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Country: Germany

About Me

UPDATE: 7th. March 2023. My husband underwent surgery last week. We hope he'll be home back soon and recovers quickly. So at the moment I'm at the clinic or busy with kids!

TRAVEL NOTICE: 16th Jan. 2023, I will be out of the country because of my mom’s health issues until mid or end of February. When I get back home I will open the mail which has arrived and rate. If you didn’t get any of my swaps I sent before I left, you can contact me. I won’t have Internet all the time but when I do I’ll reply to my messages and send photos of the swap. When I get back, I will contact you again and we’ll work something out. Thanks for your understanding and patience!!!

Hi! My name is Vanessa. I’m from Spain but live in Germany. I’m a mother of 4. I love creativity. I’m new to Swap-Bot. I’m so glad I found this site. I’m looking forward to have fun with swaps and getting to know a lot of people.

I love the holidays specially Christmas, which is just around the corner!

I love animals, cats, dogs. My favorite animal is the tiger. I like turtles also. I would love to volunteer some day and help them and get to see the turtle babies hatching out and going in to the sea!

I love many things like art of all kinds, mail art and crafting. I enjoy mixed media projects. I love sewn projects. I like upcycling, card making, art journals, junk journals, etc. I’m starting to learn and practice hand/brushlettering and doodling at the moment.

Favorite Crafts

My favorite crafts are:

Crochet, I like crocheting scarfs, hats, small amigurumis like cupcakes, etc,

Knitting I haven’t done in a while because I’m doing more crochet.

Sewing, I like to sew scrunchies, headbands, pencil cases, small bags, etc.

Cross stitch projects like for Christmas, etc.

I love doing paper crafts, stationery, cards, boxes, pockets, etc. Also decorating envelopes. I love using paper, newspaper, magazine cutouts, paper with musical notes that are in other languages in my collages, mixed media art and projects. I also love to collect found objects and any vintage photographs to use in my art, including old photos and/or slides.

I like to learn new things or techniques for art and crafts. I also love to recycle or upcycle items and give them a new use, specially because they tell a story! I like to include this items in my crafts and mixed media projects.

At the moment I’m a beginner in doodling and hand/brushlettering but I’m loving it!

Favorite Colors

My favorite colors include purple (violet), blue and green, like the ocean, teal blue, gold, silver, bronze, pink, rose gold, autumn colors, rusty colors, pastels, neons. It depends on the project. Actually, I can't think of a color I really don't like.

Favorite Music

I like different genres. I love to dance to music. I like to listen radio music or my Playlist.




the 80s

the 90s

Top 40

Dua Lipa

Ed Sheeran

One Republic

Maroon 5

and many more!

Favorite Movies

I like musicals like Grease (I love it), The Greatest Showman, Dirty Dancing. But also science fiction, fantasy, action, etc. Like Mandalorian, Star Wars, James Bond, Twilight Saga, RomComs like To All The Boys x 3 (love them), A Walk to Remember. Family movies like Home Alone ( we love to watch it on Christmas) and much more. Only scary movies I don’t like at all.

Favorite Books

Favorite Books/Authors

Daphne du Maurier is one of my favorite writers. Also Nicholas Sparks. Sophie Kinsella too. She has characters that are also a bit chaotic and distracted like me! I like reading books about Shamanism, Inner Work specially written by Sandra Ingerman.

I also like to read fantasy, vampires. I also love craft books and art magazines, baking books.


ABC of LIKES (Work in Progress)

A: Angels, Animals, Art Journals, Autumn

B: Baking, Bats, Beach, Beads, Butterflies ( My name is the scientific name of some butterflies, so I love them), Books, Book Pages (old, stained, childrens books, etc), Bookmarks, Botanicals, Brushlettering, Buttons

C: Card Making, Chipboard embellishments, Chocolate (only dark, have lactose intolerance), Christmas, Constellations, Creative Magazines, Crochet, Cross stitch, Crystals

D: Dancing, Die Cuts, Doodling, Dragonflies, Driftwood

E: Embellishments, Embroidery, Envelopes, Ephemera

F: Fairies, Flowers (fresh, dried, pictures of, etc), Forest

G: Gel Pens, Gemstones, Glitter

H: Handlettering, Handmade but with love and care, Happy Mail, Holidays

I: Incense (not Patchouli)

J: Journals (Art Journals, Junk journals, Travel Journals)

K: Knitting

L: Lace, Languages, Letters (writing and receiving), Lightning and Thunder

M: Magazines, Magazines cutouts ( like Flow, Gardening, etc.) Mail art, Maps (old or new), Mermaids, Mixed Media, Moon, Music, Music Sheets

N: Neons, Notecards, Notebooks

O: Ocean

P: Papercrafts, Pastels, Pen pals, Photographs (old, black and white or sepia, or new reprints of portraits, etc.), Plants, Postcards, Postcrossing

Q: Quotes (uplifting)

R: Recipes, Recycling, Ribbon, Rosemary (I love how it smells)

S: Scrapbook Paper, Sea Glass, Sequins, Self-Love Books, Sewing, Sky, Snail Mail, Soap (handmade or bought), Sommer, Spring, Sparkles, Stamps (Mail stamps, wood stamps, etc), Stars, Starry Nights, Stationery, Stickers, Storms, Sunrise, Sunset,

T: Tags (Gift Tags, Craft Tags) Tiger, Tea, (except black and green, see dislikes), Thunder, Travel, Travel Journals, Trees, Turtles

U: Under the Sea, Unicorn, Universe, Upcycling

V: Vanilla, Vintage

W: Washi Tape, Watercolor, Woodland

X: Y: Yarn

Z: Zumba

Things/Themes I like/Dislike

Things/Themes I like

Drawings doodles or paintings specially handmade Fairies Handmade papercrafts like cute little cards, pockets, flip books, etc Lace, ribbon for Journals or Flipbooks, etc Letter Seals Ocean, Mermaids, Marine Life, Under the Sea Scrapbook paper for scrapbooking, art journaling, junk journaling Something sewn, crocheted, knitted, embroidered, handmade Stamps (mail stamps, rubber stamps, etc) Stationery Stickers (no kids stickers, no Disney, no kawaii, no Anime please) Tea Washi Tape Woodland, woodland animals, forest Anything with any of my ABCs of likes on them

Postcards I like

Animals Beautiful Landscape Botanical Fantasy Starry Sky Vintage Watercolor Paintings

Likes/Dislikes/Allergies/ Please don’t send!

I’m allergic to hair of some cats and dogs. So please no hair from animals in the swap. Thanks! No Dairy please (so nothing with lactose) because I have a lactose intolerance. Please not Black tea nor Green tea (I like them but my body doesn’t feel well after drinking them) I don’t like Diddl No anime, manga, kawaii or cartoon-y type things (except Tintin) The only cartoons I like is Tintin, which I loved reading as a teenager. I don’t like the smell of smoke on things Incense. I like soft scents not very strong. Patchouli I don’t like at all. I like fruity scents like lemon, orange, etc. I love my roses in my garden but otherwise not the smell of things with rose scent.

Swapping Info

I will mark items sent the day I put them in the mailbox. Because I live in a rural area, in the country, the mail is taken away by the mail carrier and somewhere else it may get a postmark dated a day or two later than the “sent” date.

Take also into consideration that mail to other countries like USA or Asia may take 4 to 5 weeks. Specially now in the Christmas season it can take even longer or even be undelivered.

So if you haven’t received anything from me, please always contact me before rating and we will work something out. I always take pictures of swaps before I send them out in case something goes wrong and also because I like to document and remember the things I create! ;-) Thanks!


WhizBangBoom rated for Tea 3x3 with Friends! #18 on Jan 24, 2023
Comment: Wow, Vanessa. What a special package! I was delighted by your handmade cards and the presentation of your teas! So special. Thank you so much for your care and craft. You are a gem!
Response: Happy you were delighted! Not at home at the moment and couldn't answer right away. Thanks to you too!
QueenHannie rated for Tea 3x3 with Friends! #18 on Jan 21, 2023
Comment: I am blown away by how beautiful your card is! The detail you put into it is breathtaking. Thank you so much for the tea and joining my swap!
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything! Sorry for not answering right away but I'm not home at the moment and don't have Internet all the time. Thanks for your swap and your rating!
Imaginistaa rated for 4 Teabag Swap #2 on Jan 19, 2023
Comment: Dear Vanessa, I don't have words to describe your mail... it was the most beautiful flipbook I have received in recent times... Thank you for the effort and time you put into the package... I'm glad you're enjoying these swaps... Thankyou for making my day... HAPPY NEW YEAR...
Response: I'm so happy it made your day! Thanks to you too! Sorry for the delay answering. I'm not at home at the moment.
Dessie0416 rated for National Nothing Day - January 16 on Jan 17, 2023
Response: Thanks!
Comment: TY for Nothing :) much appreciated Loved it
Response: You're welcome! ;.) Thanks to you too!
mysmashbooklife rated for Silly Pet Pics #3 on Jan 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you for sharing! Sunny sounds like a silly cat. It seems like you can do everything you want with Sunny. Lovely pictures!
Response: He is really sweet and good. Thanks!
annychenghk rated for Tea 3x3 with Friends! #18 on Jan 13, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the flipbook holding the tea bags, I love them all. Merry Christmas!
Response: I'm so glad you loved them! Thanks!
shiggy rated for Silly Pet Pics #3 on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: Vanessa, thank you so much for the silly pet pics! Sunny is such a pretty cat and the picture are really cute to look at. My favorite is definitely the one where his tongue is touching his nose.
Response: Thanks! Yes, he is cute and the one with the tongue is also one of my favorites!
Vickyen rated for Silly Pet Pics #3 on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: Hi Vanessa! I enjoyed your photos of Sunshine! What a cutie and I’m sure entertaining as well! All the best! Hugs, Happy Snapping, and Swapping! 😊
Response: He is entertaining in every possible way! Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks! :-)
spacefoxsupreme rated for Silly Pet Pics #3 on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the cute pictures! Red cats are all so silly and cute, aren't they? I'm impressed that you wrote part of the mail in German!
Response: Thanks! Danke! Yes they are! Because I live in Germany! Ich hatte nicht alles auf deutsch geschrieben, weil manchmal Leute in einem Land leben aber verstehen die Sprache nicht so gut. Und da ich mir nicht sicher war. Aber jetzt weiß ich es! Schönes WE!
HappyMom rated for Silly Pet Pics #3 on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: Cute kitty! Thanks for sending the Word doc, as the photos did not come through in the body of the email.
Response: Thanks! I'm glad you could see them!
Cindymt rated for 4 Teabag Swap #1 on Dec 30, 2022
Comment: I wish I could give you five hearts just for the Winnie the Pooh packaging! So creative and so cute! I loved it! Thank you and I hope you had a great Christmas!
Response: I'm so happy you loved it! Thanks, I did! Hope you too! Happy New Year!
Eulegirl rated for Xmas card 3 of 4 on Dec 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card and the beautiful extras!! So pretty! I am going to enjoy the tea once I finish the cup I'm working on now. Yes, my username comes from my love of owls.
Response: You're welcome! Thanks also for the heart! Happy New Year!
nicolebrooke23 rated for Xmas card 3 of 4 on Dec 25, 2022
Comment: wow the ornaments are stunning...thank u soooo much!!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!
NRGordon rated for My Playlist in November 2022 on Dec 16, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the swap. I was familiar with many on your list but also found several new and interesting tunes.
Response: That's nice to hear! Thank you!
cowboypoodle rated for My Playlist in November 2022 on Dec 13, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the playlist! I love your music! :) That’s super cool that you are from the Canary Islands! I enjoyed reading what you wrote
Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks to you too!
pixxieedust rated for My Playlist in November 2022 on Dec 6, 2022
Comment: Hi Vanessa, I enjoyed the playlist! I really appreciate that you put the link of every song! I like the soundtracks from The Greatest Showman as well. There are some songs that are new to me, thanks for sharing :) Danke schön!
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Gerne!
Comment: So lovely to see you listen to this with your daughter. The greatest showman is a great movie! Thank you for sharing!
Response: It is a great movie! Thanks for the rating and heart!
concxrde rated for My Playlist in November 2022 on Dec 5, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your playlist, I really liked Late Night Talking (love Harry haha) and Forget Me by Lewis Capaldi. Oh & welcome to Swapbot, you did great and I hope you have fun swapping!! <3
Response: Thanks a lot! Also for the welcoming! Glad you found something you liked! And thanks for the heart!

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