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ALL SWAPS DUE ARE SENT THIS WEEK. I am taking a hiatus from swap bot. My business is growing and work is crazy. I will rate all incoming swaps,but keep in mind I will be slow to answer messages .

ME :

Pronouns :she/her. Zodiacs : Capricorn/metal rooster

I am a Teacher’s Aide for for the Los Angeles Unified School District.I haven’t been active on here for a long time ,but am going to try it again.

I am on here mainly for postcard swaps.I am in many groups on Facebook and also on postcrossing and Postcards United. I like to have many options.

I also recently got a few slams sent back. One had been traveling 12 years ! I see there are still those types of swaps and want to get into them again

I am a recent widow,( not to Covid-19)but I don’t let that stop me. I know My James wouldn’t want me to stop travelling or postcard trading ( he thought it was so neat to get postcards ) We travelled all over Europe,and I was planning on going solo inJune,but had to cancel. It’s ok cause I will have more funds,and can splurge more.I am interested in postcrossing meetups,so let me know. Mainly West,East and South . I really don’t go to the Midwest .

I don’t have kids,but I have fur babies .two rabbits and my cheagle Lucy. I also have Stari the tortoise. The other kids in my life are apart from me right now. I dearly miss my students. We actually have a postcrossing/trading group. It was really cool to see them share in my hobby

RATINGS Before giving me a 1 or 3 I would appreciate a message or email letting me know so we can work things out. If you are going to sign up for a swap please rate. It takes 5 seconds

I like to give hearts for especially beautiful postcards or people who seem to just take the extra time in a swap.. and actually take the time to read my profile

As for people worrying about getting bad ratings...Especially with all going on right now,I know swaps are going to take longer to get here. Just don’t lie about when you sent . That is what I hate. If you are going to be late just send me a dm. Life happens.

I’ve been swapping so long I know when people are bulls’#$%ing. Example : the girl whose grandma “died” five times.

I appreciate everything sent to me. I don’t have too many dislikes,and If I cant use it I have my students( look at their list)

If I do ask to resend and the original swap shows up. I will gladly return the extra swap. ( for postcards I will send one in return based on your profile)

Dec 2020: all postcards from my dislikes list will be tossed out. I have a pretty extensive list of likes so this is not ok . Remember I may be the one sending to you so ,just putting that out there

It’s my one collection I care about

Favorite Music

Garbage, 80s, Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Irish Rock, Madonna, billy Idol, Rasputina, Azam Ali,placebo, beth Ditto, Ladyhawke, Motley Crue ,Hanoi Rocks,and Lizzo

Favorite Movies

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Adam Sandler ,Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, cheesy horror, George Romero, Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman,Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford movies, slumdog millionaire, bollywood, Argento,Baz Luhrman, John Cassevetes,anything with Robert Mitchum or Bette Davis

Favorite Television

Mainly True Crime,Law and Order SVU, 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lockup,The Marvelous Mrs Maisel,Greys Anatomy, Outlander

Favorite Crafts

Amigurumi ,cross stitch ,sewing,drawing ,mail art and copic coloring


Do not send or it will go in the recycling, I will not waste postage or time on sending them on.

What I like to swap/Wishlist


cultural dress ,local festivals, mosques,temples European architecture and churches, castles, famous landmarks, beaches,nightviews ,food diecut or odd shaped, glitter (LOVE!!) recipe, maps Lou paper ( new series via Etsy) people ,rare countries Lantern press ,Anderson design group,Inge look,WOW,vintage ads,kitsch,funny, maps Zazzle is fine

If you are unsure about what to send you can message me.


vintage postcards NOT a fan If they are rare ,defunct or foreign countries that is the exception ( North Korea, USSR,Yugoslavia, Antarctica )


Bugs,( ladybugs,bees are ok )spiders ,snakes

Ad cards

Real babies like Anne Geddes (illustrated babies fine esp kewpie)

Not really into celebrities or athletes


masculine theme like cars tractors etc NASCAR

Cows,farming ,roosters hens

Sports ,stadiums

Please no handmade! When I say handmade ,I mean cardboard ,paper pieced scrapbook types. I am ok with photography being sent into a printing service ( vistaprint zazzle) I’d be a hypocrite saying none like that ,as I am a zazzle seller.

I usually sign up for naked postcard swaps, cause I feel they are more personal,but sometimes I do sign up for ones in an envelope..

Please please please

Even for senders choice PLEASE consider NOT sending from my dislikes lists. I have gotten a bunch lately that I just throw out . It makes me really bummed . It’s just rude too.


Embossing powder samples ( ziplock baggies fine)

kawaii items ( stickers mainly )

souvenirs from your country

amigurumi supplies and patterns

cute kawaii plushes

Rockabilly, retro, fabric, hair accessories, jewelry etc..

deco or washi tape

tokidoki items

Cross stitch patterns ( email or printed)

Stamps both real and digital are fine . I especially love the ones from the Greetingfarm

Buddhist/Hindu related items ( my favorite goddesses are Laxshmi and saraswati )

Anything Kitsch or 50's

Anything Hello Kitty ( my wedding was hello kitty theme, have a tattoo , and know the creator of Kittycon ) handmade is totally fine.

weiner dog/dachshund items

Dia de los Muertos ( day of the dead ) related or Mexicana

anything with the Eiffel tower or leaning tower of Pisa

We love baking recipes for the holidays ,and my sister would love some for her instant pot. She is obsessed with that thing . They can be email OR print ( no dietary restrictions or allergies but low carb is very welcome)

Favorite Animals : Anything cute and fuzzy .. I LOVE animals in general so no worries on what to send me. just not too big on bugs ( I love spiders and grasshoppers though)

Frida Kahlo , Yoshitomo Nara or Mark Ryden anything

Skulls, Gothic, ,COFFINS!!! cemetaries the macabre I love Halloween year round

anything Irish or Clovers ( st patricks day any time of year is cool)

anything Russian esp. matryoskas ( nesting dolls)

kokeshi or geishas

Wishlist : lovely White anything .it is a very early Korean kawaii character. I don’t care about condition.

These are only ideas. I am very open to new themes and ideas . I’ve learned about a lot of the crafting supply companies from swaps on here

I am open to all holidays. This has been an interest since I was a kid .

What I don't like to get

I HATE country ,barn and roosters please stop sending them !!!

The only allergies I have That matter for swapping are Lanolin and wool

I am a pollotarian/pescatarian

People who think Covid 19 is fake ( wear a mask !)

Anything racist,homophobic, xenophobic misogynistic ,etc you get the idea.

Masculine items like tractors,cars NASCAR

sports related items EXCEPT NOTRE DAME or LA dodgers.. ( refer to my students list for this too)

low quality dirty or used

Under the book /bag category

although I am a big fan of Love after Lockup, a whirlwind affair like that of Tony and Angela is not in the cards .

Americana ( except if it's for a fourth of July swap

non kawaii stationery (unless its part of a swap )

items smelling of smoke/weed ( nothing against smokers of either. I get nauseous )

reward stickers ( my students also hate them )


ATC JAMS or Collaborative mail I will put them in recycling

vintage postcards Not a fan . If they are rare ,defunct or foreign countries that is the exception ( North Korea, USSR,Yugoslavia, Antarctica )

Please try to refrain from sending. They always get damaged or bent .the modern machines can’t handle them

If you do please add a non-machinable stamp (15 cents)/ And write non -machinable

Any Christian,biblical stuff ( including greeting cards when a profile based swap)

My mother and mother in law have enough to last 10 lifetimes ( exception :guardian Angels and Guadalupe )

Getting from my dislike list cause I hate throwing stuff in the trash

People who just put a 5 and no comment. Especially if you put effort into that swap.

favorite colors

black , red, blues, purple pink mostly dark colors

Students likes /dislikes

For stuff like sticker swaps if you don’t feel you have what I like personally , just look under this category. I will happily pass them on .

  • unused US stamps for our postcrossing group

-tsum Tsum

  • scratch and sniff stickers

  • fake tattoos ( sealed )

Puffy,glitter, 3D stickers


Soccer ( futbol) related


Harry Potter ( all houses)


Coloring pages ,postcards etc Dodgers, LA Lakers,UCLA,USC

Godzilla , Gudetama

Spongebob Fort nite

Holiday year round
Sanrio Barbie Shopkins

LOL doll

Anime,manga or chibi Things ( kid friendly like naruto,full metal alchemist ages 10 to 12 ) DISLIKES

Not too big on Disney except tsum tsum

Reward stickers ( unless scratch and sniff)

Dora the explorer,bob the builder ,veggie tales,blues clues , Clifford , Daniel tiger , lalaloopsie


I eat a pretty healthy diet I am a pollotarian ( poultry only i just found the term ) pescatarian (fish)combo

Please make sure recipes only include poultry or fish or can substitute.

I try to eat non gmo dairy and meat and natural/organic. Basically food that has not been messed with or pumped with gosh knows what. I don’t eat fast food ( I gave it up almost 2 years ago with a few slips ) Unless you have a Trader Joe's, stuff is expensive so I don't expect anything. I don’t have any food allergies

Some things I like are

kind bars

tea My favorites are Roobios and chai types . My mom also loves tea ( the only thing she wanted from London) We can do both bags and loose leaf

70% or higher dark chocolate

I like tea AND coffee


Anything low carb

We are always happy to get holiday recipes ( no dietary restrictions but low carb versions are very welcome)


Comment: Thank you so much! I will pass it on
Comment: Thank you for the extras! :-)
squince rated for Scatts PC - N - Round 7 - US Only on Mar 16, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
TabbyJay rated for Scatts PC - M - Round 7 - US Only on Mar 13, 2021
Comment: Love the postcard & stamp! Great answers too! Thank you!
NRGordon rated for Scatts PC - K - Round 7 - US Only on Mar 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the fun PC and your list. I hope to make it to Knotts Berry Farm soon.
Response: Thank you for the heart. They open April 1st ,along with all the other parks
suepier rated for Scatts PC Round 7 - H - US Only on Mar 11, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard and sharing the scattagories with me.
Comment: Thank you for the postcard :) Very interesting stamps and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing ^^ Bugs is cool 8)
Response: I am so glad it got to you. Thank you very much for the heart
Comment: Thanks for this great oceanfront property postcard! I didn't have this one yet! I and my DH loved the outlandish show! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: So glad you didn’t have that one. Thank you for the heart and the same to you along with staying warm
Jenny345644 rated for Traveling Greeting Card #7 on Mar 4, 2021
Comment: Such an adorable little card can’t wait to sign it and send it on ! Thank you so much for the little patch and papers and flakes all so cute ☺️
Response: Thank you for the heart. I’m glad you liked all the extras. I’m a pin collector rather than patches so I’m glad you can use it
Kbrewste09 rated for Scatts PC - L - Round 7 - US Only on Feb 27, 2021
Comment: Hi Elizabeth! There's so much to say about this postcard! I love the Harvey Milk postcard - I had no idea he was Lithuanian American! Also loungewear and Lizzo were brilliant choices! I didn't think of those! Also all the stickers and stamps are so cool! I haven't see those stamps before! I love the Olympics ones! Excellent postcard overall! :)
Response: I’m so glad you like it. I am adopted and a few years ago did 23andme I too am Lithuanian America. Thank you for the heart also
squince rated for Scatts PC - J - Round 7 - US Only on Feb 24, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
cmalaina rated for USA Any size slams -#3 on Feb 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the slams and all the extra goodies you sent me sorry for the really late rating still trying to catch up on my mail
Response: It’s ok glad you got them
Comment: Thanks for sharing your "I" answers with me! A couple of them were the same as my answers...lol I also love the Teddy Bear postcard!
Response: I’m so glad it got there. I’m not sure how soon after it happened,but a car ran into the mailbox . They fixed it fast fortunately and it is back. Thank you for the heart. I’ll let the neighbors know their mail is still going out
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies! Pop Shop Live sounds cool! I would love anything literary or 80s pop culture.
Response: You are very welcome. They just added a bookseller on there called booksofwonder. I hope we get more bookstores since reading has become popular again
Comment: Thank you for the planner stickers, and for the extra stickers for my girls!
Response: Of course ! I love sending to them,even if it means decorating themselves lol
KarenFife rated for Scatts PC Round 7 - F - US Only on Feb 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the “Flower” postcard for Letter F. I love the pink postal stamps💗💗💗💗💗💗💗!!!
Response: I am so glad it got there. I will not use that box anymore. Thank you for the heart
KarenFife rated for Scatts PC Round 7 - G - US Only on Jan 25, 2021
Comment: I enjoyed your answers! Thank you for the Hollywood Boulevard PC. I was there to see Grauman’s Theater MANY years ago which I had forgotten all about. Great postal stamps on the PC!
Response: I’m glad you like it and thank you for the heart It has changed so much in the past decade. It was sort of a bargain theater. Now it’s almost 55 dollars for two people to get in .
captkristi rated for Scatts PC Round 7 - C - US Only on Jan 16, 2021
Comment: Cool PC and I like your answers!! Thanks for the awesome stamps as well!!
Response: So glad it got there. Thank you for the heart
TexyDeb rated for LSRUS Travelling postcard round 5 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: You didn't sign the postcard. I added you. Thank you for everything. Fantastic envelope!
Response: Oh man I’m so sorry. That is why I got a planner to keep better track of my swaps. Im glad it finally got there and you like everything
Carrii rated for Traveling Greeting Card #6 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: Zombie Chocolate Covered Strawberries!! What a funny idea, I love it.
Response: I’ll tell her you liked it. Thanks for the heart

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kiddomerriweather on Feb 6, 2021:

Thank you for the January CPG wishes! I'm thrilled with all the vintage motel PC's. I think I'm going to have to get a new album now. I love the pink banana Pipstickers. I was going to order those the other day, but for some reason I always abandon my Pipsticks cart. I tell myself, "It's just an impulse buy; don't do it!" I love the Dolly mail art, too. The envelope is definitely going in a journal.

Poohtat on Jan 7, 2021:

Ciska76 on Dec 26, 2020:

Thank you for the ‘Rick and Morty’ ATC (CPG ATC jams). They arrived on the 24th as a very nice Christmas surprise. I love the snowman ATC as well. Thank you so much! Wishing you a new year in good health and filled with joy and creativity. ❤️

LavenderSprinkles on Dec 23, 2020:

Thanks for the lovely wishes you sent my way!

kiddomerriweather on Dec 17, 2020:

I just realized that I have one of his Halloween craft books, and have for years! I was looking at his shop on the Glitterville website and I want so many things!

CariahCreates on Dec 10, 2020:

Thank you for the goodies from my November LSRUS wishlist. Lots of stuff I can use.

OrigamiGrace on Dec 2, 2020:

THANK YOU for my RBG cross stitch bookmark from my November wishlist at CPG! I love her!! She is too cute to hide in a book:)

Poohtat on Dec 2, 2020:

Thank you for the LSRUS Nov wish. I love all the goodies. The images are great.

kromo on Nov 27, 2020:

Thank you for the LSRUS wish and the mail art. I drawing and the papers you sent.

Whippet on Nov 17, 2020:

Yes, I learned the Hawaiian Island holiday song when I first moved down to FL. The Polynesian WDW resort hotel plays this island greeting song every Christmas season. You should see their Christmas - Island style decorations. Yes, greetings from a place where the sun shines, the palm trees sway, you could get a tan, no snow, no ice. I'll make sure to listen to this song during December to bring good cheer.

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