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About Me

Hello! I’m Moxie. I’m 31, live in New Mexico with my sister and our 18 cats, and I do my Moxie best. I work in education as a substitute teacher, but when I can I take on long term jobs as an assistant so I can be with the same kids every day in the same classroom.

My sister has an account at @closetdork The address is the same. We've notified admin.

I always do my best with my swaps, but if something is wrong, please let me know before rating down! Then we can figure out the next step.

I really like trying my hand at paper crafting, but I'm pretty new. I started when I joined this site so I'm still really new and learning. I try to follow Youtube tutorials when I can. I really enjoy pocket letters and flipbooks. I’ve tried cross stitch and knitting, but I don’t do it enough to be any good.

If you're sending me a swap with stickers, I don't mind if the sheet is cut to fit in the envelope. I won't rate down for it regardless of swap requirements.

Favorite Entertainment

My favorite movie is Treasure Planet. I also like Pacific Rim, Meet the Robinsons, Thor (1st and 3rd), Megamind, the animated Sinbad movie

My favorite shows are a lot of cartoons, to be honest. I love We Bare Bears, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and the newer Ducktales. I like some anime. I really adore Card Captor Sakura.

We don’t have cable, so everything we watch is on Netflix or Hulu. Or Youtube - I watch a lot of gaming videos and crafting tutorials. So, we mostly just stream things.

Sometimes I play video games. My favorites are Journey, Kingdom Hearts, Little Inferno, and Overwatch. I also really like Pokemon - my favorite being Espurr.

I like teen/young adult or kid novels. Mostly fantasy books. My favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Kate DiCamillo, and Sarah Addison Allan. I own over 300 books that I keep track of with an app on my phone.

My favorite book is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. I absolutely love this book with all of my heart. My second favorite is Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allan. I reread both of them at least once a year.

I love picture books. Like the lots of pretty pictures and a few sentences per page and meant for kids sort.

I'm also into comics. I love, love, LOVE The Flash. Any and all versions. I adore the entire Flash family.

I mostly listen to musicals or pop music.

I Like

My most favorite things to get are washi, stickers, journal cards, face masks (the cloth type), and stationary sets.

My most favorite themes to get are cats, bees, floral, lemons, and space.

I like washi, stickers, envelopes, journal cards, note cards, postcards (postcards preferably sent without an envelope and with some kind of note on it, any design on the front as long as you think I'd like it or you really like it), stationary with or without envelopes, ribbon, die cuts, pretty paper scraps, tags, note papers, embellishments, thin tipped pens, and shaped paperclips. As long as it's not on my ‘don’t like’ list, then I'll probably love it. Especially since I’m so new to crafting, I sometimes don’t know what I'll like till I get something really cool in the mail.

I love all colors, especially bright colors on dark backgrounds, or a variety of colors. I’m really partial to yellows and greens lately. Also is glitter a color? Because I really love glitter.

I absolutely adore florals. Like, pretty much anything with flowers on it and especially paper or fabric flowers. My absolute favorite flower is dandelions. I love both the fluffy white and the bright yellow dandelions.

If you send me something with a flavor, I prefer sweet and fruity like strawberries or blackberries. I am open to anything, though. I don’t mind trying new things and I don’t have allergies to anything. My favorite chocolate candies are ones with almonds or caramel. Or both are great. I don't like peanuts. I like sweets and salties.

If you send me something with a scent (once again, no allergies, so I can handle new things like lotions or sprays or facemasks and I don't mind trying new things), I really like cotton, lemon, florals, or sweet scents.

I like kid stickers or reward stickers for when I work at long term assistant jobs. I don't mind receiving these during swaps. I only ask that they aren't the only sort of stickers you send.

I love reading letters. Just tell me about your life. I love reading how people's days are going or what they're looking forward to. Tell me what you're having for dinner, the last dream you had, how your day went, what your pets did. Anything. I'm a terrible penpal though. I misplace letters I mean to respond to for weeks or months. It's terrible of me, I know.

I really like cats, bees, cows, and jellyfish. I really love cute things, like kawaii or cute animals or anything you think counts. I really love cryptids - I think they’re super interesting and I would love more cryptid stuff. I love Halloween, but not the horror or gore aspect of it. I really love fantasy stuff and creatures. I absolutely love Autumn and Winter. I love washi (or anything really) with landscapes on it. I love space, clouds, stars, galaxies. I love lemon themes, and I like fruit themes. I like rain, storms, forests, mushrooms, moss, umbrellas, hot air balloons, cityscapes. I really like the Grinch and most Dr. Seuss. My favorite part of Disney movies are usually the villains. I love Ghibli movies. I like vintage looking stuff well enough. I like washi with characters on it.

I collect fabric face masks, so if you sew them or have extras, I would love them as a goodie in a swap! I use them for going out since COVID started, but I’ve used them for years when cleaning out cat boxes so I don’t inhale the litter dust.

No Thank You

Things I really don’t like:

I don’t like Christmas, though I do celebrate it. I prefer general winter themes or season greetings, if possible. But if I join a Christmas swap, I won’t mind the Christmas theme. I hate gore and horror. I don’t like peanuts (the food), Peanuts (the cartoon), Snoopy, realistic bugs or spiders, religious themes, old school Disney, or coffee flavor.

The Cat Story

I have 18 cats. I absolutely ADORE cats and cat related things. But I have a story about how these cats came to my sister and me.

First we started with Timber, a Maine Coon. We thought he needed a friend so we got Karkat, a tan/orange American shorthair. A couple years later we got Applesauce, a tabby/calico. Then we got Dusty, a gray shorthair.

And we were good for a while. Until... Our parents gave Mousse, a very sweet, very pregnant, tan shorthair to us. We took her because she was a sweetheart having her first litter and we didn't want her or her kittens staying outside.

She had five kittens. We only rehomed one. So we kept the rest since we didn't want to release them outside. We also kept Mousse. So suddenly we also had Jonathon, a tan shorthair like his mom, Terra, a Siamese, Magpie, a long hair calico, and Parfait, a tan shorthair.

We then rescued two females from outside. They were young and unfixed and utterly sweet. We didn't want them to have babies. We meant to keep them only till we got them fixed, but we fell in love. We have Noodle, a white shorthair with orange ears and tail, and Sad Eyes, a white and gray cat.

Then we got Bumblewhisp, a gray tabby, and The Familiar Void, a black shorthair. They were unwanted and we have silly bleeding hearts for unwanted kittens that need homes.

After that, my sister was given Flan, a brown and black longhair, from a coworker. She was another pregnant stray. She had four babies and we rehomed all of them. Oreo, a shorthair orange boy, came back to us from our younger brother after the cat got sick after going outside.

Sometime after, another coworker of my sister gave us Spicerack. She is the one stray momma cat we didn't keep. She was too upset living in a house. She had seven babies. We only rehomed one, unfortunately. These kittens we rescued after being outside for a few weeks. None were social with humans and so were especially hard to rehome.

We now have Veal, a tabby/calico, who is now very sweet; Cow, a black and white shorthair that is also social; BB or Barbeque Brisket, a black shorthair, that likes attention; Al Capone, a tabby that is finally coming around; Vladimir, a calico that very much does not like being held; and Felix, an orange shorthair that is still very unsure of humans.

We unfortunately lost Mousse. She got outside and was struck by a car. We also lost Flan. She also got outside, though we believe she was taken since she was friendly and other people showed interest. We like to think she's doing well with a loving new family. And we've also lost Parfait. She got out one night, an unfortunate habit of hers. She had always come back, just walking right through the door when she was ready. Heartbreakingly, she never did.

All of the cats are all fixed. I feel the need to add that fact since a lot of first thoughts seem to be along the lines of 'just get them fixed and you won't have a problem!'. But none of our cats have ever been pregnant or gotten another cat pregnant while we had them. We just take in a lot of strays and pregnant strays.

The cats now rule our home. We have shelves and bookcases and all sorts of things for them to run and hop on. And I'm pretty sure they think our beds are really theirs.


GreetingsEarthling rated for Monster Doodle on Sep 16, 2023
Comment: This monster looks ready for Halloween. Super cute!🧡🖤🧡
Comment: Sorry for the delay- thank you for the first Halloween 🎃👻 postcard of the season!
squince rated for FTLOC#1-BIG Happy mail swap -US on Sep 10, 2023
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Comment: Thank you for all of the wonderful goodies!!
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Comment: Thank you !!!
Comment: ❤️❤️Thank you very much for the amazing surprises, love everything you sent! My mailbox was dry for the last couple of days - yours brightened up my day!!
Candace rated for CPG Daily Q's #39 - US on Aug 18, 2023
Comment: I haven't been to a Wendy's in years!
wincejl rated for SMSUSA: Quick Folio on Aug 7, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the lovely folio!
ElenaMaz rated for FPG: Themed #5 on Aug 3, 2023
Comment: I got your beautiful envelope and creation, Thank you for everything
Comment: Thank you for the great pockets and all the fun ephemera!! :)
PenpalSuchi rated for FPG: YouTube Tutorial #5 on Jul 31, 2023
Comment: Thank you! Very pretty colors and I love the gold foiled cut-aparts and the mason jar stickers! Happy swapping!
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Comment: Thank you for the generous happy mail you sent me! All the pandas!! So appreciated 💕💕💕
ChrisD rated for FTLOC#1-I forgot I had that -US on Jun 28, 2023
Comment: Moxie, I love the gorgeous tag and goodies! You did a beautiful job!
DagmarAtla rated for A Happy Folder/Pocket Swap #04 on Jun 28, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your swap.
JaneInSD rated for SMSUSA:Tag mini folder on Jun 24, 2023
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OrigamiGrace on Sep 8, 2023:


ChrisAnne on Jun 24, 2023:

Thank you for the amazing RAK of papers! It is so much fun going through it. I cannot wait to strart crafting with all of it.

fourgnomesinatrenchcoat on Sep 13, 2021:

the stickers RAK arrived today!! And oh my goodness I love all of them!! Thanks so much!!

simcoe54 on Aug 28, 2021:

Stickers RAK -- Thanks for all the amazing stickers. Looking forward to using them.

bordercolliemom59 on Aug 12, 2021:

hi moxieroe thank you so much for the stickers rak . love it all. take care and stay safe .

nancylee on Jan 21, 2021:

Squirrel appreciation day profile decorations

Hi Moxie

traceyj on Jan 20, 2021:

🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️

Hi Moxie, it's nice to meet you!

Here are some squirrel pics for ya--

up close

wire walking

And because I know you love cats--

squirrel and cat

another squirrel and cat

🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️ 🌳 🐿️

ittybittykitty on Oct 31, 2020:

Happy Halloween!

ImnotDorothy on Oct 29, 2020:

I received the one on one trade today.. I can’t wait to use the bee die cuts in my journal. But, I’m going to hoard these space PC’s for a while. Thanks so much!

ittybittykitty on Sep 14, 2020:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

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