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UPDATE 7/20/2021:

It was received and I got a 3 rating. I still think it’s unfair since the mail got lost the first time. I ALWAYS send.

UPDATE 7/13/2021:

I received a 1 rating today. Swapper messaged me 7/10/21 stating she hadn’t received the swap and it had been 2 weeks. She then rated me a 1 today 7/13/21 because it wasn’t in her mail yesterday. I responded to her Saturday that I would gladly resend and I did yesterday. Yet I still got a 1 after she rated. The mail is so slow and messed up still. I’m still getting mail that was postmarked last month and up to a month ago. Yes I know after 2 weeks it should get to you but some mail is slower. This is supposed to be fun not a job!!!! Sadly when she does receive I will end up getting a 3 rating. And all because of the mail being slow. Very upsetting and discouraging. I DO NOT flake yet I’m being labeled as such.

UPDATE 2/20/201:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me first if you haven’t gotten a swap. Do not just leave me a 1. Thank you!

UPDATE: 12/20/2020

Well I finally decided to do it. I got the vaccine 💉 at work. Very sore arm. Hurt so bad to move it and fatigued. But I do highly recommend it. I go back in 3 weeks to get the 2nd shot.

Got the 2nd shot 1/11/21 and had a severe reaction. Severe body aches, couldn’t focus and a fever of a 102. When you get it I recommend taking the next day off work. You will need to rest.

UPDATE: 11/14/2020

I’ve received some 3 ratings recently. My most recent I believe is very unfair. First of all she gave me a 1 because she never received. I had no idea she didn’t receive. She told me she didn’t need to let me know she didn’t receive. Then she received today and gave me a 3. Only reason it was late was because I had no idea she never received it.

I am 44 years old. I’m from Nebraska in the USA. I have lived here my whole life. I am a mom of three boys. They are 17, 14, 13. Married 22 years to my high school sweetheart. He’s an Air Force brat and was born in Alaska. We’ve been together for 26 years. We met through our high school bowling league but haven’t bowled since COVID hit. I’m a respiratory therapist and I work two jobs to support my boys activities which include bowling and baseball. All 3 play. The oldest is a junior in high school. The other 2 are on select travel teams. Paper Crafting, swapping, scrapbooking, reading and pen palling are my outlet. I like to think I’m a creative person. Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with ideas. But when an idea hits me, the paper and glue starts flying!

I’m an only child. I was raised by a single mom and had my grand parents there to help. My grandfather was my Dad growing up. He’s the reason I’m a respiratory therapist. Both of them are gone now and my dad is finally in my life. I’m a forgiving person and life is to short.

I’m catholic and attended private school growing up. I went to private school up until high school and went to church every Saturday morning with my Grandma. I’m raising my kids to believe in God and be the best person they can be. I love studying the Bible. I learn or relearn something new every time I read it and go to church.

Favorite Music

I listen to 80s and 90s primarily. My kids are always asking what the heck I’m listening to. I also like to listen to country. I have to be in the mood to listen to country. I ❤️ Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts. I’ve seen them both several times and I’ve met The Flatts twice. I once went to 2 straight shows back to back nights. I almost made it 3 but didn’t have anyone to go with on the 3rd night. Rap isn’t my fave @ all. I do like some Eminem. I listen to most anything though.

Favorite Books

When I was a kid, I grew up on Nancy Drew, Boxcar Kids, Bunnicula, Sweet Valley High. I just loved to read in general. You would always find me with a book in my hand. Now I love mysteries and crime books. My fave is anything by James Patterson. If I want a good laugh, I read anything by Janet Evanovich. I just love her too!

Favorite Movies

Disney Disney Disney!! Beauty and the Beast And Up are my favorite Disney movies but I like most all Disney movies. I’m a HUGE Tom Hanks fan. Forrest Gump, Castaway and Sully are a few of my faves of his. I also ❤️ Save the last dance and Dirty Dancing. I do love watching horror but have yet to find a good one lately. I’m not really one for a chick flick but do like the occasional “Feel good” movie. I tend to cry easy so I tend to try and avoid those movies unless I’m alone. LOL

Favorite Television

I love binge watching Fuller House on Netflix. I enjoy watching AGT and seeing all the talent the world has to offer and wish I could do what they do. I love watching Anything on ID. True crime shows always spark my interest. Amazing all the crazy crap that goes on in our world. Other shows I enjoy are Air Disasters ( yes I know it’s twisted — don’t want to fly anymore ) and Seconds From Disaster ( again a little twisted ). 2 shows I could also sit and binge watch would be Bones and Friends. Man, I drooled over Ross!!!

Favorite Crafts

I found paper crafting 3 years ago when I was looking on Pinterest for bullet journaling. That is when I found my new ❤️! Pocket letters, ATCs, Memorydex cards and flip books are what I love to make the most. However, I am always open to learning new crafts!!! I’ve made some altered items like paper clips and clothespins. I love mail art as well. I try my best to make my outgoing look good.


I strongly dislike anything from a Smokey household as I’m allergic. I also don’t like those who are not honest. If we don’t click, please tell me.


Kiddy/teacher/reward stickers Planner stickers that are not Happy Planner compatible Sticky notes (I do not use them) Used postage stamps (I have plenty of my own) Nothing related to politics

Also recently I have messaged several members and they just don’t answer me back. The polite thing to do is answer. I also don’t understand why members block each other. I can understand if one of the parties harasses the other. I can promise that isn’t my forte. Please just answer a message if sent. It doesn’t need to be a book. Just a simple sentence if need be. Thank you!


I enjoy receiving any postcards. I’ve recently fallen in love with postcards and don’t have a very broad collection so any are welcome. If you’d like to swap postcards, please message me. I’m open to it!


For washi tape swaps, argyle & plaids are my fave. Also anything you find unique I would love!


annim rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 29, 2021
squince rated for Envelope Fill Happiness 1 on Jul 28, 2021
Comment: Received the resend, thanks for the goodies!
Response: I’m so glad they finally made it. Glad u liked it all.
nenacolours rated for Show Some Love on Instagram! #2 on Jul 28, 2021
quaisoir rated for MMHWH - Washi Sample Swap #8 on Jul 27, 2021
Comment: Ooh,finally got it! Thanks Shana!! I'm super obsessed with Washi tape too!😁
XwattsX rated for NEWBIE FRIENDLY Mini Envie Swap on Jul 26, 2021
bringitb rated for WTL: Washi scavenger hunt #3 on Jul 26, 2021
Comment: Your washi arrived today! What great samples, thank you. =)
Comment: Thank you for resending!
Amyncognito rated for Take 10 Postcard swap #37 USA on Jul 24, 2021
Comment: Love the post card! thank you!
Karen07 rated for USA only Write On Challenge #3 on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
Karen07 rated for Write On Challenge #3 Int'l on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
Lilyhax rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #243 on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the resend. I loved you long letter and washi tape. Loved the envelope with the aliens!
Chechel2 rated for WTL: Please take this washi! #1 on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the Washi! Can’t wait to use them! 😊
Jillemina rated for 2021/1 Paqe Letter #14 on Jul 21, 2021
Comment: WOOHOO it is here! First of all, LOVE the Lisa Frank envelope. So fun to receive in the mail! It definitely brought a smile to my face. Secondly, thanks for the washi! They are so fun! Thirdly, the letter!! I will reply soon. THANKS!!
Comment: Thank you for the swap! Your postcard was amazing!
Carollee922 rated for 2021/1 Paqe Letter #15 on Jul 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the resend
Maddashin rated for Take 10 Postcard swap #37 USA on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Thanks 🙏 Stickers earn hearts ♥️
katjalves rated for MMHWH - Washi Sample Swap #9 on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: The second one made it!! Yay! Thanks for the cute washi and the resend.
SouthsideTracie rated for A Note For You # 106 on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Received second mailing July 20, changed the rating to a 3, which I believe meets the Swap-bot guidelines. Couldn't change it to a 3 until it actually arrived. Messaged sender twice before rating, as she requested. She changed her profile to include an inaccurate account of our communications. I'm trying to take the high road, but I've never had a swapper lie about me.
Response: You messaged Saturday the 10th to let me know you hadn’t received. I told you I would resend and I did yesterday. Then you messaged again today the 13th that you didn’t receive it. Please give it time. It’s on its way. I’m sorry the mail is slow and messed up. But you will be getting the swap this week.
amccracken109 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #242 on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the resend! What a crazy weekend you had -- I am very glad you are safe! Happy swapping!
Cynfully rated for Envelope Fill Happiness 1 on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the perfect package!

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USAFwife on Jul 22, 2021:

Thank you so much for re-sending the letters for the Write On Challenge swaps I hosted back in April. So much mail has gone missing over the last year, I'm sorry to hear that you've had to re-send so many swaps. But I really appreciate the time you have taken to re-write and re-send them. Hopefully that lost mail is having a nice vacation and will be heading on it's way home soon. :) Cindi

myancey on Apr 23, 2021:

Rcvd your resend for Disney 21 and love zorg thanks bunches

MissNyx on Apr 7, 2021:

Leave a Comment #3: It’s so cool that your husband was born in Alaska. I lived there for 12 years. It is a truly beautiful state. Have a lovely evening!

moonmold on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

Hello from Arkansas. I hope you had a good Easter with your children and that you have a good spring.

painting of a happy blue lamb with a pink butterfly

CapitanSmirk on Apr 5, 2021:

Good evening!!

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! We did some egg hunts and some springs cleaning. Have a great week!!

Leave a comment #3

jaimierandolph on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

Hello from Odessa, Texas I hope you have a wonderful day! I loved reading your profile. I smiled as I read that you read the boxcar books as a child. I loved them.


FranciscaKarsono77 on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3 Swap Hellooo... Greetings from Australia. Hope you have a wonderful day 💗❤️💗

Intrinzica on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

May you be happy. May you learn and grow from your challenges. May you accept yourself just as you are. May you be kind to yourself and at peace.

Love Bonnie 💗

tinylans on Apr 5, 2021:

hello, shana! i also love disney, but my favourite is probably sleeping beauty. the soundtrack is just so pretty!<3 have a great day if you haven't already! :D

Leave a comment #3

kayebubbly on Apr 5, 2021:

leave a comment #3

hope you have a lovely season! stay safe!

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