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drgngirl on Sep 12, 2012:

Our theater is actually the only local one doing it. Next closest is about a 4 hour drive away! Columbia would be cool. I'll probably just throw something together last minute. Lol

drgngirl on Sep 11, 2012:

Man, just found out that there will be NO midnight showing this year! Needless to say I was kinda upset. Lol. My daughter also settled on being Rocky. We'll be making her gold shorts and a band-type top to match. Now to figure out a costume for me...

drgngirl on Sep 6, 2012:

Yes, our show was audience participation. Since we'd never been before we didn't have everything we needed, but this year we'll be on the ball about it. It was so much fun! My daughter is having the hardest time deciding what to wear or if she's dressing as one of the characters. We'll see. I'll try to remember to take pix. I was just amazed that we had that many "weirdos" in our small town. It was the greatest thing ever! LOL

drgngirl on Sep 5, 2012:

Hi! I can see you're a big Rocky Horror fan! I have become one, too! Last Halloween, after working for 5 hours in our Cub Scout pack haunted house and being exhausted and loosing my voice, my daughter and I went to the midnight showing at our local theater and had the best time ever! We're going again this year and luckily we're no longer "virgins"! I also love Big Bang Theory and Castle (Nathan Fillian- YUMMY!). Just thought I'd say hi... Have an awesome day! :)

lttleetoile on Jul 28, 2011:

Hi Gerri, just came across your profile since you're hosting the new ATC. Would you like to set up a private swap for a couple of state postcards? I have Virginia, Washington DC, and I think I have a Nebraska (which I noticed you don't have). I am originally from St. Pete, just moved here a year ago, but I don't have any Florida postcards. Send me a message and let me know! :) Nice to "meet" you!

Kattera22 on Jun 22, 2011:

Hey, hows it going? Did you get your letter?

SewSouthern on Jun 20, 2011:

aww Thanks for the heart...I am sending your fudge the same way (electronically)...hope it doesn't melt. {{smooches}}

Kattera22 on Apr 19, 2011:

Hello! Sorry its taken me FOREVER to comment back. I got your letter and all of your FANTASTIC goodies! I love everything , esp. Tha great. Hand drawn atc! And of course the supercute woodland postcard! That sticker matched perfectly! (I Don't know if ill be able to part with it though! ) Thank you so much! I'll be writing back very soon! Probably today! Happy swapping!

kayler00 on Apr 6, 2011:

Thanks so much for all the postcards! =)

sweetpea22 on Apr 5, 2011:

Hi, I think I received some postcards from you for your destash! Thanks so much!!

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