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Newbie - 15 Songs for a Fictional Character

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This is a fun and easy swap!

There are no minimum requirements because no one misses out if someone flakes. Just rate a 1 or 3 if your assigned partner doesn't post adequately. My blog guides on ratings if you check my profile.

Please do not comment on swaps. We do not get alerts for comments on SB. Message me directly with questions.

Build a playlist on Youtube. That's because YT is pretty much almost everywhere, whereas soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify, etc. isn't... and tbh I'm tired of having to download more apps and make profiles to use something.

Fill the list with at LEAST 15 songs you associate with a fictional character.

Name the playlist to say who the character is and from which show/game/movie/book. You can always add additional info like "classical piano" or "feeling like the villain." As long as the character + fandom are named too, whatever you like! Have fun!

Make sure the list is public, not private.


This way, we don't get limited to one list, one partner, like in email. Everyone can check out everyone else's playlists. <3

Also note anything you really liked, how you got into this fandom, or something you note about the character, a reason this song resonates, whatever you like. Why did you decide on this set of songs vs. others? Were there lots of things that would "fit," but overall, you wanted a specific mood for the playlist?

You don't have to answer ALL that, but do tell us something about the choice other than leaving a link.

If your partner posted a playlist AND a note about what they really liked, etc. as described above, please rate them a 5.

You can ALSO join my Newbie group! This group is for newbies + others who I've vetted before in swaps, so it cuts down on flakers + bots automatically.



ZilinQuinn 05/ 2/2024 #


BBC's Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch)- I started with a KPOP song literally named after the character but from there I made a progression thru the series- You will find a few violin renditions amongst the progression of crime solving and have a brief run in with a naked Irene Adler (lest we forget Sherlock was once naked as well) and the insanity of Moriarty. Sherlock finally comes to peace with himself - his glorious, self-righteous-self, and I end with a cover of the theme song by two young Violinists who are also great actors.. :) I know I posted early but I am always on yt so I decided to go ahead and do it. :) ZilinQuinn

Pandalove27 05/14/2024 #

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgrZbdtOrSCU-R9cwasad_eM42rsl6mbk&si=gZTGSgenFyZEpEvJ Marvel's Nebula (GoTG) Who doesn't enjoy an anti-hero's journey? I tryed to cover her personal relationships with Gamora and Thanos as well as her general story line from villian to hero. There is so much pain in her story, but she eventually learns how to contribute positively to a team.

“I'm every inch the warrior you are. The screams of my victims fill every field.” -Nebula

Pandalove27 05/14/2024 #

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgrZbdtOrSCU-R9cwasad_eM42rsl6mbk&si=gZTGSgenFyZEpEvJ Marvel's Nebula (GoTG) Who doesn't enjoy an anti-hero's journey? I tryed to cover her personal relationships with Gamora and Thanos as well as her general story line from villian to hero. There is so much pain in her story, but she eventually learns how to contribute positively to a team.

“I'm every inch the warrior you are. The screams of my victims fill every field.” -Nebula

nigatsubebe 05/21/2024 #

Hi! I extended the swap deadline, since I was late in assigning. <3

nigatsubebe 05/21/2024 #


There are so many options in Baldur's Gate 3 that it's very difficult to make one playlist. I wasn't even really interested in the first two because of some elements and feeling much like a typical rpg like Diablo, almost. And I liked Diablo more.

This character playlist is loosely about the Astarion / Dark Urge (durge) storyline + interactions are at the forefront. This interaction storyline is a popular one although I haven't played it.

Astarion is an elvish magistrate who has been given the option to be murdered or turned into a vampire. So of course, he picked 'vampire'. And then... was enslaved by a sadistic immortal for 200 years.

A freak turn of events gives him the opportunity to escape and ally himself with a group that is also running from tadpole creatures called Illithid, who sit in part of someone's brain until they mature. He is a character who is very wounded, covering with theatrics and sarcasm, but he also has no problem with putting a knife in someone and mocking them for being in pain.

Sexual trauma is a theme with many characters in the game. One of the engaging things about BG3 is that each handles it differently. There are no "right" or "wrong" ways to react to trauma.

Astarion's arc shows him starting out by using what he knows works: seduce, manipulate, survive. (You're just my type- you have a pulse and you are breathing...)

Attacking the player character, believing they're dangerous. Still consumed with the fear of being discovered by his owner/tormentor. He fears that he will be found at any moment and then tortured for months, possibly years, for having the nerve to try to escape. (I went looking for blood, and they're giving me bone. I went looking for power, but they're giving me heart. And I wanted an ending, but they're giving me start. I went looking for knives, and I went looking for you.)

Revealing to the others that he is a vampire, waiting for not only the rejection, readying to be killed on the spot for the crime of existing. (It's only slaughter, they're only lions, it's only blood.)

Being desperately hungry and also curious about testing how 'free' he really is: CAN he bite someone and survive? And then, depending on 'roll'/circumstances, ingratiating himself to the character he tried to bite. Seduction again as a surefire way to manipulate. (Desire, I'm hungry. I hope you feed me. How do you want me? / Bring your peace of mind to my bed. Sleep with me tonight.)

Finding he actually likes the Bhaalist offspring character, prone to murdering people now and then. He was going to seduce + emotionally manipulate them into something like a person loyal to him, but then... couldn't. The power hungry, general vampiric lawful evil-alignment leaves him craving murderous lust (and someone who can 'authorise' it,) but he can see their distress and reassures them that he isn't scared off by the Urge. (It's so strange what we're going through. We barely know each other...)

A scene where a weapons maker offers to trade a bite from Astarion for bombs you badly need. Astarion says he really doesn't want to but has never been able to disagree with Anything before. He cannot say no. You can choose to do that for him, or force him to do it anyways. If you protect him, he comes to the realization that he has choices. (You don't own me. Don't tell me what to say, don't tell me what to do. Just let me be myself, that's all I ask of you.)

The Dark Urge becomes more intense. Remaining themselves vs. giving in to becoming 'something else' becomes imperative. (I want you for who you are, so you can stay inside your skin. Oh, something tells me love isn't enough- but how can that be? You're not so evil, I'm not so good, crazy or mean.)

That freedom endears him more. One of the messages in the game, a deliberate message from the voice actor, is that a character subjected to horrors can learn to become a person who seeks healing and endeavors to learn a new life, or who desires power and to repeat the horrors forced onto them. He begins to see this character as someone to trust, which is new since he has never had reason to trust anyone. That's conflicting, isn't it.

The paranoia of Astarion's "siblings" returning for him. Arguments when he wakes up, screaming. And the band is called "Cemeteries," which I find ideal. They are similar to The Cure and ... someone I liked very much in the 90s. Maybe Cocteau Twins? (I will not be growing old here. I cannot fall asleep with you standing over me. What did you see under my window?)

On that note, "I talk in my sleep." (I talk in my sleep, in a language you don't speak. I will finally say that I'm not okay.)

Someone who clings to a person immediately often has severe attachment issues. It's actually really common, it's just more obvious in children. Adults tend to get hurt more openly and learn to hide it better. (They say 'don't open old wounds,' but these are still brand new. They say 'don't open old wounds,' but I'm going to. I think I could love you til the day that you die.)

There's an option for what Astarion will see as betrayal of that fragile trust. (How didn't I see you were trouble? You're not unlovable. I could've avoided this mess if I'd wanted you left, but you got me all to yourself./ I know you tried your hardest, I know you meant well...)

The internal personality flips hinted at, under a good layer of flippance. There are moments where you can catch the expressions of characters if using a freecam mod; otherwise, you wouldn't see it. (You'd never dream you'd have to live your life so guarded. They'll find a way to make you feel discarded. Things have changed- you've become a complication.)

There is an option during an ending battle for him, where if he perceives your actions as betrayal, regardless of your intentions, he will tell you that he hopes you die screaming. He believes you want him to remain powerless, helpless, at the mercy of others- his worst fears. (You won't see me in the mirror, but I crept into your heart. You can't make me disappear 'til I make you. I'm going to make you suffer.)

Since the very end could go a number of ways, I've left it open.

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