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Date Joined: March 12, 2020
Last Online: June 21, 2022
Birthday: January 18
Country: United States
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UPDATE: NEW ADDRESS πŸ’₯June 2022: πŸ“¦πŸššπŸ‘I'm moving AGAIN, local this time, but I will be pretty silent on here until things are a bit settled. I will update my address when I have it (July). I moved to Idaho from Oregon (Oct 2021), so please note that if you have an Oregon address on file it's no longer correct (but mail should be forwarded until October 2022).πŸ’–

πŸ“¨I send swaps ASAP and I promise to rate as soon as I receive. πŸ‘› If there is ever postage owing please let me know so I can make it right. πŸ“« I mark a swap sent once it has been dropped in the outgoing mail. If for some reason you have not received a swap from me in a reasonable time, please contact me before rating and allow for me to send a replacement or work something out.πŸ’Œ

Happy Swapping!🌟

LIFE: πŸ•οΈI live in the woods/country (seriously I'm the sticks, next to a national forest) and I love the outdoors. I'm surrounded by wildlife (deer, turkeys, moose, and other animals) and am so thankful for it.

πŸ‘£I'm a Christian who prefers to not put God in a box, I just love me some Jesus, the non judgmental kind. I do my best to love and accept all people just as they are as we are all created to be uniquely awesome.πŸ’“

🌱🌎I am a bit of a granola gal, this means I care about the environment, animals, and other people. β™»I LOVE recycling/up-cycling and reusing items when I can and I love thrift shopping/buying second hand. So, when it comes to crafting I try to re-use and up-cycle items if possible (obsessed with junk journaling).

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈI'm in my 40's and have one cat fur baby.🐱
πŸ“–I'm a bit old school and love paper over a screen, this applies to reading, planning, and crafting. πŸ’ŒI love snail mail, typewriters, and happy surprises.πŸ“ƒ

πŸ₯‘I run a small wellness business with my partner, he also helps keep me sane and is my adventure buddy. πŸ’…I also sell Color Street as a side hustle and LOVE it!
πŸ₯ΎMy partner and I love getting outdoors and we enjoy camping, geocaching, rock hounding, and hiking together.πŸ•οΈ

😁I try to find the good in everything and be grateful even when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life. I often say, if you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine 🌞.

Favorite Crafts

CRAFTS: πŸ’–I love crafting, I dabble in many but are a master of none.πŸ–οΈ

πŸ“I enjoy paper crafts the most: making embellishments, mixed media, tags, junk/art journals & altered books, greeting cards, stationary, envelopes, etc. I enjoy rubber stamping (I love stamped images), using die cuts, embossing paper (dry and heat), sparkly and glittery stuff, and ephemera.🎟️

πŸ‘ΎI also occasionally crochet small projects like jar cozies, bags, scarves, wrist warmers, and hats.

πŸ‘‘I enjoy beading small things too, mostly earrings.

πŸ‘œI am a beginner with sewing so I have only made simple projects such as small bags and reusable wrapping paper/cloth.

βœ‚I also enjoy random small projects such as painting rocks, perler beads, embroidery, mixed media, ATC's (I LOVE receiving playing cards especially when they have cute pictures on them), and modge podge.🎨


ENTERTAINMENT: 🎢 I enjoy most music, with the exceptions being gangsta rap, metal, and screamo, TobyMac is my favorite artist. I also love Rascal Flats, Jason Gray, and Lauren Daigle.

πŸ“š I enjoy reading, I usually have at least one fiction and one non-fiction book going at a time. I have also recently got into audio books too, so I can craft/swap while also "reading" a book. Some of my favorite books I have recently read include "Fierce, Free, and full of Fire" by Jen Hatmaker (Oh my goodness I LOVE this book!), "Disconnected Kids" by Robert Melillo, "11/22/63" by Stephen King, :Wildflower" by Drew Barrymore, "The Safest Lies" & "All the Missing GIrls" by Megan Miranda, and "Ketofast" by Joseph Mercola.
I see myself as a lifetime learner so I enjoy absorbing true knowledge and skills.πŸ“‘

🎲As for other indoor entertainment I enjoy games: board, card, dice games, and jigsaw puzzles. Rumikube is my current go to game.

🎬I also enjoy movies and some binge show watching. πŸ“Ό I prefer movies and shows that I feel better after watching, and ones that are not violent. 🎦Some shows I like are "This is Us". "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist", "Stranger Things", and "The Muppet Show".
πŸŽ₯For movies I love documentaries (yup, nerd), comedies, dramas, and suspense. I don't have a favorite movie because there are just too many to love, but a few of my favorites include all the Muppet movies, "La La Land", "Mister Magorium's Magic Emporium", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Fantastic Mr. Fox", and "Monster's Inc.".🎭

😍I love snail mail and I hope to provide smiles with the happy mail I may provide through swaps.πŸŒπŸ’Œ


HOBBIES: ❀️I love getting outdoors🌲, LOVE campingβ›Ί, hiking, rock hounding, and geocaching. I like the beach🌊 but mountains, trees, and lakes/creeks are my favorite.🌳🌼🌌

πŸ“πŸŒ»I also enjoy having a small garden with fruits and vegetables in the summer, along with some flowers to attract the wildlife, and for picking. I love flowers, birds, bees, and butterflies.πŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸ¦πŸπŸ› 🌿I have some indoor plants and although I don't have a green thumb I love plants so I do my best to keep them alive and thriving for as long as I can.

MY FAVORITES: πŸ’šGreen is my favorite color and then πŸ’™ blue. 🌎 I love earth tone colors and bright colors.

I LOVE chocolate, 🍫dark chocolate being my favorite.

🌈My favorite seasons are Spring & Summer. I love the sunshine, the longer days, and the flowers.🌞

β˜•I love coffee and tea, both hot and iced coffee is good, but hot tea is my favorite way to enjoy it.

πŸ’•I LOVE animals,🐾 especially Cats😻, Sloths, Bears🐻, and BisonπŸ¦₯.

❀️I LOVE Kermit the Frog from the Muppets, and I enjoy Sanrio characters, especially Hello Kitty, and stars amaze me, I love star gazing.🌠

πŸ’ŸI also love stickers, and have been collecting them for as long as I can remember. I love that they are little pieces of art that you can brighten things up with. I love washi tape, it's like stickers on a roll. I also enjoy ephemera, cute napkins, lace and fabric scraps, charms, and other goodies to jazz up junk journals with.πŸ’ͺ😁

πŸ€—I love cute little things, πŸ„garden gnomes, kawaii, miniatures, tiny plants/flowers, etc.


πŸ” The alphabet of some things I loveπŸ’• (In no particular order)

A: Animals, Adventures

B: Bible, Bison, Birds, Butterflies, Bears, Backpacking, Bookmarks, Blue, Beads, Books

C: Cats, Camping, Crafting, Craft supplies, Chocolate, Creativity, Coffee, Crochet, Chiropractic, Cameras

D: Dreams, Desserts, Dandelions, Dahlias

E: Ephemera, Embellishments, Exploring, Earth tone colors

F: Flowers, Forests, Forest Animals, Fussy cut images

G: Games, Gnomes, Green, Gardens, Glittery things

H: Hearts, Honey bees, Hiking, Hello Kitty

I: Iced mochas, Inchies

J: Jesus, Junk Journals

K: Kermit the Frog, Kawaii

L: Love, Learning, Lace

M: Muppets, Music, Mountains, Miniature items

N: Nomadic lifestyle, Newts, Note cards

O: Outdoors, Organization

P: Photography, Photos, Paper Crafts, People, Plants, Puzzles, Popcorn, Pink (the color & the artist), Post cards

Q: Quilts, Quick witted humor

R: Rocks (I'm a rock hound), Recycling, Reading, Rainbows, Rivers, Ribbon

S: Squished pennies, Snail Mail, Snails, Stamps (postage & rubber), Stickers, Stationery, Stars, Smokey Bear, Snowmen, Sanrio, Sunshine

T: Trees, Typewriters, Tea

U: Up-cycling

V: Vintage, Vacation

W: Weekends, Wilderness

X: πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Y: Yarn

Z: Zucchini, Zoology, Zines

Like less

THINGS I LIKE LESS: I'm not easily offended.🚯 πŸ‘ƒI prefer mail not be sprayed with perfume, it smells lovely but my body says nope to fragrance. I also dislike black licorice. Anything I receive that I don't prefer I will just pass along in a RAK or as an extra to someone I think will love it, so I am grateful for anything you send. 😁Thanks for reading this far into my profile. Have a beautiful day and happy swapping!🌟


DragonflyDaisy rated for TA - Yay, It's MAY! on Jun 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap and all the fun happy mail you sent! 😁 See you in the swaps again soon.
Response: It was fun! Thanks for hosting and for what you sent too.😁
Comment: So much cute snail stuff! Thanks, Heather!
Comment: Thank you for the swap I really liked the flowers you drew on the envelope
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful happy mail. I looked forward to hearing from you every week. ❀️
LindaW rated for GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ May on May 24, 2022
Comment: Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers. God bless. Enjoy your Summer.
pegstamps rated for YTPC: Five-Layer Flip Out on May 9, 2022
Comment: Heather- what a fun swap! Thank you so much! Hugs-Peg
Artstamper rated for USAPC : Use your scraps #2 on Apr 29, 2022
Comment: Hi Hearher, thanks for the wonderful selection of things you made using scraps.loved the small envelopes with my 2022 word, joy! So many good ideas,thanks so much.
starmccoy rated for Junk Journal Pockets on Apr 27, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! Loved all the extras and the homemade envelope ❀️ and all stamps!!!
IsaArt rated for Junk Journal Pockets on Apr 21, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much for the pockets and all the extras! I was so excited when I opened it!
Response: That arrived so quick, awesome! Thanks for the kind words and the heart, I'm so glad this swap cheered you.πŸ’—
Comment: Thank you. I love the little envelopes βœ‰ you made and the way you sewed these pockets πŸ’•
LadyJo rated for GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ April on Apr 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the comments you posted, plus this envie I received! I love the postcards, but the book sheet is fun too! I enjoyed your note as well! I always like to hear about life in another state! Love to read notes or letters! Another fun envie arrived with a lot of encouragement and fun things I like! I liked the song sheets the way you made the booklet.
Response: Absolutely, there is more coming 😁
JBuchner rated for MHM: Spring-themed Mini Happy Mail on Apr 7, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! I love everything you sent!!! ❀️
Response: So happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for the heart.πŸ’•
Comment: Heather you must tell your partner that their drawings on the envelope were just amazing!! I really admire someone who can draw as it is a skill I do not have! It was so fun having all those cute woodland animals and a forest on the back- I knew which swap it had to be for!! I seriously loved all the amazing variety of things you included for me!! I adore that bear postcard (it will be saved in my bear collection!) I am so excited for all the amazing ephemera, dragon die cuts-wow! The pretty wax seal and the journaling cards you made!! Thank you for such a fantastic swap that made me smile so big on my face and in my heart!!!
Response: I will let him know, I also can not draw at all so I was happy to let him decorate the envelope for me. I'm so happy you enjoyed the swap and that it brought you a smile.😊
BeckyG56 rated for USAPC : Use your scraps on Apr 5, 2022
Comment: What a wonderufl packed filled envie of happy mail. I love these swaps, because everyone makes something different than what I sent. I love each pocket, each scrap and tuck ins.! Thank you for everything, well done! Thanks for the Monet notecard, and book pages. Right up my crafting alley!
Response: It makes me happy that what I sent was well received. Thanks for your positive outlook on life and for the heart too.😍
Jillemina rated for SMSUSA: Blind Happy Mail: Spring! on Apr 3, 2022
Comment: WOW! Thank you! What a fun swap to receive. I LOVE the cute envelope you put everything in! And the goodies will all come in handy. THANK you for brightening my day.
Response: It makes my heart happy that it brought you joy. Happy spring🌷
bpl76 rated for SMSUSA: 🌷 Springtime Goodies on Mar 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
bf0932 rated for CHWH ~ Profile Swap on Mar 22, 2022
Comment: I loved your envelope! I can use everything you sent me.
mamarochat rated for MZA: Happy Mail on Mar 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you for all the little goodies. I love the cute packaging and look forward to using the items in my outgoing mail.
Response: Thanks for signing up for the swap, and I'm so glad it made it safely and you enjoyed it. Thank you also for the heart.😁
LindaW rated for GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ March on Mar 18, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the encouraging gift items and messages. Thank you for the prayers.
Response: I hope your month has been blessed and your spring season will be filled with growth and love.πŸ’•

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grammypammy on May 18, 2022:

GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ May

Praying that God gives you the answer you are seeking!

Hugs, Pam

DeboraCreates on May 11, 2022:

Hello! Thank you so much for granting my May Wish in AATW!

grammypammy on May 4, 2022:

GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ May


circularlogic on May 3, 2022:

Have a Happy May! I’ll be sending to you all month long! Be blessed!

All the best,

DeboraCreates on Apr 27, 2022:

Thank you for the lovely assortment of junk journal goodies, I am sure I can put them to good use. LOVE how you decorated the envelope with the insides of other envelopes, I collect business envelopes in the mail for those patterns, too! :-)

lady41701 on Apr 19, 2022:

Thank you for the wonderful assortment of goodies for my smsusa : April wish list. I loved it all. The tuck pockets were a nice addition. You really brightened my day.

Zefaniya on Apr 16, 2022:

I hope you have a blessed weekend & Happy Easter! (April Faith sister)

Poohtat on Apr 15, 2022:

Wow Heather, thank you so much for the awesome AATW April Happy envelope. So many goodies in here that are just perfect for me. That squirrel diecut is adorable. Put a big smile on my face. Happy Swapping

grammypammy on Mar 28, 2022:

GIFT ~ Faith Sister ~ March

I'm so glad that Jesus is our Shepherd and watches over us!

Hugs, Pam

isabellasnow on Mar 26, 2022:

Thank you, dear Heather, for the envelope filled with wishes for March! You're so thoughtful ;+)

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