

I dislike neon , glittery stuff ,too blingy, anything with human faces (vintage style babies / girl etc ) . I don’t do art journaling or planning. So no planner stickers or goodies, to do list, reminder etc


I like to receive both blank and naked postcards. I specially love to receive a decorated naked postcard with washi or stickers.😄


  • Touristic PC

  • Pretty Illustrated PC

  • Floral/ botanical PC

  • Butterfly/ Bee / Birds

  • Nature/ Scenery etc

  • Lou Paper


  • religious PC

  • ad/free PC

  • PC with quotes

  • Holiday PC


I always look at my partner’s profile and try to make swap as per their likes. ( even if its senders choice) Because I believe swaps are supposed to bring joy and I take my time to curate these.

I am very patient person and I am not fussy if you send your swap late but please inform me. But before rating you a 1 or 3 i will reach out to you first and wait for your response. I’ll only rate you 3 if don’t meet the swap requirements and I receive no communication from your side.

I will give you a heart ♥️ if it’s special. By special I mean if you have put efforts into making the swap and took your time to see my profile. I do swaps for fun and to bring joy to other person, not for the sake of rating or just getting it done.

I prefer sending proof image of my swaps to my partner either via Instagram or email whatever works for you. If you wish to do the same then you can inbox me :) You can always reach me out @paintcraftart on Instagram

On April 20th , my family and I were infected with COVID-19, due to which I couldn’t send my swap on time and I informed my partners about it (these swaps were hosted by me myself). I am now healthy and have recovered fully.


Also, mail is really slow due to pandemic so guys please be patient. If you haven’t received or didn’t like what I sent, please reach me out before rating me 1 or 3. I am sure we can work this out.


Comment: Thank you so much! :)
WoodlandBanshee rated for Fun with MailArt on Nov 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for this very nice swap. Take care.
Comment: Thank you so much for the mail. You are very talented. The picture you painted is gorgeous. ❤
Labella79 rated for Profile Postcards #3 on Nov 12, 2021
Comment: I received your beautiful flower postcard today - thank you so much <3 I hope you're fine, too. The first thing I would love to do when the situation gets a bit more normal is having a facial at a cosmetic studio. I don't do it now because I'm not able to wear a mask during the treatment and the cosmetic is too close to my face. This makes me feel uncomfortable these days. And what are your plans?
Tuutis rated for Fall/ Autumn Themed Envelope on Nov 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you, so beautiful items and lovely envelope!
Leistessa rated for World Postcard Day on Nov 3, 2021
Comment: Happy Diwali! I've received your Postcard! Love the stamps, they're little works of art :)
Labella79 rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you so very much for your cute postcard <3 I like it a lot :-) And all the pretty and yummy stamps, too :-) I have a sweet tooth and I love many desserts ;-) One of my favorite is Tiramisu.
alittlebitgypsy rated for Profile Postcards #3 on Oct 29, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely butterfly postcard. It’s very pretty
Snailmail1772 rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 28, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful butterfly postcard!
Art90world rated for Crafty HappyMail Swap on Oct 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for such a lovely mail <3
hammondeggs rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 24, 2021
Comment: Ankita, Thank you for the floral postcard. I really love it!!
amccracken109 rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 21, 2021
Comment: Yay, it got here! Thank you so much for the pretty card and the neat stamps. I only have a couple of cards from India, so I am very excited! My favorite dessert is anything chocolate, especially cake or ice cream. Sadly, I am very addicted to sugar! LOL
Comment: Thank you so much for beautifully decorated happy mail with lovely goodies! I am enjoying using them in my journal.
Lilyhax rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your postcard and wonderful stamps. I love ice cream for dessert. For Christmas and Thanksgiving I really like pumpkin pie (a pumpkin custard in a pastry pie shell).
Response: Thankyou :) I’m glad you liked it.
alittledabble rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Tysm for the WPCD pc! I love that you did the design! I also love how you decorated the back. My favorite dessert is definitely ice cream. How about you?
Response: I’m glad you liked it, even though I was quite nervous about it hehe. My fav dessert would be brownies and donuts.
Shenaniganator rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I have to admit I’ve been a picky eater most of my life and haven’t tried Indian food yet, but it looks good from those stamps!
Response: Thankyou :) I’ agree, even I am a picky eater hehe.
Karen07 rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 16, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much! I love cards from India.
Response: Thankyou :) I’m glad you liked it.
KrystalCook84 rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your lovely postcard!!! My favourite dessert is cheesecake.
Response: Thankyou :) I’m glad you liked it.
teddygirl rated for Botanical Themed Envelope #1 on Oct 7, 2021
Comment: After long waiting period to receive this swap, it finally arrived... I was ever so happy to see it finally in my letter box. Thanks so very much Ankita sending it another way! Much appreciated and I really do love it all esp the cute postcards, washi and letter papers.You deserve more hearts, tjankyou from the bottom of my heart xxxx
Response: Thankyou for rating me and most importantly for being so patient & understanding. I hope you have fun using the goodies. ❤️ Take care
Jbee rated for Floral and Botanical Crafty Mail on Oct 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you very much for this wonderful swap & the lovely crafted bookled. l love it ❤️
Response: Thankyou for swapping with me ❤️