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cynaemon on Apr 21, 2022:

Heads up!. This user pops in every couple of years to harass people! BEWARE!!!!

smadronia on Dec 31, 2018:

hugs miss you here on the Bot

pkpeace on May 3, 2017:

WOnderful You!!! I love the fabric! Thank you so much! I'm hoping it will become sleep shorts!!! Take good care of yourself and I do hope you're feeling better soon! Hugs, Patty xo

DaisyNY on Feb 22, 2017:

Who the hell would ever put licorice in chocolate? Agh, the thought of that....

VivaLaDiane on Feb 16, 2017:

Words can't really express my gratitude for the little card and Stitch penny that somehow found it's way to me. I've had a very rough patch and am just being to get back together. But I am sincerely touched to receive the envelope from you. It's amazing that a penny could mean so much, but it really did and I thank you so very much! ♥

cayers2 on Feb 3, 2017:

I've been out of town all week and came home to find a nice package from you. Thanks so much for the blank note cards! I love the fact that they are blank on the outside as well! That way I can use my imagination to decorate them any way I want! :)

AATW Jan. wishlist

oblivionspin on Jan 30, 2017:

No worries about the postcards being eaten, definitely not your fault but super annoying on your end.
It's good to hear from you to know you're hanging in there, even if you're overwhelmed. Don't forget to breathe and take care. Hugs!

oblivionspin on Jan 11, 2017:

The thick spots were some mix of acrylic mediums and molding pastes. It was definitely my intention to paint over the cards a bit to pretty them up, but the best laid plans of mice and men...

phillaine on Jan 2, 2017:

GAH! I totally guessed what you made me, but I couldn't have possibly guessed how awesome it would be! Thank you, Ray. You weren't joking when you said you found the perfect fabric. I love the grey and red/black accent fabrics, too. This is such a thoughtful gift, put together with so much care, and I can tell it will last me for a long long while and hundreds of dreams. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. ♥ "Poppies will put them to sleep....sleeeeep...." :)

oblivionspin on Dec 31, 2016:

AHS has its moments, you would probably enjoy it. I will be honest, I only watched the first 2 seasons, I am one of the worst people at watching television shows, I lose interest so easily. Or I latch on to one character that dies way too soon or have one character that irritates me to no end and I just can't get over it (Dexter hit both those points, for example. I only got through one season.)(actually looking at your t.v. section on your profile it seems to be made up entirely of shows I tried really hard to watch and didn't make it, so yeah, you probably would enjoy it. I count 3 that I have seen the whole way through on there, though.)

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