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About Me

Welcome to my profile ~ current as of june 21st 2022 ~ Thank you for swapping with me :)

Hi! I'm Jess :) I grew up in and still live in the state of North Carolina with my boyfriend and our cat named Kitten (allergic to cats, but can't help myself she's the best!!) - no kids and keeping it that way. I imagine I will be living in this state my whole life & that's fine with me! I work in a library and enjoy books, art journalling and collage, drawing, occasionally writing, collecting stamps/postcards/currency, jigsaw puzzles, video games, meditation, dreams, taking long walks, used bookstores + thrift stores, bad lifetime movies and reality TV, and of course swapping & snail mail!

I am not in the least bit religious, but do consider myself "spiritual" - purposely leaving it vague as I don't really define it though I lean heavily towards occult/esoteric/new age beliefs. I am extremely interested & into altered states of consciousness particularly astral projection and lucid dreaming as well as the in between states of sleep.

If you're into astrology- I am a Scorpio Sun / Capricorn Moon / Scorpio Rising
& have a 12th house stellium! My chart is heavily dominated by water and plutonian influence...sigh. I am a metal goat in the Chinese zodiac.

Check out the group I co-run with my BFF @HausOfImps Monsters, Myths, & Legends -- US ATC swappers for fun US based swaps (no longer exclusive to ATCs) themed around mythology, folklore, cryptids, the paranormal, & more!

A note to any potential swap partners:

Please message me if a swap (or tag, RAK etc) I've sent does not arrive or has any other issues. I always send my swaps (+ take pictures of outgoing swaps) and will resend if you give me the chance! The same courtesy will be given to my partners. I will also gladly reimburse you for postage due should that occur.

If you know you're going to be late sending a swap please just let me know - I can be very understanding and won't rate low solely for lateness if you communicate with me ahead of time and follow through. I always appreciate kindness and communication from fellow swappers and strive to provide the same! :)

I mark my swaps sent when they are in the mailbox (which may be after pick up/on a Sunday to go out next day) or dropped at the PO. I always try to rate swaps the same day I receive them, but never more than a couple days later. If I have not rated you chances are I have not received, but I don't mind if you check in with me!

For swaps I host, I will always angel if you are flaked on provided you try to communicate with your partner and then appropriately rate them. If there are any issues in my swaps please send me a message and I will try my best to resolve it!

Please also note: While I respect everyone's beliefs, I would appreciate not receiving religious material or messages unless I specifically join a swap that calls for this or you feel we have similar beliefs & interests - thank you!

(This is a just a record for myself so I can archive the swaps.)

Missing ratings:

Brighten My Week Note Card March #4 - @clcintx88

Zazzle/Store Printed Postcard (USA) - @duamutef


- Likes - I've listed some specific categories of things I am interested in followed by an alphabetical list. None of this is to say you have to send me these things or that I expect them - it's just meant to give you an idea of the kinds of things I enjoy :)

Things I Collect:

  • Anything Anubis (minus any depictions where he's super buff/muscular...!)

  • Anything Ancient Egypt in general

  • Anything related to Aliens/UFOs, conspiracy theories, cryptids etc

  • Written postcards, notecards, & letters

  • Blank postcards (see list below)

  • Foreign postage stamps and souvenir sheets (specifically enjoy stamps that depict ducks, bears, big cats, other birds, animals or insects, space, and ocean themed - love stamps from Japan, Mongolia, and other Asian countries)

  • Foreign banknotes & coins (especially those that are colorful or with animals and symbols)

  • Interesting used books on topics of altered states of consciousness (astral projection/OOBEs, dreams and lucid dreaming etc) aliens/UFOs, conspiracy theories or other weirdo topics, & PKD books

  • Odd photographs or polaroids (think weird vibes, vaguely disturbing, haunted...)

  • Loose playing cards with unique/interesting backs especially those related to any of my likes/interests, as well as loose tarot cards

  • Handmade art (ATCs/APCs, drawings, PCs, bookmarks, zines etc - made by person sending! I love to receive other kinds of handmade crafts as well but can't make them myself)

Specific ATC themes I enjoy: aliens or UFOS, cryptids or monsters, space/galaxy, ancient Egypt, myths/folklore, mushrooms, animals, ocean themed, and anything else profile related.

Favorite colors: I LOVE green in any shade! I also like cool blues and purples (especially green/blue/purple together,) mustard or golden yellows, deep/rich reds, and rainbows and vibrant color schemes. Holographic and glow-in-the-dark are not exactly colors, but I love that sort of thing. There are no colors I completely dislike!

Postcards: Please know I am happy to receive many kinds of cards, these are just some particular favorites! For written/naked postcard swaps I appreciate when real stamps are used.

Tourist - I like scenic views/landscapes, native fauna & flora, mountains, and interesting landmarks or monuments. Places I specifically collect: North Carolina (especially western or eastern NC - like Blue Ridge Mountains, & the Outer Banks), Alaska, Hawaii, deserts & southwest states, southern states, Asian countries, & Egypt. Also love cards from anywhere that depict severe weather (lightning, tornadoes) sunsets, the moon, and Aurora Borealis.

Non-tourist - art (famous works & otherwise) especially Japanese or other Asian art, realistic animals (any but especially bears, ducks, big cats, & ocean creatures,) aliens/UFOs, cryptids, space/galaxy themes, weird/strange/unusual however you interpret that, mythology or folklore, & anything else profile related. I also love handmade cards and anything lenticular/3D or similar!

Tea/Coffee: If you want to send tea bags or coffee samples I am open to any kind of flavors and both caffeinated & decaf, but please only send in factory sealed unopened packaging - thank you!

Alphabetical List

A - Alan Watts - author, aliens, altered states of consciousness, ambient music, animals (any & all), Anubis, APCs, aquariums, art (as in famous artists/works of art), Asian art/designs/culture, astral projection (aka out of body experience), astrology, astronomy, ATCs, aurora borealis/northern lights

B - badtz-maru (sanrio), banknotes, bears, bibliomancy, bioluminescent creatures, birds, black widow spiders, board games, bookmarks

C - capricorn (astrology), cats (big cats especially!), coffee, collage, conspiracy theories, cows, cranes, crop circles, cryptids, cults, coins, Curt the bear (animal crossing)

D - deep sea, deserts, documentaries, dragons, drawing, dreams/dreaming, Dream Corp LLC - show, ducks, D&D (dungeons & dragons)

E - eclipses (solar/lunar), ephemera, envelopes of any size (including handmade!), ancient Egypt (anything - culture/myth/religion)

F - forests/woodlands, fractals, frogs

G - Garfield, glow-in-the-dark things, Gnosticism, goats/rams, green

H - handmade art, history (particularly about ancient civilizations), holographic things, horror movies, hypnagogia

I - ink pads, insects/bugs (any kind)

J - jigsaw puzzles, journaling, Jung - author, Junji Ito - author, Jupiter (planet)

K - kawaii, kelp forests, keroppi (sanrio), keychains, kimono patterns, koi fish

L - landscapes, letters, libraries, lifetime movies, liminal spaces, lotus flowers, lucid dreams/lucid dreaming

M - magazine or book cut-outs (images & words), mail art, maneki-neko (lucky cats), marvin the martian (looney tunes), meditation, memo sheets, mixed media art, the moon, moths, mountains, Mt. Fuji, mushrooms, mythology

N - nature, Nazca Lines, near death experiences (NDEs), new age topics, notebooks, notecards, numbers (4, 7 or any combination of those)

O - occult/esoteric topics, orchids, origami paper, ourosboros

P - the paranormal, parappa the rapper, Philip K Dick - author, photographs/polaroids, plants, playing cards (with interesting backs), Pluto (planet), poems/poetry, postcards, praying mantis', psychedelic themes, psyduck (pokemon)

Q - quotes (prefer not overly positive unless swap calls for it!)

R - radios/radio shows, rabbits, rainbows, reading, reality TV, reptiles (any kind), Robert Monroe - author, rubber stamps

S - sacred geometry, samurais, science fiction, scorpio (astrology), scorpions, sea mammals (any), Serial Experiments Lain - show, sleep paralysis, small stuffed animals, space/galaxy themes, stamps (unused/used/vintage/foreign), Star Trek: TNG and DS9 - show, stationery, stickers (sheets/flakes/cut-outs/large), (small) stuffed animals, Stonehenge, the sun & sunsets

T - tarot & tarot cards, tea, Terence Mckenna - author, thrift stores & thrifted items, trees, tropical fish, twelfth/12th house themes (in astrology), the Twilight Zone - show

U - UFOs, Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) Japanese art, Unsolved Mysteries - show, used books/bookstores

V - venus flytraps & other carnivorous plants, video games

W - washi tape, weather related phenomena (lightning, tornadoes etc), weird & otherwise strange things (however you interpret that!)

X - the X-files - show

Y -

Z - zentangle, zines, zodiac

- Books - My favorite author is Philip K Dick. I enjoy sci-fi, occult/new age/metaphysical topics, non-fiction, & occasionally regular fiction as well.

Currently I am reading: Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, My Big TOE Trilogy by Thomas Campbell, and VALIS by Philip K Dick. Feel free to add me as a friend on goodreads if you're on there and enjoy similar books!

- Music - I mostly listen to ambient music and am open to most styles in that genre. I like Boards of Canada, Steve Roach, Brian Eno, and space ambient in particular! Some non-ambient favorites would be Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters, Modest Mouse, José González, Iron & Wine, Emma Ruth Rundle, Queen Adreena/Ruby Throat/Katie Jane Garside, & Have A Nice Life. I love to make youtube playlists!

- TV Shows - The X-Files, Star Trek: TNG and DS9, The Twilight Zone, Serial Experiments Lain, Dream Corp LLC, Twin Peaks, King of the Hill, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Unsolved Mysteries, ER, Frasier. Too many reality shows to list LOL... I also enjoy documentaries on most any topics!

- Movies - I'm into horror movies: Alien, The Ring, Signs, May, Silence of the Lambs, Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm St, The Blair Witch Project, Silent Hill, Stigmata, Ginger Snaps, 28 Days Later, Children of Men, American Mary, Saw series, Chucky, CHUD. I also really like Moon, all the Cube movies, any X- Files or Star Trek TNG movies, and the so bad they're actually good type made by lifetime!

- Video Games - Animal Crossing - played WW, NL, & NH! My favorite villager is Curt, but I also love Bones, Benjamin, Lucky, Scoot, Pietro, Grizzly... this list could go on for a while so I'll stop LOL (I would LOVE any art, doodles, or anything Curt the bear!)

Also into Fallout, Skyrim, The Sims 3, SimCity, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, Terraria, & Slime Rancher.

I do like and have played Pokemon, but I only played the original games on gameboy (red/blue) so I am mainly interested in the first gen characters. My favorite is psyduck, but I like psychic (or ghost) pokemon in general!

I play games on switch/3DS and PC. I'm on Steam so if you'd like a new steam friend let me know! I don't currently have nintendo online, but if you'd like to add me as a switch friend maybe we can play ACNH when I get one again!


- Dislikes -

  • Religious items/messages unless it somehow aligns with my interests or I join a swap that calls for it!
  • Any holiday themes (even if it's in season)
  • America/patriotic themes
  • Politics/political messages
  • Glitter (I enjoy glitter on things if it won't come off, but no loose or excessive glitter please!)
  • Disney, pixar, marvel, star wars, harry potter and similar licensed characters or fandoms
  • Kiddie items/stickers (like Frozen, Toy Story etc)
  • Celebrities
  • Food items (sealed tea & coffee are okay!)

I do have a cat allergy, but a couple stray hairs in a swap would not cause me a reaction. Unless you're sending me your whole cat or rubbing your swap all over said cat before sending it shouldn't be a problem!

I am sensitive to most bath/beauty products and can't use the majority of them so you should probably save those kinds of things for someone else. However, I won't be bothered if your swap is somehow scented!

Swaps I'd Like to Do

If you have any USPS stamps from total solar eclipse, views of our planets, sun science, hubble telescope sets, or any other space related stamps - I would love if you used them on swap envelopes for me! Or if you want to trade some used space stamps please send a message!

I am interested in both electronic & physical mail type swaps! I am willing to swap with newbies to help with getting ratings & I also love private swaps - feel free to send me a message if any of this sounds fun to you :)

For physical mail I love to send/receive swaps in any kind of decorated envelope (and always appreciate & save any fun/unique postage used), profile based happy mail (flat & small packages), art or drawing swaps, mail art, zines, & handmade items like postcards, ATCs/APCs, bookmarks etc. I would also be interested in swapping or trading for postage stamps and blank postcards related to my likes.

I'm not always good at keeping up with penpals, so one off notecard/postcard/letter swaps where we can write about anything (even just stream of consciousness type writing) or have a writing or drawing prompt we both do would be great! I'd especially be interested in international postcard and letter/flat mail (under 1oz) swaps.

For electronic swaps some ideas I have are making youtube playlists (I mainly do ambient music, interesting documentaries, lectures/talks, & audiobooks) if that interests you I would love to do something like a playlist exchange. Tarot readings by email (including a picture of the cards/spread) or other divination such as bibliomancy would be welcome too!

Some topics I'd enjoy writing or emailing about include:

If I'm your partner in a postcard, note card, or letter swap feel free to use any topics I've mentioned as something to write to me about if you need ideas. I'm always interested in this stuff and it makes it really fun for me!

  • Tarot readings or share birth charts and interpretations (to be honest I am not particularly experienced at either, but would enjoy the chance to practice & discuss!)
  • Share paranormal stories or experiences (famous cases you're interested in or especially your own personal experiences.)
  • Discuss conspiracy theories, cryptids, unsolved mysteries - basically anything along these lines.
  • Share and discuss dreams/ lucid dreaming experiences we've had, or even astral projection & sleep paralysis experiences.
  • Share recommendations for anything media-wise if we have similar interests.
  • Tell me about your day/week/month, anything you're looking forward to or excited about or anything notable you'd like to share.
  • Tell me any fun or interesting facts you know about absolutely anything!
  • Tell me about a cool or interesting place where you live - describe all the details and what you like about it! I am not able to travel out of state much (& definitely not out of the country) so this will allow me to live vicariously through you :)


Ruthless rated for ART Postcard on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful Monet postcard. Love the quote! I can’t say that I have a favorite artist - I appreciate most art. Maybe Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe. There are so many great artists from amateurs to professionals. I’m not sure I could pick just one! Thanks again for the beautiful postcard.
Comment: thankyou so much <3 i love the card!
HausOfImps rated for MM&L: Cryptid on a Postcard! on Jun 21, 2022
Comment: Ahhh thank you so much for the adorable mothman! I really like the postcard he's on as well. I also literally thought this was from a different Jess lmao, your coloring came out a lot better than mine, I actually noticed the color first thing! Ty again! <3
Conni59 rated for MM&L: Alien ATC #2 - UFOs on Jun 19, 2022
Comment: Awesome ufo…love the aliens. I want the cat stickers and the washi with wildlife. Haven’t seen those…local store or online? Nosy people need to know 😂 Thank you so much for the swap.
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for rating & the heart :) The washi tape was a gift from someone many years ago so I'm not sure where it came from unfortunately. The cat stickers are from etsy shop called sugarblocks!
Comment: Super Fun PC of Saturn! Thanks for the facts too! Stuff I just never knew!! xx G
Response: So happy you liked it! I find it really fun to look up information about the things/places on postcards to share some fun facts with my swap partners, glad I could share some new to you facts!! Thanks for rating & heart! :)
rsj244 rated for Reality TV Swap - Top Ten on Jun 17, 2022
Comment: We both had the same idea with Survivor! Amazing how many reality shows there are out there!!! Thanks so much for a great list. I'm going to check out some of these you listed that I've never seen. Thanks so much for swapping with me :) Have a great weekend!
Response: Survivor is the BEST!! Haha! I'm looking forward to seeing yours!! This was such a fun idea - thank you for hosting! Hope you have a good weekend too, and thank you for rating/the heart! :)
Comment: So fun! Love the stationery too!!
Response: Glad you liked it! Thank you for rating & the heart!!
rsj244 rated for Celestial themed envelope & surprises on Jun 14, 2022
Comment: Yay! Your crazy cool envelope arrived today and I'm in love with everything you sent. Super nice postcards and the other cards (which I already have plans for) So much purple and outer space... totally my vibe. I also love the washi tape and stickers! Thanks so much for setting this up and for swapping! We must do it again sometime! Peace and love! :)
Response: Very happy to know you enjoyed the envelope; thank you for the nice comment & heart!! It was so fun to decorate and pick out the surprises! Thank you again for doing the swap with me, happy to do more private swaps with you in the future for sure!! :)
CRAFTiiChrissy rated for Flower PC Swap R2 on Jun 9, 2022
Response: Thank you for rating & the heart :)
addieixmarie rated for Anansi ATC (Folklore ATC #7) on Jun 8, 2022
Comment: Jess, WOW! This ATC is incredible!! I am in love with it! I also am just loving these folklore swaps too, they are so much fun! I also LOVE the adorable butterfly card that you sent the swap in! Thank you so much! Hope to be partners again soon! <3
Response: Thank you for such a nice comment and the heart!! I'm so happy you liked the ATC and the butterfly notecard! I think it was a charity one, but I actually love those especially when they have animals on them, always wonder why so many seem to dislike them. Always happy to swap with you and hope to swap again! :)
HausOfImps rated for MM&L: Custom Sea Monster ATC on Jun 7, 2022
Comment: Simply love to receive a piece of feverfawn mail. The kraken is awesome, though now I realize I have to rearrange my ATCs again to make another "misc. effed up monsters" page. The postcards are extremely pretty and I might actually buy that set now lmao. Part of why I was putting off rating is I thought the vintage card was the note to me and I was like "jfc I can't read this." But once I realized it wasn't it got both easier and funnier! Sarah and baby are fine. I've been thinking about you a lot so I hope all is well. Hugs and kisses.
Response: Happy to contribute a new effed up monster for your collection! It was fun drawing all those tentacle bits on the Kraken lol! Glad you liked the glow-y ocean postcards and that the vintage one could give you a laugh ~ I confess I did not read the whole message on it because the writing was so difficult to read! Didn't appear that one ever got sent so I do hope Sarah and baby are alright.. lol. Thanks for nice comment and heart! See you in the next swap~~
tendersores rated for Kirby (+ friends) on a Postcard on Jun 7, 2022
Comment: thank you for the cute barracu drawing!
Response: I'm glad you liked my Barracu!! Thank you for rating & the heart! :)
minniepic rated for PH: Person/Place/Thing #6 on Jun 6, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcards ❤️❤️❤️
Response: You're welcome, so happy you liked them! Thanks for rating and the heart :)
Comment: Thanks, Jess! Always great to see you around. :) It's hard to succinctly comment back to such a thorough letter, lol. I'll try to go in order-ish: 1. I love the Alan Watts refs and have been meaning to read him! Now I'm extra convinced. 2. Nice meditation explanation, too. I'm still bad at it, but I recognize its value for sure. 3. Not judging you about altered mind states at all. I haven't personally experienced astral projection or anything, but I don't assume that means it's not a genuine thing. 4. True dat--re we're not born to only work/be productive. I struggle with this idea, but I think it's important to internalize. 6. I would say your beliefs and your willingness to share have benefited me, at least! I love to hear about people forging their own path and what they think about Big Topics. Thanks again!! I'm always open to penpal-y PMs, btw. We may not know each other super well yet, but I enjoy your internet stranger company.
Response: Thank you for such a nice detailed comment and a rating/heart :) I was worried my letter was going to be too long/boring haha! I appreciate that you took the time to read it all and respond to the things I wrote individually. I agree it's always nice to hear other people's thoughts and opinions and their beliefs to get another perspective. I'm glad I could convince you to read some Alan Watts! He makes big concepts rather accessible I think, I especially enjoy his talks on youtube and could send you some channel/video recs if you are ever interested but don't feel like reading a book which is often my problem lol. I enjoy talking and swapping with you too! - I will send you a chatty penpal PM soon :) Until next time~
BobaBarb rated for Ruin My Week Notecard #2 on Jun 5, 2022
Comment: thank you
Response: Glad you got the card, thank you for rating and the heart!
Comment: Your ATCs look great! It's fun to see everyone's different art style with these.i really like how you layered them as well.
Response: Thank you for the nice comment and rating/heart! I'm glad you liked them and I agree the Egypt series has been so fun :)
HausOfImps rated for HEP: Purple Postcard 💜 on Jun 3, 2022
Comment: Thank you! I can forgive the water... maybe. No but really, I appreciate that you took the time to decorate and sent something really nice! Ty again friendo this adds at least 5 minutes to the countdown before I kms
Response: Glad you liked the postcard! It's honestly a miracle it wasn't smeared/damaged much considering how much water I accidentally spilled all over it lol. Always happy to contribute extra time to that doom count ;)
banjobraids rated for WTF PC Swap R8 on Jun 2, 2022
Comment: Great card!! I love seeing the beauty of nature up close, beautiful down to the molecules. I had a good, but busy weekend. It was my eldest's graduation party. Boy was I exhausted by nightfall, but it was nice. My favorite Iron and Wine song changes, but I listened to Boy With a Coin every single day for years. I like Innocent Bones and Jezebel and Such Great Heights and the entire album they did with Calexico. Wow, I need to go listen to Iron and WIne now. LOL! What's your fav? THANKS! :):):)
Response: So happy you liked the up close shrimp tail PC! Congrats on your kid's graduation that's awesome! :) I love all the Iron & Wine songs you mentioned there aren't many I don't like tbh, but my favorites are Jezebel, Gray Stables, House by the Sea, White Tooth Man... I loooove the whole shepherd's dog album. Listening as I type this haha! Glad I got to swap with you again!!
Comment: Thanks so much!!
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you for rating and the heart! :)
dlchick rated for Celestial PC Swap on Jun 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the postcard of the Sombrero Galaxy and the facts! I've also always been fascinated by space so I jump at the chance to swap postcards like this. :)
Response: Thank you for rating & the heart! Space themed swaps are so fun! Hope to swap again, take care :)

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simcoe54 on Jun 22, 2022:

CPG: June RAK - Variety of used postage stamps - Thanks for the wonderful package of postage stamps. Can't wait to add them to my collection!

AZmom875 on Jun 20, 2022:

AZmom875 on Jun 20, 2022:

Thanks for the June Wish Rak of address labels and the brush bunny postage.

Byn0604 on Jun 19, 2022:

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

jump ups flowers

Artistic on Jun 19, 2022:

RAKS ONLY Group June 2022: Thank you for the lovely post cards and the book pages.

annanymark on Jun 16, 2022:

Thank you so much for spoiling me in the CPG May wishlist and for the lovely letter ❤️

Gnoe on Jun 13, 2022:

Thank you so much for your cute baggy of stamps !

The Seattle Space Needle is my fave because #BeenThere-SeenIt-DoneThat in summer '93!

Love from The Netherlands <3

CPG June Stamp RAK

tatntole on Jun 10, 2022:

Thank you for the RAKs Only Tag received today, I love them all.

theshyone on Jun 8, 2022:

Oh my goodness, I got your CPG: June RAK - Variety of used postage stamps today! So many lovely stamps!!! Thank you so much, I had such fun looking through them :D What a lovely RAK you sent me ❤ ❤ ❤

Byn0604 on Jun 3, 2022:

Thank you for the lovely PCs and washi samples from the MM&L group Tag game! Blue is one of my favorite colors

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