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Paranormal Investigators Lets swap stories!

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Paranormal Investigators Lets swap stories!
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I am by far not a frequent investigator but I have been on enough to know that I absolutely love it. I do not live near a lot of places that allow me to explore or investigate on a regular basis but when I can I jump at the opportunity. I actually LIVED in a haunted house so have personally witnessed some real activity. Have you investigated a haunted location? Any personal stories that leave you up at night? Any location that gives you chills to think about? Well if so, I would LOVE to hear about it. This swap is super easy...just leave a comment below about your experience, enjoy reading your partners stories then give each other a 5 and a heart! What could be easier than that? Lets dive into our love of Halloween and all things paranormal.


dcp0112 10/16/2021 #

One of my favorite paranormal hunts was about 15 years ago at WV Moundsville Prison. It is a well known haunted prison that ghost hunters flock to for experiences. I went on the overnight hunt and did not go home disappointed. It was spooky for sure but 2 a.m rolled around and I had not had an experience yet so was figuring I was going to go home with a fun experience but no stores to tell and that was ok...fun either way. My husband and I were alone in the infirmary, lost in exploring all of the old medical equipment with the occasional bat flying by overhead when I got one of those 'someone is behind me' kind of feelings. It was pitch black and all we had was our personal flashlights. I thought I felt someone breathing on the back of my neck..I quickly turned around to see if it was my husband but then heard his voice from about 10 feet in front of me...still talking about the old medical equipment we had found. I jumped then stood perfectly still...waiting to see if I felt it again. All of a sudden I felt piece of my hair slowly being raised up in the air..I could even see it out of the corner of my eye, my hair lingering in the air for a few seconds then being dropped. This time I was definitely startled enough to lunge forward towards my husbands...scared the crap out of me for sure. Someone had reached out and taken a handful of hair and raised it up..held it for a few seconds then let it drop! Talk about getting goosebumps on the back of your neck! Whew what a startle that was. It is always the experience you have when you least expect it, when you are deep in conversation and not paying attention around you..then it happens! Regardless, it is the only time a spirit has actually touched me

justsomegirlyouknow 10/23/2021 #

I love ghost stories! I’m from South Carolina and my favorites from the south are Alice and the Lantern Man. Alice was born to a wealthy family, but left home for Charleston (an hour south) to study and fell in love with a poor man. Alice wore his ring on a necklace to hide it, but she eventually fell ill and when her dad found the ring, he threw it into the marsh. She died, but comes back to look for her ring. This was the standard ghost hunt that every local teenager did, I’ve been to her grave countless times. You put a ring on Alice’s grave, walk backwards around it 13 times and she appears. Only one time we did this and the ring ended up back at the car, farther than anyone could have kicked or thrown it!!

The Lantern Man is a good ghost. One night I was driving back from Charleston, it’s a good hour with literally nothing on the road, just darkness and trees and not a single sign of life. It was very late, I was young, and when I left the city, some car had been tailing me and driving crazy and I was a little afraid being out there alone with no cell phone service. The car eventually turned off, and at this point, there’s no one else on the road as far as the eye can see, when a single light comes racing up behind me. I thought it might be a motorcycle but I didn’t hear anything. It was terrifying! I tried to look behind me and honestly couldn’t see anything connected to this light. When I made it to the home-side of the forest, almost to town, the light shot off into the woods! After some research, I learned about the Lantern Man, who would walk through those woods at night with a lantern, looking for fallen soldiers after the Civil War. He’s said to stay with you until you find a safe place.

My FAVORITE ghost story is from Rhode Island- and takes place in the 1890s when tuberculosis was ripping through the nation. Science, however, was not- and people called the disease “consumption”. There’s a family out in the country in a town called Exeter, the mother and older daughter die from tuberculosis, then the younger daughter- 19 year old Mercy Brown- catches it and also dies, only after infecting her brother. So the townspeople get together and determine one of these dead women is a VAMPIRE who is cursing the family from the grave. They exhume Mercy’s body- when they went to bury her in the cold New England winter, the ground was frozen solid so they laid her in a crypt until spring when the ground would thaw. Of course, due to the freezing temperatures, Mercy’s body has not decomposed and was well-preserved, furthering the belief that she’s a vampire. So they cut up this poor girl into pieces, they rip out her heart- burn it and make the ashes into a tea for the brother to drink as a cure, but he does anyways. Her sparse remains are buried in the church cemetery and people leave small toys and trinkets for her. I’ve never seen her ghost, but terminally ill people claim to see her on their deathbed. This is my favorite story because the atrocities of man are far more horrifying than any ghost could dream of being.

Nuisant 10/28/2021 #

This swap is perfect for me! I absolutely adore anything paranormal. One of my fave and most real experiences (also very early on in my ghost experiences) was finding a haunted doll. Now I know it's not necessarily ghost hunting but I would still like to share this story. My friend and I were charity shopping, and I saw this beautiful porcelain doll with golden hair and a blue dress with a basket of flowers in her hand, and I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. We went back to the shop the next day so I could get it and I immediately felt something inside it as soon as I held her. whilst I was taking her home I took the basket of flowers from her hand as it wasn't attached and I didn't want it to drop, and I immediately felt like there were 2 spirits, one in the doll and one in the basket, and the one in the basket was upset that we had unattached them both. Later on that evening I did a spirit box session and found out my predictions were correct! I had a spirit called Beau in the doll, she was a young child and a man called Devin in the basket. Even though they met after death, Devin acted like a father figure to beau and was very protective of her, this explains why he got mad when I took the basket away. Beau was a very young playful ghost, who liked stories and feminine energy so she was very attached to me. She died in the Edwardian era whereas Devin died locally to where we found him in WW2, he was a soldier. I and my friend actually managed to find Beau's grave in the children's section of a nearby cemetery! It was crazy. They have both been rehomed as they wanted a more experienced person to fully understand their story, and this was my first ghost experience.

NancyMM 10/31/2021 #

Just like everyone here I love hearing stories about unexplained phenomena and my family always have a ton of them and it never gets old. I had a few personal strange things but there are only two that make me question them.

My fiancé and I went to Ireland for the first time and we got an Airbnb in Cork. It was our first night there and we were exhausted from the trip and with a few little hiccups (like getting a parking ticket) we were ready to call it a night. We lied down on the bed and talked about our plans for the next day. He is a deep and fast sleeper so in no time he was out. It was taking me longer to fall asleep but I was trying. We were nowhere near the city so it was quite when out of nowhere I heard little footsteps. I have pets and if you ever heard the sounds that cat makes when they walk on hardwood floor or carpet then you know what sound I mean (almost like soft little thumps). The room was carpeted so I heard them very slowly coming towards me. At first, I shook it off as if it was nothing but when I felt a light press on the bed. That is when my whole body froze and I could not move or speak. In my head all I could think was, “is this sleep paralysis?” (I never experienced one before). Then I recalled a story my mother told me and how they were always told to curse at it to make it go away. I must have been like the dad from A Christmas Story in the boiler room getting angry. As I was shouting in my head, I started to get angry as well, then the weight was off. It took me a while to slowly open my eyes I was too scared. I pulled myself closer to my fiancé and tried to fall asleep. I really did not want to say anything to no one about it I was not sure what just happened. It never happened for the rest of the time that we were there or again, so far.

The next one I'll make it quick. I had a strange dream but people who believe say it was not a dream. At the time I lived on the 3rd floor and I was sleeping when all of sudden I woke up and there was a bright light out my window I could not really see nor did I want to look. I had the strongest feeling that there was someone out the window and that is all I remember. The next day I woke and just remember the that part of my dream, but it felt so real.

galadkria 10/31/2021 #

so this is going to sound strange.... i do not believe in the paranormal as such, as advertised by the media, but a few things that have happened to me in the years have made me question often "the world beyond" the first time i " experienced" something strange was when i was about 9, i was staying at my grandmother house near the lake in northern Italy, it was summer, and as it was really hot we were sleeping upstairs with the bedroom's doors open. i was sleeping lightly, i was never good with heat and muggy weather. it was the deep of the night, i was woken by a strange melody, it was very soothing... it was a young woman singing... now i have to explain my house in northern Italy is VERY secluded, meaning there are no neighbours, it is totally isolated, the nearest neighbours are like 10 mins drive away.... so i could not understand where the song could be coming from. i really wanted to go see, but there was something keeping me in the bed.... but then again you know children, where there is a will, there is a way. so i got up, in my summer nighty, and got out on the balcony... i could not understand where the song was coming from... there was nobody else in the house, me, my mum and my dad, nobody else... I finally decided to follow the noise, the song took me upstairs in the little space we have under the roof. i was never allowed to go there as it was full of agricultural implements and i could get hurt, but that night i went upstairs, i still could hear the song. i walked up the wooden stairs and into the loft.... it was full of wonderful strange things i had never seen and amongst all of these things there was a painting. a painting of a girl, strange thing was that as soon as i saw th painting the music stopped.... i got spooked and run back downstairs in my bed.... the morning after i asked my mum about the painting, apparently a long lost relative that wanted to be an opera singer but died of tuberculosis.. i could just take the whole experience as a dream, as my subconscious inventing a story about some relative i might have overheard about .... but my feet were super black the morning after, so i clearly walked upstairs... and i still like to believe in magic... and think it was my relative singing for all of us.

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