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Date Joined: January 1, 2011
Last Online: February 6, 2016
Birthday: September 14, 1984
Country: United Kingdom
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** PLEASE NOTE: I am only checking in sporadically, so if an immediate reply is needed, it may be better to approach another swapper for advice / help with your matter. Thank You **

If anyone has anything Darkchylde related, whether comics, trade paperback books, figurines or anything at all, please have a swap with me! The stores here don't sell any of them... and don't want to have to go ebay everytime....

♥ ((((|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|)­­­­))) ♥

Attention: I'm vegan, so if you wish to include sweets / candy in a swap, be sure they are suitable! (no animal products of any kind allowed, this includes milk aka lactose, eggs/egg whites (aka albumen), gelatine, honey aka beeswax) and certain e-numbers as they are made from insects. If there is a slip-up, I have a willing donor, I mean sister, to eat them. Thank You

Please no more pencils or erasers/rubbers in swaps of any description. I will not use them! (and would be sad to get these when I would enjoy a pen much more of which would normally cost the same amount)

"I'm awesome...because I said so!" - me, July 2011

resides in the north west of England // Art & Design graduate 2009 // podgy girly geek // former hello kitty obsessive....200+ items! // prefers all things kawaii now // only wears silver jewellery // likes to collect autographs - but only in person // will listen to most things quite happily // has more books than sense //loves postcrossing // uses CAD in art works // likes going to art exhibitions // writes fiction (badly) // collects bat soft toys/plushies // has been known to spend over £5 in one go on stickers // .. ask me!

I am open now to private swaps with newbies for lower cost items / de-stash style swaps / smaller craft items, PM me and we can discuss it :)

I am an officer in several groups, if you want help with a group, give me a shout! I will try to never host a swap that I cannot angel on, and have also been an angel for a few swaps now, If you want an angel for UK based swaps (as in sent to UK) give me a shout!

I have been having a 'cull' lately and leaving groups that are dead or I no longer feel welcome in / valued...there are so many that do similar things! I feel it is better to be in 10-15 groups where there is input from all 3 types of participant (founder, officer and member) than be in 100 groups where nobody checks in, and having a long list is for some sort of popularity contest.

Favorite Books

favourite authors include: Angela Carter, Charlaine Harris, Jenny Colgan, Rachel Vincent, Stephanie Meyer.

favourite book series: harry potter // twilight saga // sookie stackhouse - southern vampire mysteries (true blood) // Harper connelly (grave series) // chobits // shutterbox // bizenghast // Scott Pilgrim (series) // The hunger games trilogy //

Warm Bodies //

here I am! July 2013 :D

Favorite Music

varies by my mood, favourites include: David Bowie // the cure // fall out boy // blacq audio // katy perry // the veronicas // stone roses //cheap trick// sonata arctica // plain white t's // Panic! at the disco // All Time Low // lady gaga // All American Rejects // Hannah Fury // Stone Sour // Verruca Salt // Adam Ant // Fall Out Boy // Taylor Swift // Pellek // Icon For Hire // AFI //... musicals... film soundtracks... late 70's pop/punk, 80's, some j-pop.

Movie & Tv

The Crow // Company of Wolves // My Neighbour Totoro // Phantom of the opera // Labyrinth // studio ghibli films // 100 girls // Elvira // Lost in Translation // Twilight Saga // Rocky Horror Picture Show // The Hunger // Howl's moving castle // Harry Potter (Goblet of fire is my over-all favourite) // Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Buffy // Angel // Being Human // True Blood // Coupling // Casanova (mini series) // cutting it // Sex & the city // ANTM // One Tree Hill // 90210 // Daria // Chobits // Invader Zim // Hellsing // Glee // Big Bang Theory // Qi // Mock the week

(most of my faves are no longer being made :s)

Favorite Crafts

hand stitching // decoupage // Paper Cutting // am still new to ATC's but warming up to them slowly....


favourite artists + other like

Mark Ryden // Jay Ryan (got to speak to him once at a book signing and he was really cool/nice bloke) // jhonen vasquez (comic book artist) // Brian Froud (best known for work on Dark crystal / labyrinth - he is pure awesomeness! ) Junko Mizuno //

art books and art exhibitions

Edgy cute // KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art (Vancouver) // Comic Abstraction (MoMa, NY) // Moomin valley at Bury art gallery - wish it was permanent.

Fave Characters / product ranges Miffy (I don't mind the Japanese / kawaii items but Miffy was in fact dutch in origin)
Tokidoki - especially cactus pup
sanrio - especially kuromi, chococat, cinnamon roll
The Clangers
Emily the strange
Ludo / goblins / firey / sir didymus from Labyrinth
Alice in wonderland (especially the kawaii and original illustrations)
Bats (the animal)
Ruby Gloom
Gorjuss / santoro mermaid
cats / rats / mice
unusual toys

Swap Info

Items I'm happy to receive in swaps with other users:

rubber stamps (clear clings or wooden block mounted) // ink pads // atc supplies // // postcards (prefer new / not previously written on) // stamps (postage) // hand-made items // sewing patterns/instructions // candy / small packet foods // novelty items // profile based or personalized key rings // jewellery // soft toys // other.

For DVD's they need to be region 2 (UK) or region 0 (anywhere) for me to be able to watch them on my dvd player. if not, I have to convert the PC to play it (and that can only be done a few times before it will refuse to play any kind! not good!)

I have a huge stash of letter sheets, envelopes, full and partially used sets, notecards, postcards that I am very much wanting to re-home. if anyone wants to trade them for other items or buy off me at cost, please ask!

Items I will not trade / do not wish to receive: clothing - I'm a bigger size and even then a lot of things are too small (socks or pyjamas are the exception)...if you did want to send things like T-shirts, ask for my size // damaged or scratched or pirated cd's / DVDS // 'smelly' items (which have been around smokers) // used items (especially used toiletries / make-up) // no make-up // no gold coloured jewellery // no hanna montana items // out of date drink mixes // out of date snacks // no trading stickers/ album // NO PENCILS!!!!

please don't send pencils as I won't use them, and no tea unless a swap requires it - i have too much of it that i won't drink and suspect is out of date from other swaps.

Ultimate wishlist items

I am interested in Vegan themed items as these are harder to come by in the UK, especially rubber bracelets, button badges, t-shirts (I take a 16-18 or XL UK, 16 USA, or XL - XXL . I can also fit into a mens medium.

anything to do with the film 'Labyrinth' (80's / david bowie) except vhs, dvd or cd soundtrack as I have all of these...if you got me a firey plush, a sir didymus I would totally marry you / be your slave for a week! :) maneki neko, bat plushes/soft toy/other bat related item, bento box, paperchase goodies, dream angels heavenly perfume (victoria's secret, can't buy it in UK) anything to do with 'the crow' (brandon lee - no dvds though!)

regular wishlist - easier!

ATC supplies, ink pads, rubber stamps, anything true blood / eric northman (except the books as I have all of those) anything kawaii! stickers, plushies, keyring plushies, phone charms...If it's something I already own I can always swap again! Afro ken, kuromi chococat, san-x, cram cream (cats) and jetoy are my ultimate faves! got too many hello kitty things, looking to re-home a few bits from my collection.

my little pony- it's easy to find the main figurines/toys here, but not much else! would love stickers, writing set or customised ponies / MLP:FiM stuff (region 2 dvds only).

nightmare before christmas / tim burton related items

emily strange / ruby gloom - anything at all on these!

babycham - would especially love coasters, tea towels, figurines, no matter how small! (drinks brand, looks a bit like bambi)

Japan - anything japan related or to help me learn japanese, I especially like the manga orientated kanji books. cute and educational.

bizenghast, deathnote, chobits merchandise. anything at all except sweatbands/ cuffs as I won't wear these.

Alice In Wonderland themed items. (anything at all!)

button badges - any image, as long as it's not promoting animal cruelty. otherwise go nuts as i don't offend easily and not bothered by nudity.

No toiletries or pencils or foods not suitable for vegans

Other likes:

  • cats, bats
  • owls, rats, mice
  • plushie based on profile,
  • buttons - any size or colour, no shanked please.
  • rubber stamps, clings / ink pads,
  • charms for bracelets or jewellery making,
  • books on making felties, cross stitch patterns (smaller sized, profile based)
  • mod podge (don't have it in the UK)
  • True Blood - anything at all, so rare here (no books though as I have all of these to date)
  • anything labyrinth inspired (don't mind OoAK, handmade or official)
  • address labels
  • Aida (any size or colour, prefer lower than 22 count) - waste or soluble especially welcome!
  • needle threaders - i go through these a lot!
  • Vegetable slut items (it's a US based clothing and accessory company...they offer free postage on their button badges to USA only)

Thank you for looking through my lists!

tags :) + flakes :(

Flaked on for: QUICK 5 items with 5 letters by @kievblonde - This was angeled (as a surprise) by @ShellyLynn816 Nov 2011

Long Term Pen Pal #6 by @natusya
Angelled by @devilspigeonhole Jan 2013 Alpha-scrap b is for.. part 2 by @angelslater

September birthday cards by @jeremy15 -angeled in 2012 @craftylass :-)

Fill My Mail Box by two people! @saintoflimes (Angelled by @Itti Dec 2011) and @roseparade (Angel by @siouxx05 March 2012)


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