Swap-bot Time: June 25, 2024 3:27 pm


Date Joined: May 10, 2011
Last Online: June 25, 2024

Country: Canada


Last updated - JUN24, lp.

I will be on holiday from 30JUN24 to 7JUL24. I will post swaps after my return.

My name is Laura, not Helen. Using another name does not mean the swapper is that name. Using the full user ID is OK, but not part of it.

I am a married Christian Mother, 58. I have one daughter, 13. I enjoy family time, hobbies, and now tackling health issues.

BASIC INFO: Please put the swap name on what you're sending! Even if you've forgotten, you can send a message with the info. Where there are busy times for swapping, like Christmas/Holidays, it does help. Otherwise, your rating will be delayed. Sometimes you have the same partner for 2 swaps, and that's helpful. I usually send 2 swaps to the same partner, to save on postage.

HEALTH. I have a chronic back problem, had minor knee surgery on one knee, so it's arthritic. With 2 jobs I deal with, I get run down and tired. I am tall, have shrunk some, so maybe my height is a factor for the knee/back challenges. You have to keep moving though! I'm dealing with fatigue problems as well.

I'm trying to lose weight, have been part of a weight management group, but just gradually losing. Because of my back problems, I can't even walk more than 10 minutes without my back aching!

PETS. I grew up with small dogs and cats. There are mostly 5 indoor cats now. Four are female, Nessa, Sasha, and Smoaky. One is male, Dudek. He does go outside sometimes . Nessa is smaller of the three, grey coloured. She's the senior of the kitties. I have to watch her health, as she has problems. Sasha is mostly black and small white areas. Dudek is cream-and-orange tabby. Dudek and Sasha are bigger cats. Smoaky is noisy when she's in heat and greets you last when you've been away. She's insecure, but a sweetie. Extra treats, she's there even if you don't call her. . The youngest female is Mia, beige-and-white, short-haired Tabby. She's an energetic kitty, likes to play and is vocal when she dislikes something.

If you're not sure, I prefer CATS over dogs. I don't have dogs, just cats. If possible, send cat items.

I'm first-generation Canadian of Ukrainian descent. I can understand basic Ukrainian and read the cyrallic alphabet, but Ukrainian.

I follow the Christian FAITH and attend Protestant church mostly on a regular basis, but my heart is in the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox church I am a member of. I attend other Protestant churches occasionally including Catholic.

My HOBBIES: postal mail swaps, occasional pen pals, reading, Christianity, family time, swimming, card games (Euchre), U.S. travel in RV, etc.

My VOCATIONS: I work as a government office clerk, full time; and a grocery cashier, part time.

COLOURS: I like blues, green, turquoise/aquamarine, rose, teal and beige colours. I enjoy scents of cinnamon, coffee, tea, cucumber, and light floral/oriental. I enjoy lilacs, lily of the valley, fragrant flowers, tulips, poppies, sunflower, and Autumn/Fall is my favourite season.

I have other health issues of low back and knee pain, GERD, menopausal, weight maintenance, etc. I LOVE POSTAL MAIL!

I like STATIONERY, but find current stationery stores expensive. I mostly enjoy note cards. I find thrift stores and the dollars have adequate selections.

I'm trying to change my lifestyle, so I don't watch TV that much. I don't have cable and don't always care for my family's choice in programming. Making this choice will make me deal with my postal mail hobby more better. It's not easy to catch up on swapping during the night.

Please have your return address in the proper placement (left-hand corner) on the envelope you are mailing your envelope for a swap. I get nice swaps, but there is no return address. This can help with mail being returned back properly, if there's a problem. SNAIL MAIL can have its adventures when mail is lost, or delivered improperly!


My favourite decade was the 1980s, so I still enjoy retro dance. My groups I liked and still follow are Duran Duran, Yello, and Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire. I enjoy listening to Christian music.

I played a mean mediocre clarinet in high school and enjoy classical. I like Grieg, symphonies, classical guitar, 40s Swing, choral,and various. I'm not fond of jazz, or hip hop.

I also enjoy 1970s David Bowie, Queen, Big Band music from the 1940s, classic rock, etc. I enjoy Christian music, listen to talk radio, news radio, and radio sermons.


I enjoy romance, mystery, Christian fiction, etc. I like Grace Livingston Hill (Christian), Anne Perry, vintage mystery, Janet Dailey, Susan Wiggs, Georgette Heyer, Luanne Rice, Amish fiction, etc. I'm more selective now with romance fiction, but still enjoy it on occasion.

I like vintage mystery/suspense novels, cozy mystery, and non-fiction. I'm in a few local library books clubs in Toronto and a few through Yahoo groups I deal with sometimes..

I have boxes of books. I look at books as friends. I grew up quiet and books seemed keep me company with adventures and activity. I read when I can.


I grew up in an ethnic faith of Eastern Orthodox. St. Nicholas is celebrated instead of Santa Claus, and I celebrated Christmas twice. I still celebrate Easter twice.

I enjoy philately and seeing nice commemorative STAMPS on packges/envelopes.

I prefer no definitives (smaller stamps), but commemoratives (can be larger stamps dealing with people, locations, events, etc). I also enjoy Christian/religious themes in stamps like for Christmas, and Easter. I basically with trade stamps on paper, but am interested in personal swaps mint, or used.

STAMPS2 sent on paper, please leave enough margin around the stamp for soaking, or I can send it with another swap for trading.

I watch MOVIES occasionally and usually from the library. I'm not a techi zombie. I do the basics, slowly text (quickly type on a keyboard) and using a regular computer with a mouse. Favourite ACTOR is Ralph Fiennes, UK. COMEDIES: Big Bang Theory, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy, etc.

I enjoy true crime shows like Forensic Files, FBI Files,. I like police drama: Murdoch Mysteries (Canadian Victoriana police drama), Law & Order/SVU, CSI original (and new Vegas),UK mysteries and shows are great: Scarlet and the Duke, All Creatures Great and Small, Midsomer Murders (finished First season). I do not have cable and enjoy watching documentaries on PBS channels available.

CLASSICS: I enjoyed classic movies growing up and sometimes catch the occasional one. I don't care for musicals. I like Jimmy STEWART, and comedies. Sometimes enjoy watching the Christmas movies, "It's a Wonderful Life, and "The Shop Around the Corner,"


LIKES: signed FBs/FS (friendship books and friendship sheets) - flat stickers - flat stationery - commemorative postage stamps used on envelopes with swap enclosed, bookmarks - Christianity - Mary Engelbreit - Suzy's Zoo - Flintstones - Charlie Brown - Precious Moments - Holly Hobby - Winnie the Pooh (Piglet) - Victoriana - cats/dogs (Russell Terrier) - esp/owls - roosters - - salamanders - stationery (note pads, note cards) - celestial - skeleton keys - playing cards - low-fat recipes with nutritional info - vegetarian (hubby is one), Christmas cards, - vintage stationery - typewriters - vintage themes - Four-leaf Clover, Pysanky (decorated Easter Eggs), gnomes anything, etc.

With CHRISTMAS themes, I am a Christian. Religious cards and stationery are OK by me. . With stationery, that's fine. I love churches on cards, pets too. Children, I am a Mom now, so bring it on, and candles. I don't use candles, but enjoy them on cards. Victoriana themes, candles on Christmas trees (my Father recalls that), angels. Nostalgic and vintage Christmas cards, cherubs. It makes you feel like you're there!. enjoy church scene, nature scenes (winter wonderland). Cute is sweet. The manger scene with animals, Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus is great. If you can find Byzantine and icons used, that would be the BEST! I like whimsical cards as well. Generally, I'm a paper nut.

For CHRISTMAS SWAPS where you enclose something extra with a Christmas card, I generally like Christmas stickers, note cards, Christmas post cards, used Christmas postage stamps, stationery (only flat/not folded) or even FBs with a Christmas cover would be OK.

I enjoy TEA and coffee. With tea, a variety is fine. I enjoy TEA that are fruit flavoured and enjoy placing honey and lemon juice in my tea. With health problems, I prefer herbal teas with ginger and fennel are great. I love Earl Grey and Cinnamon, etc. White teas, rasberry, apple/peach just great, green tea and flavoured green teas. Rasberry and blueberry seems teas that I can manage.

Sending loose STICKERS/STAMPS, please enclose a separate packet/envelope that is sealed. That way, not all the loose stickers fall out of the envelope, and you might lose some. You then enclose the packet/envelope in the mailing envelope with a note about the swap :)

For STAMP/PHILATELIC swap, please use a commemorative stamp, if possible. Another stamp to collect, why not! Sending plain stamp for this type of swap can be improved. Commemorative issues doesn't have to be current. You can get older ones through your postal country's website probably, but not sure.

WASHI TAPE: Red, Black & White, Geometric Patterns, Colourful, Seasonal, Celestial, Cats, Vintage, Air Mail/Immigration/Customs, Numbers, English-language word tapes, etc.

On HALLOWEEN items, I prefer cute and whimsical. I like Witches, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Owls, Skeletons/skulls, Spiders, Snakes, Bats, Nosferatu, Cemeteries, Cats, and vintage. See "Dislikes" as well.

PUZZLES. I play card games on my phone, and solitaire with real playin card. I like word finds, dot-to-dot puzzle, and fill-in puzzles. I can take basic crossword games occasionally. I like word finds where leftover letters spell an answer. Wonderword I enjoy from growing up and available to order on Amazon.

DISNEY CHARACTERS: I like classic Disney, and Mickey Mouse are great. I like vintage items, so vintage Mickey would be great, but modern Mickey enjoyable as well. I find Piglet interesting from Winnie the Pooh.

I LOVE Autumn season and love wearing orange when it's so colourful outside.

ELABORATE! If there is a swap that calls for writing something in a note card/letter, please don't write only 2 sentences. Write something more about yourself! I'd rather read an interesting note card/letter than great enclosures.

If possible when sending a GREETING CARD (holidays and birthdays), please do not write/stick on the back of the illustrated side of the card. I like to use that one side for post cards and stationery items. =D

PLAYING CARDS. I'm glad there are groups and swaps for playing cards now. I don't mind different countries, cats, animals, vintage (best), floral, etc.

With POSTAGE STAMPS, I like to receive a variety of stamps from different countries. Using a commemorative stamp on the envelope is always appreciated. I usually swap on-paper used stamps.


Not signed/Porn/chain/homer/recycled FBs/FSs = folded/creased/scrapbooking stickers = Stickers/stationery (marked up) = Horses (includes My Little Pony and Unicorns) = Superhero items (unless in a specified swap) = Character stickers/stationery (unless stated) = outdated/advertising bookmarks = ATC/artistic trading cards = tattoos = nasty comments through the Forum, = insulting profiles = colouring post cards, The Grinch stationery (Christmas cards and stickers), = Christmas tags = confetti, etc.

I like note cards, but not with random initials. Initials that work for me are "L, B, or P." Do not send anything else.

Please only send signed FBs/FSs. I do not like anything else - no Label Bags, Sticker Bags, Stamps Bags, or Slams, x-slips chain games, etc.

I'm aware that when you deal with a swapping hobby for a prolonged period, we have our preferences. I've been swapping FBs/FSs, before the Internet. There are some FB/FS swaps where some swappers just pass through some books/sheets they send to you. Please don't do to the majority of what you send me.

Please do not send any HOMERS back to me. I have enough to send back. If there is room on the FB to write a small message and a label, then it can be returned back. .I see swappers put their address label and there's enough room for another label. That's it. How about sending it back then. Let's be responsible. Thanks!

Do not send FBs with RECYCLED PAGES. You cannot print anything beside your label. Some people write their address on the page. How can you do that if there's already printing on the page?!

I don't mind receiving EXTRA FBs/FSs for FB swaps only, but do not send FBs I have signed already. This has happened in swaps. I have to take extra time to resend FBs I'm dealing with a second time. As well, no chain FBs/FSs. I don't have time to make more FBs. I just pass along.

Do not send anything dealing with Russia. This could be FBs/FSs made for a Russian swapper. The Ukrainian-Russian war is still on!!!

With TEA, no Irish Breakfast or flavours that you add milk to and chamomile. Please don't send old tea you found somewhere, or had around for awhile and don't know the expiry date. Stale tea is not worth it. If a swap calls for WRAPPED TEA BAGS, do not make your own wrapper (clear bags, or something). Send it purchased as a wrapped tea. No medicinal teas, or vitamin-enriched teas. I can get that here for what is needed. I appreciate teas with ingredients. I'm at an age where have to see what works for me, or doesn't.

No CAMOMILE, OR LEMON GINGER tea flavours. I put lemon juice, and honey in my tea. Lemon ginger is a popular flavour, but already use lemon in my tea, so no.

Do not forward me tea someone has sent you that you do not like. I prefer tea you have purchased and have the expiry date, or not too old.

Please do not send WRAPPED TEA BAGS that are in a different language. I cannot read the ingredients that may give me a problem. It should be in English somewhere. In Canada, tea bags are in English, and French. No black teas. It should be herbal, or decaffeinated flavours.

Because of my GERD problems (heartburn/acid reflux), I have to watch what I'm eating not just for losing weight. No cranberry, strawberry flavoured, chamomile,,chocolate/mocha/caramel, etc.

FBs made from recycled paper and especially magazine sheets! Not everyone uses labels on FBs, and it gets confusing with all this written info everywhere and some like to notate additional info with labels as well.

No alphabetical/numerical, scrapbooking, planner STICKERS as well. No puffy/vinyl stickers. I was a sticker nut before washi tape. As in Christmas cards, not too much glitter. Small amount of glitter is OK.

Loose stickers don't get lost if enclosed in a separate packet/envelope then inside the mailing envelope. I've had loose stickers come out and where I open my mail, it can be a challenge find small items." This also goes for sending for STAMPS for philatelic swaps. As well, PLAYING CARD SWAPS. Please enclose in a separate envelope, or packet. It's easily made with scrap paper. My daughter can open my mail, and this would help.

If possible do not send stickers from past seasons. If it's Valentine month, don't send for Fall, or Halloween. Forthcoming seasons like Easter is great. I don't care much for WORD stickers. I do enjoy Fall, but when the season is current, most of the time.

If you send a SEASONAL CARD (Christmas/Valentine's Day/Easter, etc), and it is a resend, please send it unsigned with a blank envelope. It'll be great to use next time. For birthday cards, that's OK. Consider the time it takes for postal mail. It takes generally a week for U.S. mail to reach Canada, and overseas it varies. Pandemic times are longer now.

If a RESEND it done, don't assume I know right away when I receive your swap again and a note is not enclosed. Even with some e-mail connecting, please ALWAYS enclose a note as a reminder. I am part of many swaps and don't have perfect memory. Lives are busy.

With STAMPS, No CTOs (cancelled to order) please, and non existent countries (previous Czechslovakia, USSR, Yugoslavia). These stamps are large, have a nice mark on the corner and back of stamp looks like a mint stamp.

Do not send on-paper stamps that are trimmed where there is no excess paper left to take the stamp for future trading or taking the paper off. Do not put tape over a stamp on the envelope to be mailed out. I understand reinforcing the envelope with tape (I do that), but not over a stamp that may be of interest to collect.

Don't send MARKED UP stamps. This includes with pens, markers, and machine. You are basically sending me damaged stamps. It's the black-ink markings where that's all you see. I am not able to forward stamps for future swaps, or use them in my collection.

If there is STAMP swap, U.S. swappers (or others), do not send those circular stamps. I don't care for them. USPS has many beautiful commemorative (new issue) stamps. I use to have USPS send me new issues over 15 years ago when it could be sent outside of U.S.

For STAMP swaps, do not send doubles (or triples, or quadruples). A variety of stamps is appreciated and packaged like loose stickers mentioned, not loose in an envelope. Thank you

When sending nice COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS on your envelope, do not overlap them. I collect them! Saving space may not be preferred for your swapper, like me.

WASHI TAPE: One-colour yellow (unless in combination of colour). Metallic OK.I don't mind numbers, as opposed to words on washi. If it's seasonal (Christmas), that's fine if word washi is sent for an occasion. Do not send me tape that will shred. I don't want most of washi samples that are deco-tape type material, or ripped at the end.

I have received GLITTER tape, which don't care for most of the time. It does not stick well, and resembles Deco-type tape. No tapes that are in a different language. Only English-language tape, if sending with words for washi tape.

Do not send pieces of a card with WASHI tape. You can put washi tape on a playing card vertically. It's not easy to store. I have purchased these plastic flat-thimble-shaped pieces you can put washi tape if it's individual piece at craft stores. I'm not sure if it's still available, as purchase them some years ago.

An example, the swap calls for 6 pieces of washi. Partner sends a playing-card size of 4 washi. The other 2 should not be cut up and send out. Another playing card can be to send out. Generally, no playing-card washi that is cut up to satisfy a swap.

This also goes for excessive GLITTER on cards. Some glitter as an accent on a card is OK, but too much. I might as well use it to exfoliate my skin. It's an alternative to sandpaper - really!

Do not send extra washi tape in a washi tape swap. It's confusing what is sent that is an extra item, or not. I collect deco/plastic tapes and don't want extras for that. Thanks!

POST CARDS: Mostly see in "Post Cards" section. No written-on post cards that have been sent to the swapper. Even if a swap calls for this option, please send a blank unused card.

Do not send POST-IT/STICKY notes please for a swap. So many bad quality ones. I'd rather use scotch tape with a small note attached than those. I try to use excessive pads I have, and many cases the sticky side of the note does not stick.Hate it!

When I participate in STATIONERY swaps, don't send creased/folded/stained stationery. I don't need someone to fold stationery paper inside an envelope to save postage, or send in a smaller envelope. A bigger envelope is needed to send out stationery swaps where sheets are flat. What joy when I receive that! Sometimes you need to use thicker cardboard so stationery paper is flat.If you send the large 8.5 x 11-inch computer paper, it is sent flat/not folded in a larger envelope. There's more room to use nice stamps! I appreciate your cooperation.

With CHRISTMAS swaps, I don't care for Christmas tags, tree decorations, or recipes dealing with cooking/baking. My oven is broken and use other appliances for food preparation.

I usually go on my major holiday before Christmas, and don't focus on a Christmas tree. I don't have a typical house. I have wonderful memories with the typical Christmas tree, bubbling Christmas lights (yes, my Father got them somewhere before they're illegal and unsafe).

II'm not into the adult COLOURING BOOKS/SHEETS. I prefer dot-to-dot images, word finds, and fill-in puzzles I

THANK YOU cards. What's with that?! It's not a challenge to say "thank you" in a blank note card at best and be personal about it. I get disappointed when I like the note card design but "thank you" is slapped on the design. Not interested and don't wish to receive them as extras, or part of a swap.

DO NOT send extras for my daughter. She's disorganized. I see stationery items strewn in the house, that's agonizing. I live in a messy house. Unless the swap is specific for kid's swaps (I hardly participate), please just give to someone else who appreciates. Thanks.

I don't use DECORATED PAPER NAPKINS, so please don't send.

When RATING A SWAP I've sent you, please at least say,"Thank You!" Sometimes we don't send something what someone likes, but be appreciative and make a comment. Sometimes swappers put an effort to their partners, and just rating someone without a rating is disrespectful.

HALLOWEEN: Yes, I grew up with this occasion. I am a Christian. No DEVIL, or VAMPIRE images (including stickers on the card/stationery item). I use to be upset seeing horror movies growing up. I find it distasteful now. I am more tolerant though.

No MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL pieces of paper to satisfy a swap. It's basically scrap paper to me. It can be printed with coloured letters, but still not acceptable. Stickers like that can be used, that's fine..

I like nature and use to be a hiker when younger. I do not garden, so do not send GARDEN SEEDS for a swap. I have bad knees. I like to see other gardens during the warmer season, but that' it!

HOMEMADE CARDS, do not send me. I've had bad luck with this. There are wonderful creative swappers out there, but there are some that slap something on you receive that doesn't make sense! I'm not artisitic, but just decided I don't wish to receive anymore bad homemade cards.

SWAP FULFILLMENT: Please send what the swap mentions. Do not send extras for the swap, because you couldn't fulfill it, for some reason. I'd rather receive a basic swap for what it's for, then all this extras enclosed in the envelope that I may like personally. Charming your want into a swap won't work. Please make sure you're sending the appropriate swap for what it's about, not extras.

PLAYING CARDS: I don't care for Marvel, TV shows, or movie themes. Nothing flashy like gold coloured. I don't need to wear sunglasses to see cards. Do not send damaged or bad-looking cards. If you don't want to receive them, do not send to me.


COLLECTIONS: I do collect unused Christmas cards. I have a lifetime supply. I have vintage Christmas cards and have purchased those charity cards from thrift shops. I don't mind secular cards, and stationery.

I have an interest in KNITTING/CROCHETING. I have enough books and pattern books. I am interested in accessories and home decor. No apparel (clothes) and difficult patterns. I prefer simple and beginner patterns. I wouldn't mind that.

I enjoy nature and use to be a hiker when younger. I do not garden, so don't send any GARDEN SEEDS. It will be trash. I have bad knees, so can't do it.

With HOME DECOR, I do enjoy kitchen/tea towels. Those are great. I like roosters, and no specific colour theme or anything.

WASHI tape I love. I am gradually adding to my collection and enjoy the swaps here. I also have decorative tape, but not as flexible as washi.

I have a good deal of washi and have had my challenges with this type of product. Many can shred, either over time, or quality of tape is bad. If I'm participating in a washi tape swap, I may not send the exact subject a swapper may love, but will use the handy ruler to check if a swap received has the sufficient length for the swap mentioned. Because of the time and effort I've dealt with washi purchasing and swaps I've dealt with (not with swap-bot either), it's important for washi swaps to be good.

I also look for PLAYING CARDS, too. I collect those, play solitaire, and use for swapping washi tape swaps. I mostly purchase washi tape through Michaels store in Canada and some online shopping.check out the craft stores too and like Hobby Lobby.

PLAYING CARDS (con't). Please check the description of the swap dealing with playing cards. You don't send those basic red/blue-back cards. I don't care how interesting the face with numbers are shown, don't send any. I don't care for swim suit model/topless/half nude cards. I will throw away and not resend. Let's be decent here! I have mentioned not to send post cards that depict nude/semi-nude topics. This also applies to playing cards.

I like BRIDGE-SIZE PLAYING CARDS, as they take less space, especially when you're playing solitaire! Please don't send me different colour bridge-style playing cards. Usually they're different colours when you purchase a set. This is for playing card swaps, which I love! You either pick one colour, or the other for a different back.

I collect FDCs (first-day covers stamp envelopes) from Canada Post. I don't trade others. I have binders with FDCs and enjoy looking at them and the info you learn. It's great!

I started collecting STICKERS before washi tape came about. I like various and look forward to seasonal (usually colder climates) enjoying the various out there. It's a challenge to find.

Post Cards

I like CHRISTMAS post cards. I enjoy Victoriana themes. If you have Christian ones, bring it on and vintage.

I am part of Postcrossing and Postcards United. and really enjoy receiving nice cards there. I find swap-bot, you send to more various countries and subjects on post cards. It's all fun:P

I don't mind receiving TOURISTY cards, but it's nice to receive something different from that. I prefer landscapes and historical/interesting architecture on the touristy cards.

No nudes (unless specified for swap), goths, advertising type. I enjoy Vintage theme. Dealing with people, humorous sayings (no profanity or porn), cats, designs, whimsical, Christian, Victoriana, domestic goddess types, vintage, old advertisements, Christmas, St. Valentine's, Easter, geometric prints, weather related (lightning, snow during Winter season to send, seasonal), giraffes, reproductive/artistic paintings, Groups of Seven/Emily Carr (Canadian painters), Monet, Klimt, Van Gogh, Cassatt (other children-themed artists) and classical artists, reproductive paintings, Inge Look (Finland), etc.

I don't mind if the post card is sent NAKED for what the swap calls for. If there's a choice, I like nice stamps/commemoratives on the card, or envelope. You can't fit too many stamps on a post card, and that's my pet peeve!

No USED POST CARDS (writing on cards) for collecting. I don't collect post cards that have been written on by someone else. If a swap calls for sending used post cards, do not send to me. I don't care for them. Cards that are stained and marked up sending for blank post card swaps I dislike.

I don't mind receiving FOREIGN POST CARDS written in another language for Christmas. I can read cyrallic, but that's it. .English is my only fluent language. Please mention the language on a sticky note. I would enjoy understand the post card, if there is a translation. If not, it would be confusing, and I wouldn't enjoy the post card as much. The rating would be basic.

I would prefer POST CARDS BE SENT IN AN ENVELOPE. I've had problems with locating naked post cards being sent to me. Even if the swap calls for naked cards, I'd appreciate it. =D

Do not send a post card with items stuck on the illustrated/phot side. If you use wash (I do), just trim the tape, instead of wrapping the tape on the other side. No stickers on the picture side, as well.

A t T e N t I o N

After reading my profile, please send what you can. I can trade what I'm not able to keep in another swap, or start a collections. Thanks for your EFFORT! Keep your post office busy with your usage.

When RESENDING A SWAP, please always enclose a note on the swap. I may not recall the specifics of the swap. Also, CONTACT ME on resending. Even if a season has passed, there are swappers out there who has extra greeting cards for a season/occasion. You may have to resend your resend if a swapper believes just an acceptable note card is OK. It may not be!

I enjoy swapping FBs, but have swappers send me UNSIGNED FBs. I am not fond of this. Even passing through and notating in the FB is OK. It takes time to sign FBs. Most put their address in the FB, or just notating passing through is OK :)

Even though I have specifications, I am general on what I receive. This profile is a basic GUIDELINE. I'm not going to be pulling out my hair, or do a tantrum if you do not follow what my preferences are, or dislike. Sending a swap, putting your heart and enjoyment into it is what counts and enjoying postal mail.

I will enjoy who appreciates what I sent and really enjoy what SWAPPERS send me.

My L-O-N-G profile is a guideline. Please don't be intimidated by it and appreciate swaps sent to me. =D

I don't look at postmarks and rate you a "3," if something has arrived late. Life can be busy, and I am generally a tardy person. Unless a swap partner doesn't want to put the effort to resend a swap, I have rated a "3."

For a swap you're NOT HAPPY with, I may contact the swap coordinator for clarification. Please respect that and will try to send you a swap that you enjoy.

I have been bullied in the past through the website, and there are swappers who thinks if you rate them at least a "5," no matter how long a swap is overdue, that's acceptable. There is no guarantee on a rating. Life is too short to go crazy for a swap. Not everyone will be happy if you rate them honestly.

It's great to get back into the website after time off, but you can't have perfect ratings. Please be respectful of others, and don't threaten, or make a commotion on being rating unfairly. We can't get along at times.

Late Sending

I understand when we send late. As mentioned, I don't really check post marks on mail received, and many times there are no post marks. Things happen in our lives.

It's best, as per swap-bot rules, send a message to your partners on the situation before the swap is due, to the due date. Enclosing a note with the swap doesn't make sense. It's already late, and you could have been rated a"1." Posting on the profile can be understandable, but that's a general statement.


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Comment: Cute card, good choice!
Comment: Thank you so much for your postcard! I completely understand your feeling of loving reading but not finding the time. I love the stamps you used on the card, too!
NormaSue rated for 📚Bookmark and a PC📚 on Jun 6, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much for the great PC and homemade bookmark!
Comment: Thank you so much for the super cute and cheery stickers! 😀
marclively rated for NYUP: 4 Weird PC's #11 on May 31, 2024
Comment: Many thanks! Marc
Comment: Apologies Laura, I received this on the 17th and it got mixed up with other postcards. I am sorry to hear that Mother's Day is an extra reminder of your Mother's passing, but it sounds like she was a wonderful Mom.
Response: I hope Mother's Day was wonderful for you. For me, it was fine. My daughter ate most of the chocolate/candies that was for me. With families, that can happen, LOL! My Mother was great, and I was use to sending her something like a phone call, card, or a visit.
Comment: thank you :)
Comment: I have not visited Canada yet but plan to in the next five years. Where should I go first?
Response: I sent you a message on that. Have fun, if you go!
suepier rated for PH: How it Started... on May 20, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the pretty artistic postcard. You have also been a long term postcard swapper.
Nehalennia rated for BLS: Send a bird themed envelope on May 15, 2024
Comment: Sorry for my late rating. Thank you for the beautiful card in a birdy envelope <3
Comment: Thanks for the cat!! Your friend Joy
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card and stickers. Sorry for the late rating