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♥ Wish upon a star.

Alt text

About her, ♣ G o C h a n :

♥♥♥ Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Go.Chan and I'm a 29 years old girl with the second name which is strawberry. I LOVE everything related to strawberries. I'm actually a quiet person who loves to get to know new people, especially penpals and always looking for real friendships.

I'm also kind of nerdy because I like to videogame a lot, still collect Pokemon trading cards, fell in love with the My little Pony FiM series lately, count myself as Sailor Stawberry Scout and do RPG (the old fashioned way, playing pen-and-paper role-playing games like DSA, D&D or Scion). Besides that, I collect fancy dices (d20 but every sparkly dice is okey with me too) and AND I like to bake a lot. That's totally random, but that's me. I love baking supplies.

♥.. and I like to collect postcards, one day I can make a whole castle with them!


(( ☀ ☆ ☀ )) Strawberries Strawberries Strawberries! I LOVE ADORE J'AIME everything avec STRAWBERRIES! ★ If you can't find anything at all send me some STRAWBERRY love!

Alt text

Hearts | ichigos | photography | stationary stuff | Sanrio ‹Lolita Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuririn, Chococat & Maru› | Disney ‹only the little Mermaid, the Lion King, Tinker Bell & Alice in Wonderland› | pink things | CUTE socks (I can't get that here!)/ colourful socks/ weird socks | Ghibi| Sailor Moon stuff | vintage things | photo booth pictures | hand lotion | nailpolish | Zombies & brains.

I would looove to get new penpals, really! I do like to write long letters, interesting & ingenious letters which inspire me to offer myself to the person who wrote to me.

Furthermore I like to write - it's quite of a dream I always had, to be a novelist. Certainly I don't rate myself as a good writer, rather too ambitious. I like to produce short stories, though. And stories which should be quite long, but which never have a complete ending. haha.

Alt text

✖ How to (defenitely and very very very securely) earn a +heart: handmade things which show how much heartblood you put in them. ♥

Please don't send me.

Doreamon / Winnie Puh / Betty Boop /Diddl / Skulls ☠

/ the old my little pony series - I LOVE FiM but please don't send my anything from the dusty ponies.

/ please do not send me candles or incense sticks. I just can't find a place to burn them down! (haha)

/ nooo nooo caramel or peppermint candies, please.

/ generalized TOURIST- postcards I don't like boring landscapes or skyscrapers- of course i don't mind if they're staggering and mind-blowing! The exception proves the rule.

/ I always prefer handwritten or selfmade things, even though they're not that handsome. Heartblood instead of quantity!

Music ♪

I love every kind of music, really (besides techno, HipHop and Jazz. Sorry!))

雅-miyavi- ♥, Katzenjammer, F.I.R., Gackt, X japan, Rosenstolz ♥, Mia, Chapeau Claque, Tanz der Vampire, [Mozart!], Wicked, Kana, ムック, die Ärzte, Ska [Skavache & Ragga Gagga Gang], the Cranberries, Faun, Evanescence, Krypteria, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica, Guano Apes, Anime OSTs, Nightwish/Tarja, Tegan & Sara, Claire Diterzi, The beautiful South, Yael Naïm, Sia, red hot chilli peppers.

Readings & Movies!

My most beloved genres are fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi. I also like books who make me think! I just don't like crime stories and romance novels.

♥booklove: To kill a mockingbird, The glasbooks of the dreameaters, Harry Potter, Barthimäus, Salvatore's books, Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Anderson, Bill Bryson, The boy in the striped pyjama, Naru Taru, Battle Angel Alita ♥ and SAILOR MOON, Le petit prince, books by John Green and Brave New World.

Movies I adore: The Walking Dead (Comic, Game & TV Series), My little Pony: Friendship is Magic ♥ , Sweeney Todd, Pan's Labyrinth, Grave of the fireflies, Spirited away, Joshua, LotR, Little miss sunshine and Sunshine Cleaning, Nobody Knows, XXY, Erbsen auf Halb 6, Wishing Stairs, Up, Moon Child, all scenes with Luna Lovegooood ♥

Alt text

Currently collecting.

SOCKS. I mentioned it before, i'd love to get some rather silly and cute socks. I love those! (my size? 41 or 9-10)

TEA. I like tea VERY much. Actually I'm open to every sort of tea, as long as it's not too artificial and PLEASE dont send me cinnamon flavoured teabags. My favourite one is earl grey (or, black tea in generel) but I love to get crazy flavours as well (:

TSHIRTS - Large t-shirts to sleep in (my size is M, but L - XXL is fine too!). I love those, colour doesnt matter.

POSTCARDs (I love handmade cards and interesting pictures & shots, i rather try to AVOID those typical tourist postcards.. I am especially interested in the following types of postcards: vintage, black and white photography, art, messages and everything else which is quite uncommon and extraordinary.) NAILPOLISHES. Yay!

Things I cant get enough of.. ❶Old video games like SNES games or GBA & GBC stuff. ❷ You speak a native language I don't speak? (besides German, actually!) Then MAKE A LIST of your most recommended words I should know and endow it to me! ❸SAILOR MOON. I'm transforming into an addict! Any Sailor Moon crap? I would be pleased to be your dustbin! ❹Did I ever mentioned that my favourite animals are LIONS? LIONS LIONS and LIONS. I LOOOOVE LIONS. and cats. kittykittykittycats.

Dare to..

Alt text speak your mind out! ♣ Actually I'm a quite shy person but I LOVE writing, being emotional in my letters. I can bother you a lot with questions, as well as scribble on a sheet of paper! Right now I'm living in Germany and do speak English, French, Japanese & a bit German (haha). I'm a huge fan of Japan & mostly everything Asia related; but I'm interested in anything which has to do with different cultures! So offer me a breakfast pizza [but please not as a swap, haha!] and I will be puzzled about this as well as I'm frightened about Hello Kitty toiletpaper! My favourite colors are pink & purple, but I looove dark red as well. < 3 I am addicted to journals♥, resourceful diarys I could spend HOURS to read in! [and I like to write them, too.]


I'm into: collages, journal writing, scribblings, some kind of drawings (not always considered like that), odd & bizarre things, I tried to make some voodoo dolls as well! & PHOTOGRAPHY ♥

Sailor Senshi Club


Comment: Hi! Just got your ATC. Thanks so much :)
Response: Thanks!
Comment: Got my Carl a few days ago and forgot to rate! He's just the cutest! I loved it :3 Thanks a ton!
Response: yaaay! :D so glad!
Comment: Just got Kunzite! Thanks so much for resending it!
Response: Glad you got it! :D
Comment: Naru is here, thank you so much for resending! :)
Response: Glad she got to you savely this time! :D thanks for the rating!
urocyonfox rated for 3x HD/HP Risk ATCs #2 on Nov 13, 2015
Comment: lovely atcs thank you for the extra Rei Hino one as well
Response: Glad you liked them all! :D
urocyonfox rated for Anime/Manga ATC on Nov 13, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the cute atc I have never seen Fairytale
Response: Pleased they got to you all savely! (:
Zindelo rated for Roleplaying Penpals International on Nov 10, 2015
Comment: Oh goodness me, this is the best thing out of all the things! Neraida's letter was so fun to read (and the one from you as well! <3) I can't wait to reply. You've put a huge smile on my face, thank you so much~
Response: Ohhh I am so glad it got to you savely and that you liked her letter (:
purpleriho rated for HD/HP Dragon Age ATC on Nov 10, 2015
Comment: Oh wow! Thanks for making them both! I fraking love Morrigan.
Response: Thaaaanks! :D
lavendarcat rated for Harry Potter ♥ ATC Swap on Nov 3, 2015
Comment: Thanks very much
Response: Thanks for the rating (:
hufflepuffsith rated for Final Fantasy 6 ATC Swap on Nov 2, 2015
Comment: Awesome! Thanks so much!!! :D
Response: Thanks a lot (:
urocyonfox rated for 3x HD/HP Risk ATCs #1 on Nov 2, 2015
Comment: LOVELY atcs! Thank you so much
Response: Glad you liked them all! (:
Response: Thanks, glad you liked it! (:
turtles27 rated for Peanuts #2 - Lucy ATC on Oct 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much and thanks for the extra ATC.
Response: Glad you liked both! (:
Comment: thank you so much, love it all xxx
Response: Thaaanks a lot for the rating! :D I am so glad you liked it!
samandwesson rated for Harry Potter ♥ ATC Swap on Oct 21, 2015
Response: Thanks for the rating (: I hope you liked the extra Harry Potter ATC I drew, too ✿ [ps. it was actually one of my favorites, hihi]
Stacy97 rated for Peanuts #1 - Charlie Brown ATC on Sep 25, 2015
Comment: I absolutely love this ATC! Your drawing is awesome! Thank you so much for the adorable ATC & the extras!! 💖
Response: Awww, glad you liked it so much! Thanks! (:
Comment: Everything is so cute! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this swap... you for sure went above and beyond. Thanks so much
Response: Thanks a lot for the rating - I'm happy to hear you liked the pictures (: I tried to stick a lot themes of your profile together.
Karmi53 rated for Winnie the Pooh ♥ ATC Swap on Sep 24, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the lovely hand drawn atc very cute thanks for the extras too.
Response: Glad you liked it! :D
Wooper rated for Free themed ATC on Sep 21, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the pokemon ATC and stickers ^^ Also, thank you for participating in this swap! :) Have a great day!
Response: Thank you for the rating! (: Glad you liked the Goomy.

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Scarlpire on Oct 22, 2015:

Aaaaw thank you so much! You sound so rockin' too! :D It's awesome to see a fellow anime fan here!! ♡♡♡♡

HeartElfGrey on Sep 18, 2015:

Hello Go Chan, My name is Ollin. And I want to decorate your profile just for fun. But maybe next time. For now I'll show you some strawberry love. Because I love strawberries too. I hope you like them all.

I hope you liked them. I am now hungry.-Ollin

ZzMonstruozZ on Aug 31, 2013:

tiene un libro

Hello Go Chan!

Just dropping by to invite you to join the new swap in the Butterfly Anarchists group, cheer up and join us!

What are you Reading now? Round 2

bebiii on Apr 17, 2013:

Halloooo! Ich hab dich gerade aus Zufall entdeckt und finde dein Profil total spannend! Ich fange auch langsam an alles was mit Erdbeeren (und Kirschen) zu tun hat sehr zu mögen und... naja, vielleicht können wir ja irgendwann mal einen swap starten oder uns einfach "mal so unterhalten" ☺ Liebe Grüße aus dem Norden Deutschlands von Karina ♥

NaughtyElf on Mar 4, 2013:

Stopping by to wish you love and hugs! Miss you! Stop by and pm me sometime! :-)

dragonalloy on Feb 24, 2013:

thanks for all the visits :D thats cool you found me through here im gonna join some of the sailor senshi swaps for sure. i found the group through a friend

sugaraddict on Jan 14, 2013:

Hey there! I'm hosting a Valentine Baking Swap which I thought you might enjoy :) Do pop by and check it out if it interests you yea.. Thanks!!

juliedro on Dec 24, 2012:


Merry Christmas!

BluePoppy on Dec 12, 2012:

Wishing you a fantastic holiday!

RyeRye on Oct 21, 2012:

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